Table of Contents       6. Smart Folders

6.5 Use shared Smart Folders in the network

Normally, NeoFinder stores the Smart Folders that you create as "query" files in your Users folder, inside the path:

/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/NeoFinder/SmartFolders/

That means that you are the only one who can access and use these.

For a server setup, where many users share a NeoFinder database, with NeoFinder you can share your Smart Folders with all users of that database.

Here is how that works and needs to be prepared.

1. Create a folder named "Shared.Database.Information" (without the "" of course) in your NeoFinder database folder. Please don't use NeoFinder for that, but do that directly in Apples Finder. Please make sure that the folder name is exactly as given here.

NeoFinder will never display that folder in its LIBRARY, it is only internally used for sharing purposes, such as for the Smart Folders.

2. Move the folder named "SmartFolders" from the above mentioned location to the freshly created folder of step 1.

3. Restart NeoFinder.


This is how these folders should look like:

If the folder "Shared.Database.Information" exists inside the current database folder, and a folder named "SmartFolders" is contained inside of that, NeoFinder will use that folder as the location for the Smart Folders (and Smart Folder Groups, as well, of course).

If a "SmartFolders" folder exists in both the "Shared.Database.Information" as well as in the original location in your
/Users folder, NeoFinder will always only use the folder in the "Shared.Database.Information".

This is also a great way to use different sets of Smart Folders with multiple catalog folders.

NeoFinder will scan that location for Smart Folders and Groups when it reloads the database, so if you use "Reload database folder...", NeoFinder will pick up any changes made to the Smart Folders by other users.

And last, this kind of sharing works also with your
Albums and Album Groups.