Table of Contents       4. Organize your catalogs in NeoFinder

Additional data fields for catalogs in the NeoFinder Inspector

4.3 Add additional information to catalogs

Now that you have cataloged all of your disks with NeoFinder, you still may have the problem of finding a specific disk in real life! If you have them stored in a nice shelf and maybe put numbers on them, NeoFinder can help you there as well.

Every catalog, in fact every item in NeoFinder, has a comment field, and catalogs even have seven more extra fields you can use at your leisure. You can enter any text you want there. The Location field, for example, is perfect to write some notes about where the disk is physically stored.

For example, I store my DVDs in a shelf and number them. I then write that number into the Location field of the catalog. Every time I need to actually get the disk, I always know where to find it.

You can also directly write the data into the Location field in List Mode. Click into the field, leave the mouse cursor right over the field, and wait for a second. Then, like magic, a new edit field will appear and you can type in your text.

NeoFinder gives you five custom fields for catalogs. You can set up the names of these fields in the
NeoFinder Preferences, display them in the main window by using the View menu settings, and then edit their values directly in the main window by simply clicking into the fields, or use the Inspector for this.