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27. Get a NeoFinder Users Guide Download

We have received a couple of requests asking for a downloadable version of this NeoFinder Users Guide, possibly as a PDF document.

Due to the dynamic nature of this Users Guide, and the really frequent changes, we cannot offer you a PDF.

We add and edit pages almost every day, as we add new features, and new tips and tricks to this Users Guide.


Why not use a very cool software tool to download an offline copy of these web pages yourself?

It is actually quite simple.

1. Download and install DeepVacuum

Make sure to get DeepVacuum for Mac from there. At the time of this writing, this was version 1.74.

2. Use DeepVacuum

Enter the exact URL of the NeoFinder Users guide (, and make sure to use the "Whole Size - Subdirectories Only" preset, as in this example:
Then click "Start Downloading" and the program will start downloading all NeoFinder Users Guide pages and graphics for you.

Open the resulting folder named "" and double click the file "
index.html" inside the "guide" folder. That was it.
Of course, you may need to repeat the download of the Users Guide, as we add new chapters or additional information to it frequently.