Table of Contents                                                   12. NeoFinder for iOS

12.5 Scan barcodes of catalogs

NeoFinder iOS has a cool new feature: It can scan barcodes, and display the content of catalogs whose barcode was scanned.

To use that, simply tap on the new barcode icon at the bottom of the NeoFinder iOS screen, here marked in red.

Then scan a barcode, and NeoFinder iOS will display the catalog content, if that catalog is loaded on your iOS device.

How can you generate these barcode stickers? Quite simple,
use NeoFinder Mac for that. After that, transfer the NeoFinder Mac catalogs to your iPhone or iPad.

Here is an example on how a barcode will look like for the
Sample Catalog we provide in NeoFinder iOS for you:

sample barcode

This is part of the great
Datainer integration, which will help you securely store your physical media in modular storage units.

Hot tip: Since NeoFinder iOS searches all NeoFinder catalog attribute fields for the content of the scanned label, you can actually use the disk hardware bar code as well. Just type in the serial number on that barcode into any of the five extra catalog fields, or the comment of the catalog in NeoFinder Mac or abeMeda for Windows, and NeoFinder iOS will find the catalog for you when scanning the barcode!

12.2 The Find Editor
12.3 The Inspector
12.4 GeoFinder
12.6 Light Table