NeoFinder – Video Toolbox for Pros

NeoFinder helps you with keeping track of where your video files are. Post production made easy.


Quickly catalog your video files, so that NeoFinder knows what is where.

Catalog entire volumes, or just folders.

Just drag folders or volumes into the LIBRARY in NeoFinder to get started with cataloging.

Group your catalogs in folders.


NeoFinder creates beautiful thumbnails and reads important video metadata.

All that information helps you finding your videos later, and structure your movie files.

Video and audio codec, subtitles, audio track, size, duration, it is all there for you.

Movie Contact Sheet

Wouldn't it be amazing if NeoFinder could show you what is actually in a movie file? Yes, NeoFinder generates one thumbnail of each movie file during cataloging, if you want it, but for a long movie, just a single frame is not too much.

Create beautiful contact sheets of your videos as images, so you can have a quick overview of the content of long videos.


Blackmagic RAW

NeoFinder contains the official BlackMagic RAW framework.

This will generate video thumbnails and important metadata.

RED Camera Support

Get thumbnails and metadata of R3D video files.

Make sure to have the Redcine Pro Software installed on the Mac that will catalog your video files.

Fun with ffmpeg

For even more format supports, please install the free ffmpeg plugin.

This will give you thumbnails and metadata for MXF, M2TS, WEBM, FLV, and even VOB formats.

Image Sequences

If you use separate image files for each frame of your project during post-production, you will have folders with thousands of similar files, named with a common name and a file number sequence.

Cataloging these sequences can take very long, as generating thumbnails of formats like DPX is very slow, and creating these for other image formats is still expensive in regards of processing time.

In most cases, you don't really want a thumbnail for every single frame, so NeoFinder now has the ability to discover such sequences, and "fold" them together. If that happens, NeoFinder will only generate a thumbnail for a single frame, and not for thousands. This will be massively faster!


Built-in video player

NeoFinder is able to play video files for you directly from inside the application, no extra software needed.

This currently is possible in the Gallery View as that offers a large enough playback area.

Select a movie file that is currently online on one of the mounted volumes on your Mac, and hit the Space key on your keyboard.

GPS GeoTags

Catalog GPS coordinates in your videos, and show them on a map.

Use the GeoFinder to find all items taken in the visible section of the map.

Add or edit GeoTags, view direction, altitude to supported video file formats.