Table of Contents                                                   12. NeoFinder for iOS

12.6 Light Table

NeoFinder iOS has a Light Table to show you the thumbnails of your photos or video files, as they are contained in the NeoFinder Catalogs.

The Light Table is zoomable, and includes the Navigation to the next or previous item.

Tap into the thumbnail of any item in the
Inspector to activate it.

The Light Table will open fullscreen, and you can pan and zoom into your thumbnail.

Light Table (medium)

At the bottom, you will find the name of the currently shown image, and navigation buttons to the previous or next item in the Catalog, or found items.

The Light Table will ignore all items with no thumbnail in the Catalog.

Leave the Light Table with a short tap into the thumbnail and return to that item shown in the inspector.

12.2 The Find Editor
12.3 The Inspector
12.4 GeoFinder
12.5 Scan barcodes of catalogs