Table of Contents       8. Workflow Integration

8.11 Open with...

If you double click a file in a catalog inside of NeoFinder, the default application associated with that file type will be launched, and the file opened. You can control this behavior in Apples Finder, in their Get Info window for the file.

But with NeoFinder, you can now open any file with any installed app that can open it!

This is a great improvement in any workflow, as you can freely decide which application you need for a particular file in any step of your workflow.

Simply select the file in NeoFinder, and open the contextual menu for it.

Right on top of that menu, you will see the brand new “Open with...” command. If you select it, NeoFinder will present you a list of all installed applications on your Mac that claim they can open the selected file.

The default application for the file type of the selected file will be placed on the top of that menu, and the others below, sorted alphabetically for you, and shown with their icon.

And as if that isn’t cool enough already, you can also select any arbitrary application not in the list, if you think it can open that file as well!


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8.4 Roxio Toast Titanium Integration
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