Table of Contents       7. Albums

7.4 Target Album

A new way to really quickly add items to a specific Album is the Target Album feature added to NeoFinder 8.4.

To set up one of your existing Albums as the Target Album, select it, and use the
Set Target Album command in the Item menu, or the contextual menu of the Album itself.

set target album menu

NeoFinder will mark the currently Active Album with a "+" appended to its name in the LIBRARY.

target album marker

Once you have selected a Target Album, you can use the Add to Target Album menu command with the keyboard shortcut Command-Y to add any selected file to that Album.

This even works from within the NeoFinder
Light Table, so you can already add great photos to the Target Album while you are culling new photos.

7.1 Organize Albums in Groups
7.2 Use shared Albums in the network
7.3 Custom sort order
7.4 Target Album