Table of Contents       2. Installation

2.3 Cross-platform: NeoFinder and abeMeda in a network

As both NeoFinder for Macintosh and
abeMeda for Windows use the very same data format to store the catalog data, and both applications can use any folder to store this data, you cannot only share catalog data between Macintosh computers, but also between Macs and Windows PCs!

And best of all, the older CDFinder and CDWinder versions use the exact same format, so you can use all four versions seamlessly together here!

The technique used here is the same as described in
chapter 2.2. But instead of having only Macintosh computers to set up, you also install abeMeda on PCs.

If you have a NAS, or any type of File Server, you can use that to share your common NeoFinder and abeMeda database folder. There is no need for a special NeoFinder or abeMeda server software, and you can use any kind of file server, be it Windows, Linux, or whatnot. As long as you can share a folder with files, and your clients can access these like their regular files on their computer, you can use that.


Business License required!
Please notice that you must have a valid Business License for every Mac that will run NeoFinder! Storing catalog files on a file server is only possible with a NeoFinder Business License. The same is true for abeMeda for Windows.

NeoFinder iOS
NeoFinder is also available for the iPhone and iPad. Sending the catalogs on the iOS device can be done in several way,
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There are a few things to be considered here as well:

Make sure that both platforms can access the NeoFinder Database folder. Most current servers will allow that.

It doesn't matter which computer platform the server software uses, as long as both Mac and Windows can access the NeoFinder Database folder.

As Windows does not allow for some special characters in the names of files and folders, NeoFinder will not use some of them when it comes to naming catalogs. The "/" is not allowed, a "." at the end of a name, and generally blanks at the end of names, too. For catalogs, that is no big deal, as the catalog file name can be different from the actual name that you see in the lists. But that same limitation is true for catalog data folder names, and in that case there is only one name...

As abeMeda for Windows and NeoFinder for Macintosh are developed and sold by two different companies, it is necessary to obtain licenses for the two applications separately. You will be able to cut a deal for larger licenses, however. Please contact for details on licensing NeoFinder for Macintosh, and for details on licensing abeMeda for Windows.

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