What the press says about NeoFinder:

"This takes away the painful process of lugging out all of your old archive drives, plugging them in one at a time and searching each one using Finder."

"Speed, efficiency, simplicity, automation, security…these are the qualities we’re looking for whenever we’re fielding app recommendations or searching for apps that take a complex process and make it much simpler, more intuitive — apps that make that friction-filled process friction-free."

5 Essential Mac Apps for Video Editors & Content Creators by Matthew O'Brien

What a nice list of powerful tools for video producers. Do you know all five of these helpful applications?

Make sure to check it out! https://medium.com/midland-pictures/5-essential-apps-for-video-editors-content-creators-62686e0693ca

(September 2, 2022)

"We don’t know how we would ever find our files without NeoFinder."

The well-known video trainer Larry Jordan has asked participants of his video editor newsletter for their best utilities when it comes to managing media and loads of data.

NeoFinder is right there!

We are very happy to hear that!

But read for yourself: https://larryjordan.com/articles/video-editors-describe-how-they-manage-media-assets

(August 23, 2022)

“…NeoFinder continues to be the best program available.”
Brian Wiser wrote about NeoFinder on the Call-A.P.P.L.E. user group web site, December 2021.

“...f you have been looking for something to catalog and manage your drives, photos, videos, DVDs, and audio CDs, NeoFinder continues to be the best program available. Beyond great features, Norbert M. Doerner is one of the most responsive developers I have encountered – listening to and implementing feature suggestions. …”

Read for yourself:


“After a few hours I realised this program would be more than suitable for the use I wanted”
How a video producer in England discovered NeoFinder and what you can do with it:

“...After a few hours I realised this program would be more than suitable for the use I wanted so I bought it, £32.43 UKP a bargain in my opinion for the time saved looking for that one clip, photo or audio file I know I had but couldn’t find!…”

Read for yourself (May 2021):

“NeoFinder may look like it’s a simple app, but it’s far from simplistic”
Erik Vlietinck wrote about NeoFinder in the Photoshop User magazine, May 2020.

“...NeoFinder 7, a cataloging app for all file types, finds items incredibly quickly, and has no trouble creating catalogs containing thousands of files. This digital asset management (DAM) system also has good support for EXIF and XMP/IPTC metadata…”

Read for yourself:

“Having an app that can easily find these files is priceless”
The well known Mac guru Bob Levitus wrote a nice piece about NeoFinder for the Houston Chronicle:

“...If your data is spread across multiple disks in multiple locations, I recommend NeoFinder without hesitation; download the free trial and see for yourself…”

Read for yourself:


“Having an app that can easily find these files is priceless”
The Pro Audio Files community recently posted an article about tools you need to Help Run Your Audio Business:

“...Luckily I found a great app called NeoFinder which can easily scan all your hard disks, and create a searchable database of all your files and folders... There are many ways that NeoFinder can help you manage and track all your files effortlessly….”

Read for yourself:

“NeoFinder has my highest recommendation.”
The Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange (A.P.P.L.E.) writes about NeoFinder:

“...NeoFinder is quit simply the best such tool that I’ve ever used. It makes it very easy to create a simple catalog of drives and disks, and can store complex metadata about documents, photos, songs, and movies along with optional checksums to verify integrity....”

Read for yourself:

“NeoFinder is an amazing cataloger tool, not just for photography”
A brand new episode of the popular photo blog “Q and A Photo” by Paul Atkins talks about DAM (Digital Asset Management), and how the amazing NeoFinder can help you with this.

“...Incredibly powerful...”

If you are a photographer, and you are interested in how to safely store and organize your precious digital photos, this show will give you some really great ideas!

The part about DAM starts around 20 minutes into the show, and they talk about NeoFinder starting at around 34 minutes.

Check out the entire fascinating audio show
: http://www.bmnet.us/qap077/

“[NeoFinder is] the Holy Grail of media asset management”
Yes, that is the amazing praise that David Gerwitz finds for NeoFinder!

And there is more!

“..I needed something that actually worked, and NeoFinder knocks it out of the park for under fifty bucks."

“...I set about importing my files into NeoFinder. Some time later (without crashing) it had them all imported into its databases. A search (NeoFinder is also integrated with the Mac's Spotlight) takes seconds...
Oh, as for file limits: 4,000,000,000 catalogs. That's not files. That's the number of catalogs of files NeoFinder can handle. I think we're good for a while, don't you?”

“...Although now it's called NeoFinder [it] handles all sorts of media. When I say "all sorts of media," I mean it. I can't go into all the formats this thing handles, but it goes way beyond my needs to a wide variety of music formats, video formats, movie formats, document formats, and more.”

Read the entire article: http://www.zdnet.com/article/my-finally-successful-quest-for-a-good-media-asset-management-tool/

A very nice NeoFinder review of the good people of macnn :

"Since NeoFinder v6.6 is available for download as a trial, we recommend giving it a try for yourself if you're on the hunt for something to help organize a notable breadth of digital information. Since it is indeed a comprehensive tool for managing a catalog (of which we can't thoroughly cover in a brief review), we feel that those who will benefit most from NeoFinder are companies, ranging in size, that require detailed aggregation of files they hold onto."

Read more: http://www.macnn.com/articles/14/11/10/digital.asset.catalog.tool.allows.for.in.depth.organization

Patrick van Gerwen Blog

"I've got to hand it to Norbert M. Doerner (developer of CDFinder). His constantly improving disk library cataloger (digital asset manager, photo database) for the Apple Macintosh is a must have for the smaller design studio's out there. Forget about about the slow, expensive, server operated, database catalog programmes and just get CDFinder.I myself am using it for several years now and it's so easy to use. Just burn away your finished projects on a disk and let CDFinder catalog the disk. If you ever need to find a project, just search within the CDFinder catalog and browse through the results. You'll find your stuff in no time! And that's just the basic functionality i use."

What a nice review, thank you!

Full posting
here .

MacBreak Weekly logo

They just keep coming! Yet another very positive review of CDFinder. This time, it is a podcast of MacBreak Weekly .

Alex Lindsay says: (at about minute 49 in the podcast,
more info )

"We have 120 drives or something here... for backups and stuff. We run it through DiskTracker, which is kind of stone-age technology, to keep track of it.... CDFinder just builds a database of every file name that is on that drive, and if you are doing lots and lots of backups, you just scan these drives, and now you can just very quickly find what file is on what drive. We are just starting to use CDFinder, and as soon as I did the first scan, of my internal drive, I was like get rid of DiskTracker. CDFinder is light-years ahead of DiskTracker ..."

Listen to the whole podcast

bioneural.net logo

And yet another cool review of CDFinder came in. This time, it is from the popular
bioneural.net blog.

They write:

"CDFinder is essentially an asset manager that catalogues any file on any volume (CD-ROM, DVD, USB drive, etc). But media metadata are its speciality, and this indexing powerhouse has recently been extended to handle geotags and provide related functionality.

"Free updates since 1996" is nothing short of impressive. I reviewed the change log and that's 54 updates since the first English version was released. Not many companies can boast of such dedication to their existing customer base. The application menu even has a "Send e-mail to author..." option, again indicating a hands-on commitment to customer support (which is free). That kind of approach wins you loyalty."

Read entire

Mac Recon Logo

The popular blog Mac Recon has written a very positive review of CDFinder 5.1.

They write:

"CDFinder has a very clean, yet attractive, interface that works out perfectly and actually boosts its productivity. Some may even look at it as a streamlined Finder window because of how easy it is to gain access to any file within it.
But all the cataloguing would be useless if it didn’t have equally
powerful organizing and searching features . Fortunately, it does.
CDFinder is extremely powerful . It’s capable of handling millions of files (hard to test in a computer lab environment, though), and everything seems perfect."

Read entire

Logo of Oogle Earth Blog

The famous blog
Ogle Earth has written a very long and detailed review of the great GPS features in CDFinder.

They write:

"So what happens when the developer, Germany’s Norbert Doerner, gets bitten by the geotagging bug? Why, he turns CDFinder into a geosearch marvel .
You just know this stuff is eventually going to make it into operating systems by default, it’s just that it will take ages."

Read entire

logo of popular web site digitalkamera.de

The popular German digital camera web site
digitalkamera.de has written a very long and detailed review of CDFinder and CDWinder.

They write:

"CDWinder is a disk cataloging application with a very comfortable and intuitive handling . It has a very fast search feature and many well-thought-of features."

Read entire
review (in German...)

Macwelt Logo

Germany's largest Macintosh magazine, Macwelt , has tested CDFinder 5 and found it to be very good !

The testers especially liked the
low price and the very good user interface :
"CDFinder is the magnifying glass for files. It simply works without any trouble, and after a short while you won't ever want to do without it." (Macwelt issue December 2007, page 46)

TechLine logo
The hungarian online site techline.hu has also written a nice comparison of CDFinder and some similar Microsoft Windows tool, and essentially, they say: " CDFinder is simply the best CD/DVD catalog software on the Mac platform"

Macintosh Asheville Computer Society:

"And not just ANY cataloger program but a very good one: "CDFinder".
It's $30 price is well-worth the investment. Integrate it into your backup procedure and it will not only keep track of every file and folder for you but will reveal any item's location in an instant."
"Pros: Fairly intuitive and flexible, Mac-like interface; Individual items or entire catalogs can be deleted (without removing the original files from the disk ("DiskTracker", see below, actually deletes the "real" files!); Catalogs can be grouped into one or more folders; Powerful Export function; "Batch Create" for cataloging several CDs, one after the other; When printing, Disclosure Triangles are printed to the left of each folder, which makes them much easier to find in long listings; You can choose whether to catalog "Packages" or not. ("DiskTracker", see below, doesn't allow this.); Convenient separate program included to quick-catalog a disk."

Read entire Review

MacUser Magazine, U.K.

http://www.macuser.co.uk (Vol 16, Issue 12, June 2000) CDFinder Macuser Rating - Five Stars! (The very best vote they can give!)

"When it comes to searching for named files, CDFinder beats Sherlock hands down."
"CDFinder is one of those pieces of shareware that makes you wonder how you ever managed without it."

Read entire Review

About This Particular Mac

ATPM CDFinder Rating - Very Nice!

http://www.atpm.com (Volume 11, Number 10, October 1, 2005)

"I did not encounter any bugs in CDFinder. I’ve been using it for years, and it has never crashed."
"CDFinder is a
solid piece of software with great features and performance. It could use an interface overhaul, but it gets the job done."

Read entire Review


Rating: 4 bounces - Pure Lust (
http://www.applelust.com/ )

"CDFinder is a deep, well thought out product that offers tremendous bang for the buck, and definitely places itself as one of the most useful bits of shareware out there."
"Highly recommended."

Read entire Review