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NeoFinder Mac 8.6

41 MB, 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.14 "Mojave" - macOS 14 "Sonoma" (Intel and Apple ARM Mx)
MD5: 2c7d502e8e9ff924f0a8e848c6519982
SHA256: e078d4507d14e611686d227a1053a27fec5c0a27fe90a57a735b14ea4242c051

The download is a fully operational free 30-day trial version of NeoFinder.
It is identical to the purchased version, except that it allows to use only up to 10 catalogs.
This demo limitation is removed once a valid license key is activated in NeoFinder.

NeoFinder for iPhone and iPad is only available in the Apple iOS App Store

Upgrades from CDFinder, NeoFinder 6.x, and NeoFinder 7.x?

Please order your upgrade here in the NeoFinder Store

All upgrades require a valid CDFinder, NeoFinder 6.x, or NeoFinder 7.x user license of the same number of users (or for a cross-grade, a valid license of the other product)

Download older NeoFinder and CDFinder versions

NeoFinder 8.5.2 (Mac OS X 10.12, "Sierra" and Mac OS X 10.13 "High Sierra")
NeoFinder 8.2 (Mac OS X 10.11, "El Capitan")
NeoFinder 7.8.1 (Mac OS X 10.10, "Yosemite")
NeoFinder 7.7 (Mac OS X 10.9, "Mavericks")
NeoFinder 7.5.2 (Mac OS X 10.8, "Mountain Lion")
NeoFinder 7.3.3 (Mac OS X 10.7, "Lion")
NeoFinder 6.9.3 (Mac OS X 10.6.8, "Snow Leopard")
NeoFinder 6.2.1 (Mac OS X 10.5, "Leopard")
CDFinder 5.7.3 (Mac OS X 10.4, "Tiger")
CDFinder 4.7 (Mac OS X 10.3, "Panther")
CDFinder 4.6.3 (Mac OS X 10.2, "Jaguar")
CDFinder 4.3.3 (Mac OS 9)

NeoFinder for Microsoft Windows?

abeMeda (was CDWinder) for Windows

Our sister product for Microsoft Windows can be found here:

Other helpful macOS tools

FindAnyFile by Thomas Tempelmann is a cool utility to quickly search files on your local drives. Contrary to Spotlight (or the search in Finder), it does not use a database but instead uses the file system driver's fast search operations, where available. This lets you search for file properties such as name, dates, size, kind etc. Find Any File can find files that Spotlight doesn't, e.g. those inside bundles and packages and in inside folders that are usually excluded from Spotlight search. It can even search in other user's folders if you use FAF's unique root search mode.

If you want to search for your documents mainly for their textual content, especially if it's formatted text from Word, Pages, Excel, or in a PDF, take a look at
HoudahSpot . While it relies on the Spotlight search feature, it gives you much more control over the search, similar to FAF, and also displays the found items in a nice way.

EasyFind for local files by DEVONtechnologies. It offers a few extra search options (e.g. wildcards), displays results differently and has a single-window user interface which you might prefer.

NeoFinder is used by

The New York Times
Air France
Stanford University
Prudential Financial
Best Western Hotels
Aerial Photography Hawaii
and many more ...

NeoFinder Praise:

“Excellent and powerful tool. I’ve looked at several DAM tools for photo management and NEOFinder is clearly the best. I will absolutely be telling my friends and colleagues about your product. By the way, using it to manage EVERYTHING now...not just photos. "
Stephan K, Maryland, USA

"I needed something that actually worked, and NeoFinder knocks it out of the park for under fifty bucks."
David Gerwitz , ZDNet , USA

“I really do like NeoFinder: simple, fast, clean interface that was easy to master is a few minutes compared to some other softwares, the ability to manage not only images, but video, music, ... and all that for quite a very decent price !"
Patrice M, France

"We have been using a combination of NeoFinder and abeMeda, both with server licenses, to catalog several hundred hard drives, all quite successfully. Our combined catalogs are over 7GB, covering a library size of 723TB of which 478TB is actual files (21M of them). So that's good!"
Chris P., New York, USA

“I got to say i didn't really think my opinion of NeoFinder could get any better, i looked around at a lot of different asset manager stuff before i found NeoFinder, most of them expensive but without serving my needs. This quick and efficient customer service just verifies that i made a correct choice in choosing NeoFinder. Thank you and keep up the good work! :D " Catherine G. , Stockholm, Sweden

"I have only used NeoFinder for a few hours but I had to write and tell you how amazing it is and it’s EXACTLY what I was looking for, and more. The additional features and ability to see metadata about the audio files is sure to be a big help as I use it more. The main reason I need the app is so I know what hard drive to find and mount to load an old project because I don’t want to keep all 10 (and counting) hard drives mounted 24/7 and search around when needed.
Also, the iOS version is the icing on the cake because if I’m traveling and somebody asks about an old file, I can quickly search the iOS app and verify that I have the file and can send it later."
Justin P , Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

“I use NeoFinder exclusively as a Digital Assets Manager to keep track of my nearly 800,000 jpeg files spread over 3 hard disks ranging in size from 4 to 8 TB." Marvyn S. , Richmond VA, USA

“I just wanted to let you know I couldn’t be happier with your software - it’s excellent! So easy to use, efficient and ideal searching options - if only I’d found NeoFinder years ago! I have over a decade of archive discs cataloging in the background while I work so there’s not even any interruption, I can do my work while your software’s improving my entire archive system! I can get rid of metres of binders full of disc directory pages and never ever have to spend time tracking things down again :-)" Derek P, Southampton, England

My Mac technician drew my attention to the new NeoFinder and I have downloaded the trial version. Of course it lives up to the high standards of the previous versions and with Geo tagging and auto update, its a beautifully thing ... It is the best way to find files when you have many drives and hundreds of thousands of files." Neil P, Wellington, New Zealand

"I just purchased NeoFinder and I just wanted to say that I wish I knew about it sooner! It has made it so easy to look through all of my hard drives for duplicate backups. The speed that it scans the drives is amazingly fast! It’s going to make my backups so much easier to manage in the future as well. Thanks again for providing such a great product!" Rob C. , Idaho, USA

"I love NeoFinder. Having worked in Documentaries for a long time, this is the first time I've been blown away by your app. When shooting Docs, it's really easy to amass tons of footage and finding all of the footage, even though I am organized, was still a monumental task. Right now I am working with about 30 drives and what NeoFinder does in a flash, I used to do by using Excel and Print Window. Thank you, Thank you for creating this. I LOVE it!" Deborah D. , Boston, USA

"Your program is incredibly fast and easy to use. I've never been so organized. Can't thank you enough! I can now locate any file in less than 5 seconds from any of 23 250gb external hard drives!"
Dennis C. Nashville, USA

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