Table of Contents       3. Catalog your data

3.9 AutoUpdater: Update Catalogs automatically at a certain time

Sometimes, you need to update certain important catalogs on a regular schedule, like a server volume that you are actively working on every day.

NeoFinder offers the very powerful and unique AutoUpdater to make this really easy for you.

Please note that AutoUpdater requires a NeoFinder Business License.

To use the AutoUpdater, open it using the File menu:

NeoFinder AutoUpdater menu command

The AutoUpdater window will appear.

To add a catalog to the AutoUpdater, you can simply drag it from LIBRARY into the list, or use the “+” button, or use the context menu command for this purpose:

AutoUpdate one catalog in NeoFinder

remove a catalog from the schedule, select it in the list, and hit the “-“ button.

NeoFinder will update all catalogs in the list at the precise time indicated in the list. To edit that time, select the catalog in the list, and use the time control.

You can even update
a catalog multiple times a day, simply drag it into the list more than once, and set different times. If one update is still in progress while another one would be scheduled for the same catalog, NeoFinder will notice that and only continue with the first update, ignoring the second schedule.

NeoFinder will keep a comprehensive log of all AutoUpdater related activity, you can see it in the bottom part of the window.

NeoFinder must be running for the AutoUpdater to work, which is good, because then you can control on which days the AutoUpdate actually happens.

Stored Cataloging Settings
With NeoFinder 7, your cataloging settings are actually stored inside the catalog itself. The AutoUpdater will of course honour such settings, and use them when a catalog is updated. That is great as it will make your that your thumbnail sizes are the same after the update, even if you have changed the global cataloging settings in the preferences in the meantime.

However, how can you then change these settings for the update? Just select the catalog, and use the new
Cataloging Preferences... button, and it will display the settings used to create this catalog. You can edit them, and these changes will then be used for the next updates of this catalog.

Please note that as the cataloging settings are stored inside the catalog, you cannot have multiple different settings for one catalog, for example when you update one catalog several times a day. All these updates use the one stored set of cataloging settings in the catalog.

For server volumes, NeoFinder will actually mount the volume for you when the time for an AutoUpdate has come! It uses the unique AutoMount feature for this.

If the Mac is sleeping when a schedule for an AutoUpdate is due, NeoFinder will NOT wake the Mac up. So please make sure your Mac is up and running when the time comes.

You can use the Energy Saver control panel to wake up your Mac at the proper time. We recommend a time of about 5 Minutes prior to a scheduled AutoUpdate: