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8.4 NeoFinder and Roxio Toast Titanium Integration

Roxio Toast 8 and later already contain a small disc cataloging application named DiskCatalogMaker RE, but compared to NeoFinder, it is has only a fraction of the abilities of the powerful NeoFinder.

Fortunately, NeoFinder also offers you an automatic integration into the Toast burning process.

All you need to do for the full integration of NeoFinder into Roxio Toast is to turn on the option "
Catalog Disc Contents" in the Recorder Settings (not in the "normal" Preferences!) of Roxio Toast:

Roxio Toast NeoFinder Settings

The next time you burn a disc with Roxio Toast, it will launch NeoFinder and pass it a lot of data about that disc.

NeoFinder will then create a catalog out of that data for you, quickly and

Notice: NeoFinder doesn't actually get to see the newly created disc, so it cannot catalog metadata such as photo previews. If you need these, please let NeoFinder catalog the disc directly. You can already ask Roxio Toast to automatically mount the freshly burned disk after is was created, that will speed this up, of course.


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