Table of Contents       8. Workflow Integration

8.8 iCloud Drive

How to catalog your iCloud Drive

Apple stores the actual files from your iCloud drive in your Mac in the folder
/Users/username/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs

To catalog that, please navigate to that folder in the Finder and drag it into NeoFinder, or use the other options outlined in
Catalog a folder.

Please be aware that this will cause all your files on the iCloud Drive to be completely downloaded to your Mac.

How to place your NeoFinder database folder on your iCloud Drive

You can move your NeoFinder database folder to the iCloud Drive and tell NeoFinder of the new location in the


8.1 Drag & Drop
8.2 NeoFinder in your Services Menu
8.3 QuickLook
8.4 Roxio Toast Titanium Integration
8.5 FileMaker Pro Integration
8.6 Manage your original items from inside NeoFinder
8.7 NeoFinder and Tags
8.9 NeoFinder and Alfred
8.10 Notification Center
8.11 Open with...
8.12 Default Applications
8.13 Light Table