Table of Contents       8. Workflow Integration

8. NeoFinder Workflow Integration

NeoFinder offers supreme integration into your workflow by many powerful features no other similar application offers.

This already begins when you start using NeoFinder. You can either
import your already existing catalog or export files created by twentyone other applications (please read chapter 3.6), saving you countless hours already, or quickly let NeoFinder catalog a whole stack of discs, using the Batch Cataloging feature of NeoFinder (please read chapter 3.2).

The buck doesn't stop there. NeoFinder offers a nice AppleScript integration, allowing you to do things we could have never imagined, like the very unique FileMaker integration and also the cool Alfred workflow! (More about NeoFinder and AppleScript in the upcoming chapter 9)

Even that is not all that NeoFinder has to offer! See for yourself.

8.1 Drag & Drop
8.2 NeoFinder in your Services Menu
8.3 QuickLook
8.4 Roxio Toast Titanium Integration
8.5 FileMaker Pro Integration
8.6 Manage your original items from inside NeoFinder
8.7 NeoFinder and Tags
8.8 iCloud Drive
8.9 NeoFinder and Alfred
8.10 Notification Center
8.11 Open with...
8.12 Default Applications
8.13 Light Table
8.14 Rename multiple files