Development of CDFinder started in 1995, and NeoFinder is currently used by more than 106,000 customers in 102 countries all over the world.

Some feedback from our happy customers:

"I have been using NeoFinder for many years, and still find it indispensable. I use ChronoSync to back up my many drives (now numbering perhaps 70+ including the two sets of backups?), and always run NeoFinder as soon as a backup is completed."   Christopher C, PA, USA

"By the way, congratulations on a fantastic program. I keep being amazed by what an impressive program it is and am enjoying finding all the ways it can help me to simplify and organise my ridiculously complicated system for managing about 500,000 images, videos, music files and documents with multiple backups. I have tried many systems over the years, with increasing desperation as the file numbers increased and my budget decreased due to retirement, and have found major limitations in all that I tried. I demand a lot from my software and quickly find the limitations of most programs, Neofinder has continued to surprise me with layer on layer of well thought out functionality and its robust resistance to failure. Thank you!"   Dave W., Tasmania

"Moving from Media Pro to NeoFinder was a doddle. The developers even offer a 'sidegrade' discount for people making this transition."
"I kept trying to trip it up – going for searches that I knew other applications had struggled with and it passed every test I threw at it."
Neil Turner, Photographer

"I have found Neofinder to be an excellent program for my photo and sound file requirements. With my photos, I am able to record notes into the Caption writer field as well as the title, description and Geotag information into their respective fields. Congratulations on producing such an excellent piece of software."
John R., Australia

"I have recently installed NeoFinder in my small video studio and it is quite amazing. I am now able to quickly catalog all the hard drives for various projects and access their material without the need to have them mounted. A real game changer. In addition, the ability to work with photo metadata is now going to allow me to better manage my image archive as well."
Donald B, Alberta, Canada

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate NeoFinder, I literally would be lost without it. It has proven to be the perfect solution for keeping track of all my projects. You see I run a small video production company and keep all project and video file backed up on hard drives. With NeoFinder I can easily search for and find within minutes any project or video file when required. I have been using this software for eight years now and am happy to pay for upgrades as I want you to keep developing. Thank you for a great product."
Cliff E., Australia

"What I find most amazing about NeoFinder is that I can actually use my computer to do other tasks while a catalogue is creating. When Adobe Lightroom was cataloguing large volumes I would see the activity monitor get hammered and the memory would simply run out every time."
James O’C., England

"Thanks for having such a great product as NeoFinder. FYI, I have indexed about a 850 TB’s of video files with Neo. Really couldn’t run my business without it."
Doug W., Los Angeles

"I am becoming almost happy that Apple forced me to abandon Media Pro (and I'm sure you are also) because I would not have found the much superior NeoFinder otherwise, and I'm becoming a happier and happier NeoFinder user as time goes on. Congratulations on writing such a useful tool."
James B., Houston, TX

"I was looking to migrate away from Lightroom CC due to the subscription costs but was stuck with it due to the cataloging and keywords used; NeoFinder solved that issue. Now I use NeoFinder with Pixelmator for a one-time cost and have the better (because can also search songs, files, fonts, etc.) than the Adobe suite. Even NeoFinder has educational videos – all for a reasonable one time cost. Thanks so much for the many hours of time put in to make this simple, yet powerful, software – it is appreciated!"
Bradley B., Thailand

"I am a user of pCloud cloud system and I have about 1,3Tb of information in this cloud (200.000+ files). As this cloud drive is not integrated in Spotlight search so I can’t search on it. So pCloud support recommended your software for searches and I am amazed because it! I really love it totally. What a great discovery Congratulations, it is working very fast and it searches 1,3Tb of info very quickly.
Isaac M., USA

"Our transition from DiskTracker to NeoFinder has been seamless. It opened our 902 DVDs DiskTracker catalog without any issues and we look forward to using NeoFinder within our organisation in the future!"
Robin B., London

"So far I've been really impressed -- the seamless import of BRU archives has saved me from the interminable re-creation of over 250 archives"
Eli B., South Orange, NJ, USA

"I am very impressed at the speed of the cataloging function (between fonts, music, pictures et al I have a lot of files) and the update functions. I […] have used many programs to catalog media over the years. NeoFinder is a gem."
Howell S., NC, USA

“Let me tell you that NeoFinder is by far the best if I compare it with f.i. UltraCompare or FileBuddy. They can do different things, finding duplicates within text, but finding duplicates with a preview and easy delete all the duplicates in one batch is something great!"
Ronald K, Amsterdam

“I absolutely love NeoFinder ... I literally have over 1 million images following 25+ years of shooting and NeoFinder has answered my prayers. Thanks for a super product - it delivers as promised."
John A, Jacksonville, NC, USA

“I just want to drop a note to simply say what a life saver NeoFinder is. It helps in every single way. I’ve often said that if you can’t find an asset, it’s simply just data and is useless. With NeoFinder I’m able to know where everything is and USE it."
Cris B, Plymouth

“[NeoFinder] is a fantastic search engine and, like PhotoMechanic, it also beautifully presents the embedded JPEG as the preview rather than rendering the image, this makes it a FAST program, and for me gives me an accurate image (I might have converted a Raw to B &W for instance). Well done! Most others generate a preview which is slow and often inaccurate. This is a well designed program."
David B, Australia

“I’ve been a happy user of NeoFinder for several years now. I use it to catalog my extensive photo archive, which contains many thousands of images that were made both professionally and for my own enjoyment. Overall, I’ve found nothing that is as flexible or as fast as NeoFinder, which is why I continue to use it in preference to many other digital asset management products."
Grand C, Oregon, USA

“A big compliment for NeoFinder. Amazingly rich functionally, very easy to use, and extremely robust and careful with my data. The latter of course is essential, and is where some others are sadly lacking. Well documented too, by the way. It is obvious to me that you know what you are doing."
Jeroen B, Netherlands

“I love the new update. (7.3.1) I cannot believe how fast this program opens. Previews, especially in gallery view are so much nicer. I just updated to Mojave a couple of days ago and am having no problems with your excellent software."
Kurt W, Minnesota, USA

“Excellent and powerful tool. I’ve looked at several DAM tools for photo management and NEOFinder is clearly the best. I will absolutely be telling my friends and colleagues about your product. By the way, using it to manage EVERYTHING now...not just photos. "
Stephan K, Maryland, USA

“I just wanted to let you know that your NeoFinder works very nicely for me and my monster catalog of items I imported from my CDFinder database. I really like how you can easily see the caption information in particular. I did some test searches and it really is a vast improvement over your previous program. I am very impressed and fully satisfied!"
Gary K, Sheboygan, USA

“I really do like NeoFinder: simple, fast, clean interface that was easy to master is a few minutes compared to some other softwares, the ability to manage not only images, but video, music, ... and all that for quite a very decent price !"
Patrice M, France

“I just wanted to let you know I couldn’t be happier with your software - it’s excellent! So easy to use, efficient and ideal searching options - if only I’d found NeoFinder years ago! I have over a decade of archive discs cataloging in the background while I work so there’s not even any interruption, I can do my work while your software’s improving my entire archive system! I can get rid of metres of binders full of disc directory pages and never ever have to spend time tracking things down again :-)"
Derek P, Southampton, England

“I got to say i didn't really think my opinion of NeoFinder could get any better, i looked around at a lot of different asset manager stuff before i found NeoFinder, most of them expensive but without serving my needs. This quick and efficient customer service just verifies that i made a correct choice in choosing NeoFinder. Thank you and keep up the good work! :D"
Catherine G, Stockholm, Sweden

“I find that it is more efficient to catalogue files in a dedicated cataloguing program than in, for example, a raw photo developer. I appreciate NeoFinder’s ability to reference all file types. I feel that NeoFinder’s speed and versatility makes work more efficient and more pleasant."
David L. , New York, USA

“I’ve used CDFinder and now NeoFinder happily for years. I find myself using NeoFinder often times for attached disks because it is a quicker tool than Finder. Couldn’t do without it to manage many disks and files! Thanks for creating and maintaining such a useful application!"
Robert S. , Tucson, Arizona

“I use NeoFinder exclusively as a Digital Assets Manager to keep track of my nearly 800,000 jpeg files spread over 3 hard disks ranging in size from 4 to 8 TB."
Marvyn S. , Richmond VA, USA

"As a busy Producer and Editor, I have vast amounts of data on my drives.
Apart from the six terabytes aboard my editing computer, there are countless removable disks with old jobs on them, this data is worth money should a Client require revisions or new versions.
I rely on Neofinder to keep track of this diverse database - with video, documents, images, audio - and quickly find what I need.
Time is money and Neofinder is fast and a pleasure to use. The Support is also top class. I highly recommend it"
John H. , Sydney, Australia

"I have only used NeoFinder for a few hours but I had to write and tell you how amazing it is and it’s EXACTLY what I was looking for, and more. The additional features and ability to see metadata about the audio files is sure to be a big help as I use it more. The main reason I need the app is so I know what hard drive to find and mount to load an old project because I don’t want to keep all 10 (and counting) hard drives mounted 24/7 and search around when needed.
Also, the iOS version is the icing on the cake because if I’m traveling and somebody asks about an old file, I can quickly search the iOS app and verify that I have the file and can send it later."
Justin P , Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

"I love NeoFinder. I'm a mixing engineer and being ale to locate files across multiple drive within one application makes my workflow much more efficient."
Christopher S. , Texas, USA

“We have been using CDFinder and NeoFinder for almost 17 years, now. It is a great product that has consistently proven itself to be extremely useful to us over the years. Without a doubt, it is one of the best software investments I have ever made."
Don G. , Illinois, USA

“Since we started cataloging our binders full of CDs/DVDs of images, we now have over 700 catalogs of CDs, mainly DVDs of our collection. Your program has made me look like a hero for finding and locating long forgotten images. We have stored almost a quarter million images on those disks. Thank you for creating such a fantastic program."
Gary K. , Wisconsin, USA

"I just purchased NeoFinder and I just wanted to say that I wish I knew about it sooner! It has made it so easy to look through all of my hard drives for duplicate backups. The speed that it scans the drives is amazingly fast! It’s going to make my backups so much easier to manage in the future as well. Thanks again for providing such a great product!"
Rob C. , Idaho, USA

"I am very impressed with how you continue improve this software over the years. I have offline data archives going back 12+ years, and have several occasions to pull old data for clients. NeoFinder makes this task painless, I consider it an indispensable tool for my design business. "
Mark T. , Colorado, USA

"I love NeoFinder. Having worked in Documentaries for a long time, this is the first time I've been blown away by your app. When shooting Docs, it's really easy to amass tons of footage and finding all of the footage, even though I am organized, was still a monumental task. Right now I am working with about 30 drives and what NeoFinder does in a flash, I used to do by using Excel and Print Window. Thank you, Thank you for creating this. I LOVE it!"
Deborah D. , Boston, USA

"I wish I had known about NeoFinder much sooner. It would have saved me a lot of time and money wasted on slow catalogers that "lock out" the user during the scanning process. NeoFinder is so fast and customizable. It is perfect for cataloging not just disk contents and media, but as my Hard Disk Inventory cataloger, as well. Even with all the extras turned off, DiskCatalogMaker can take up to an hour to scan a large disk. NeoFinder took only a few minutes, and I could still use the software while it was scanning. Not only that, and this is most important, the other software does NOT save during nor immediately after scanning. Any error and DiskCatalogMaker would crash and all the work would be lost. DiskTracker chokes on large volumes of 2TB or larger."
Doug Ch., Virginia, USA

"I've been a long time user of NeoFinder/CDFinder (15 years?), and it is one of the few pieces of software I own that I know I can rely on and therefore part of my critical arsenal. It always works and keeps getting better and better. NeoFinder stays ahead of the pack in terms of features, reliability and OS compatibility. What more could one ask for. I wish Apple and Adobe had the same integrity and approach to their products."
Bryce B. London

"We have been using NeoFinder in our studio for almost 2 years now and love it. Thanks for making such a user friendly and powerful piece of software. We have cataloged over 150TB of media and almost 8 million files."
Andrew M. , Nebraska, USA

"We have been using a combination of NeoFinder and abeMeda, both with server licenses, to catalog several hundred hard drives, all quite successfully. Our combined catalogs are over 7GB, covering a library size of 723TB of which 478TB is actual files (21M of them). So that's good!"
Chris P., New York, USA

"My Mac technician drew my attention to the new NeoFinder and I have downloaded the trial version. Of course it lives up to the high standards of the previous versions and with Geotagging and auto update, its a beautifully thing ... It is the best way to find files when you have many drives and hundreds of thousands of files."
Neil P, Wellington, New Zealand

"NeoFinder is absolutely the greatest cataloging program ever written. I can't even remember when I first started using it, but from the very first day, I couldn't live without it. 'The Search is Over!' "
Edward P., Colorado

"First off, I want to say that I love NeoFinder. It's a great way to quickly search through my catalog of 300,000+ images. No other program I've tried can search through that many images so quickly or easily." Cliff D. Seattle

"I had been using the PC version for many years so when I changed to Mac this year I was nervous about losing all those catalogues & having to start again. No fear, it was completely seamless to move to NeoFinder which read & saved everything perfectly! It works like a dream & I am able to instantly bring up thumbnails of former clients when they phone me. This is very valuable to help provide that personal service in portrait photography! This an essential software tool for a pro-photographer. By the way, NeoFinder’s customer service is personal & fast. I remain impressed & delighted!"   Simon Hoyle, Days Bay, New Zealand

"Many thanks for the truly great product that is NeoFinder... the best in the business, I reckon.
Compared to my previous application [DiskLibrary] that took ages to find things... when it did work, NeoFinder is a joy to use. And the speed of its search is mind-boggling... Over the past few days I've catalogued my 63 DVDs and now finding the info is perfect.
When viewing the QuickStart Tutorial on your site, the instructor's voice was very friendly and informative. He spoke matter-of-factly and was great to listen to... and made the understanding of the product so easy. I have bookmarked it to watch repeatedly.
Steve B, Australia

"Thanks, Norbert. I have over 60 external hard-drives that I use with NeoFinder. It's an amazing time saver and I look forward to seeing the new features and enhancements of 5.6. Keep up the great work with a very helpful program! We are a film and video production company that tracks a lot of media files for our clients."
Kent W., Charlottesville, USA, Paladin Media Group

"Thank you thank you thank you, I can't live without my NeoFinder."
Brendan D. South Africa

"We love the software as it is and find it hard to believe how we managed to organise our database before using NeoFinder"
Matej P. Australia

"Your product NeoFinder is wonderful. It is cost effective, works well and is an beautiful solution to the very real problem of removing and storing files away from a computer network or hard drive. I have many requests to "find" old images of products and this saves untold time without being an overly complex IT solution to deploy."
Darryl v.H., Canada

"I was comparing various Cataloging software and after extensive use and testing I came to conclusion that NeoFinder beats the competition by miles."
Jelena T., USA

"Many thanks for all of your help, your product support is really excellent."
Museum of London . They used CDFinder to convert a large number of old Disk Wizard catalog files to the CDFinder format, and then moved these over to CDWinder for Windows.

"As a long-time user, I LOVE this program. I'm a backup fiend, and NeoFinder is the only reasonable way I've found to keep track of so many files on so many drives and DVDs. As I've said before, THANK YOU!"
Wilma K., USA

"NeoFinder is far superior to the search function that comes with OS X. We do a lot of searching for files on our Xserve and a lot of times the Finder does not find the files we are looking for. When in fact we know the files are there. So we decided to experiment and catalogue our Xserve with CDFinder. Now the search results are 100% accurate!" Justin L, Ontario, Canada

"I am blown away that you were able to add the support for my RAW files and their sidecar files so quickly. This is such a huge plus for someone in my situation where I have a large percentage of files in RAW format only, but still tagged with keywords as a tool for reference. I love this!
I was able to run your new development app through its paces and couldn't be happier. This will make my life so much easier moving forward with my large library of images, and growing.
I was also able to import my existing database of catalogs from DiskTracker which carried in excess of 400 catalogs in it. This was a feature that sealed the deal for me when I was looking at your application. I had so many volumes cataloged in that application that if I would have had to leave that behind I just could not have made the switch. It would have taken too many hours to recreate that database in any new application.
Also, the thumbnails are a fabulous feature and make your application one that is light years beyond what I was using. It is going to be a pleasure from this point forward to search for files with all of these benefits built into the application. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank you for the fabulous application and the equally fabulous support! A thrilled customer,"
Gary S, New York

"As the last CD editor for MacHome Journal, literally thousands of software products passed through my hands every year. Of those, a few were memorable and ended up on our monthly CD, fewer still turned into products I would actually use, and of that bunch, only a handful is still with us today.
An early adopter, I'll admit to my share of mistakes in standardizing on products that would end up disappearing from the marketplace. That may be part of the reasons I am so glad to see NeoFinder is still with us: This is one time where there was no mistake.
Good, reliable software solutions are hard to find. NeoFinder is that - it delivers on promises - and better still, it keeps on improving. I may no longer receive as much software to review as I did, but with Mac archives extending back to the early 90's, I can do with all the help I can get simply keeping things organized. Even with the transfer from CD to DVD archiving medium, it takes a few shelves full of binders.
Without this wonderful cataloguing product, I don't even want to think how lost I would be!"
Pat St-Arnaud, USA

"I have already started setting up our catalog list in your software and I can already feel the tremendous amount of time we will save, as it will greatly organize our way of handling archives. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO YOU AND ALL THE NEOFINDER TEAM!!"
Gaël F., Montreal, Canada

"Your program is incredibly fast and easy to use. I've never been so organized. Can't thank you enough! I can now locate any file in less than 5 seconds from any of 23 250gb external hard drives!"
Dennis C. Nashville, USA

"NeoFinder is excellent! I run a small business which requires recovering files from Archives Regularly. CDFinder helps me do this effortlessly and quickly. Thanks to the team for making such an excellent, effective and affordable product!"
Nathan, New Zealand

"I've been using NeoFinder for quite a few years and it just keeps getting better and better. It really is the most useful utility I've ever purchased, and of course as virtually all my work is digital nowadays, having a storage cataloguing and retrieval system that works seamlessly is vital. Thanks especially for your ongoing development work. Very much appreciated."
Jonathan, Tasmania, Australia

"I would just like to thank you for the update. It is really great! All the new features, the split window (very handy), the icon previews - just wonderful. I've been using NeoFinder for a while now, and it has become an indispensable part of my archiving system. To give us such a great upgrade without any upgrade price is also very generous of you - thank you!" Jerry, South Africa

"We're delighted in your level of service & expertise. I found the software yesterday and only expected to be up in running in a few weeks time, but thanks to your brilliant systems, we're operational and just loving your user-friendly system."
René, South Africa

"It is AMAZING how much better my files are organized, and how much easier it is to find things (and FAST!) now that I have NeoFinder. I thought I was fairly well-organized before. Well, your program ROCKS! Thank you!!!"
Wilma K., USA

"An amazing piece of a photographer I have tons of files to track..."
Jim L., USA

"Just wanted to thank you for NeoFinder. Excellent!!!! I loved "Findit" from Iomega and always wished there was something out there that was simular. So, I searched and behold! I found NeoFinder. So, I downloaded your free trial version and as soon as I found out I could import Findit files (go figure, smart!) I almost fell off my chair and proceeded to immediately purchase the software. So, thanks"
Jeff R, East Petersburg, PA, USA

"We have been using Disk Recall in Classic mode for quite some time now and since the developer of Disk Recall seems to have vanished, we were looking for a suitable replacement for Mac OS X. NeoFinder is that application. It was able to import all of our Disk Recall catalogs in a matter of minutes! Now we are able to search all of our catalogs simultaneously - a major time saver. The application is fast, well designed and intuitive. So far, we have not needed to read any documentation in order to use NeoFinder. Another benefit is that the Business License version allows us to host the catalog database on a remote server. With one click, NeoFinder prompts for a server connection password and the catalogs become available. Very slick. The future version boasts full Spotlight search capabilities which will make searching even faster. Well done for creating such a user friendly application. Highly recommended."
John Goodchild, Fixamac Software , USA

"I wanted to let you know that I just purchase your product this week and already I have used it several times, delighted beyond reason every single time! Perhaps it is the geek in me...but what could be better then cataloging the 100 CDs I have accumulated over the years of my client files. I am a freelance graphic designer and therefore you can image how often I need to archive my clients files. Although I have always tried to label the CDs well and print out the contents to be inserted into a binder, it didn't always happen and even when it did....searching through a stack of printouts was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I just knew there had to be a better way! And NeoFinder is it! It is beyond easy to use, incredibly priced, and a powerhouse of an application. I am shocked that your technology has not been bought or stolen by MAC or IBM! Apple should be begging you to let them buy NeoFinder and incorporate it into every single computer they produce. If you haven't thought about yet...CONTACT THEM! ;) So often i find myself writing letters to companies that have let me down with either their service or their product...I am so pleased to be writing to you telling you how much of a difference your product will make in my daily life. You have stopped the insanity of the random CD searches..the pulled hair...the frustration of not knowing if I have the latest version of the file I am looking for. Now when I know I need to do a search in the archives...I am excited!!!!!It took me less then 2 hours (and I am the time was more about me sorting them then actually catologing them) to archive all of my 4 years of CD archives. I am sure I have searched for triple that in the past wasting precious time trying to find an old file. I intend to spread the word to my fellow designers and also to my clients. Thank you again for your product! And thanks for keeping the price so reasonable! It is part of the reason I am so gung-ho about telling everyone I know to buy it! ;)"
Groovy Chick Productions , USA

"You should see the face of my clients when I retrieve one of their jobs (sometimes over years old) within the space of less then one minutes!!!! Brilliant and simple program!
Serge Van D., Australia

"Thanks to Norbert for an elegant program - I am impressed with the import facility for our 440 Catalogue files and the well crafted applescripts."
Diana M., USA

"I have used Iomega Zip disk catalog system for seven years and was disappointed to hear that it is not compatible with Mac OSX. I have been searching for something new and decided today was the day. I searched on Magazine sites and even called Apple. I found several different programs and spent about 6 hours testing the demos. If I had tried yours first I would have saved about 5 hours! Your program is fantastic! It is everything I was looking for and it is so easy to use. I have years of cataloging to do and I am no longer dreading it. Thanks for taking the time to develop it. I have already forwarded the URL to several friends so that they can buy it as well."
Peggy S., Michigan, USA

"Since we've been using NeoFinder, locating archived client files is truly a pleasure. No longer do we stress over where the files are, which file is the most current, or what medium is it stored on! My clients are always amazed at how quickly I'm able to locate the exact file(s) needed. Thanks for helping us keep our 19 years of digital files in working order." Erick W, USA

"Thanks 4 a wonderful program, I use it everyday..." Magnus L., Sweden

" I really love your program...especially since it works native to OS X. Thanks a lot!" Robin R, USA

"I still love NeoFinder and really , I never found a better app.(and believe me , I tried many )! I always suggest to use it to everyone I know !" Flavia L., Italy

"I have compared it to about 10 other shareware/freeware programs and yours is the best!" Generosa R., USA

"Your's is a great program. Really useful and powerful..." Rober M., Spain

"I originally found your software hunting for something to catalog our CDs we used for archiving. That was at the last print shop I worked at. Now I am running a prep department at another shop. Your software was one of my 1st purchases. I came into a shop that has had explosive growth and the system used here was antiquated to say the least. Again CD Finder is tops, I use it all the time." Mike B., USA

"I'm running it as our main studio filing system for hundreds of CDs in our archives and I just wanted to say that I am really pleased with it." Jonathan J, Australia

"NeoFinder is the best!" John C., USA

"Thanks - this will be my life saver! ... and this for $25! What a bargain!" Thomas D, Hawaii

"I like the program very much! I have around 400 CD's with documents on it, and I always find what I search for in less than 30 seconds!" Arne L, Sweden

"I purchased CDFinder 4.1.1 some months back and love it! I've told many of my photographer friends about it and all agree it is the perfect, simple way to catalog the contents CDs and DVDs. Thanks for creating such a simple alternative to some of the stupidly complex cataloging programs." Gary P., USA