Table of Contents       2. Installation

2.11 License Types

There are currently five different NeoFinder License Types.

1. NeoFinder Demo (free, 30 days)
When you download NeoFinder from our web site, the application runs by default in Demo mode. This will display a notification every time you launch it. The demo can handle up to 10 catalogs, and some features, such as the reloading of the NeoFinder database folder, are disabled.

The NeoFinder demo can be used for up to
30 days, after which it will no longer update existing catalogs, or create new catalogs.

After the 30 day demo period is over, you need to
purchase a license in our shop, either the NeoFinder Private License, or a NeoFinder Business License.

2. NeoFinder Time Limited License
This is issued immediately after a NeoFinder license purchase is made, as a starter license to allow you to use NeoFinder immediately.
We also use this for clients who need to run a larger or longer test than possible with the Demo License.
This is a full license, but will only work for the time specified. It will also display a little window at application launch to remind you of this.

3. NeoFinder Private License
This specially priced license for private users allows you to use most features of NeoFinder, and you can install it on up to three of your own personal Mac computers. The number of catalogs is only limited by technical reasons, such as the free space on the volume containing the NeoFinder database folder.

4. NeoFinder Business License
This full featured license can be installed on the number of Macs indicated in the license. In addition to all of the features of the NeoFinder Private License, this will also allow for these additional business and network features:

You can
expand your existing NeoFinder Private License to a NeoFinder Business License at any time, please contact us.

5. NeoFinder READER License
If you have a valid NeoFinder Business license, you can ask us for a special READER license file. When this special license file is activated, NeoFinder will show the term "Reader" in its main window title, so you can always see what is activated.

READER title bar

An active READER license will lock the database for that user, no changes can be made, but the entire database can be used to view catalogs and perform searches.
It is possible to Export photos, generate Photo and Video Contact Sheets, Web Galleries, and run all searches and report types available in NeoFinder.
It is not possible to change or create Albums or Smart Folders, or add or modify catalogs.

The READER is counting as a regular NeoFinder license for the total number of users in your NeoFinder Business License. You can activate either your regular NeoFinder Business License OR the NeoFinder READER license per user.