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NeoFinder 8 for Mac



Norbert M. Doerner
Based in Bonn, Germany

Release date

NeoFinder 8.6
April 15, 2024

Founding date

December 1995


Press / Business contact



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Norbert M. Doerner
Wachsbleiche 26
DE-53111 Bonn


+49 228 90916279


NeoFinder once was a simple digital media cataloger, but is now a full grown digital asset manager for photos, songs, videos, documents, and data of any kind.

Entire disks or just folders are quickly cataloged, so that their contents and metadata can be searched for attributes, such as file names, date, Adobe XMP data, EXIF, ID3, and a lot more, even when the original disk is not online anymore.

With the XMP Editor, NeoFinder can add keywords, descriptions, ratings, geotags, and additional information to media files, generate video or photo contact sheets, or web galleries.

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Press Release NeoFinder 7.5 (english)

Pressemitteilung NeoFinder 7.5 (deutsch)

Release overview for all versions

What makes NeoFinder 8 unique?

NeoFinder’s Story

The whole thing started back in December 1995 on one of those days that found me frantically searching my zillions of floppies and few CD-ROMs for one particular file. Of course, I just found it on the last possible disk, hours later.

After this enlightening event I decided to search my huge disk collection for a suitable cataloging tool. Most unfortunately, my search turned out empty.

Some of the tools I found required system extensions — which I did not like very much back in the days. One even created alias files of the contents of the CD-ROMs, a very unfortunate behaviour if you have some million files on hundreds of disks (the Mac OS did not like that in these days). Some programs were simply too slow or did puke at large CD-ROMs. Some expensive commercial applications were not even Power-PC native or would not run in the background. None of the tools would even use drag&drop!

So I made up my mind and started my own project. Since some of my friends were quite positive about my ideas, I decided to put the results into a new program called "CDFinder". The application should be easy to use, very fast, support drag&drop, work in the background and include powerful search tools.

And here is now NeoFinder! It has grown in the recent 25 years, to a full-fledged professional digital asset tracking application!


Prices start at 39 USD for a NeoFinder Private License

, and 149 USD for a 2 user NeoFinder Business License.

User packages in any size are available.


for existing users of CDFinder and NeoFinder 6.x and NeoFinder 7.x are available, starting at 25 USD.


for users of comparable applications are available.

Available Languages

English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, and Dutch in the application bundle.

System requirements

Mac OS X 10.12 or newer, including macOS 14 "Sonoma" and Apple ARM M1 and M2
NeoFinder versions for older Mac OS X variants are still available.



The Gallery View in NeoFinder displays the selected item very large, but also has a list of other items underneath it for navigation.



NeoFinder 8 adds five more colors, one of them is Space Blue

The beautiful Icon View in NeoFinder shows your photos, but also the XMP editor in the Inspector.



To quickly navigate through huge numbers of files and folders, the Column View known from the Finder is also used by NeoFinder

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