Table of Contents                                                   13. Inspector

13.1 The XMP Editor

One of the most amazing new features in NeoFinder 7.0 is the brand new XMP-Editor.

Directly embedded in the Inspector, you can edit all Adobe XMP fields that NeoFinder supports, no extra software needed.

And that includes keywords and
star ratings.

If you select a photo or video file in NeoFinder, the Inspector will show you all the XMP/IPTC fields, but this time, you can actually edit them!

more to come...

This makes NeoFinder a really good replacement for the slow Adobe Bridge tool.

Notes about the NeoFinder XMP Editor:

Internal and external XMP
NeoFinder writes the XMP data directly into the data file, if the format is supported by Adobes XMP library. Currently this includes these file kinds: JPG, PNG, DNG, MOV, TIFF

For all other items, NeoFinder will generate a separate XMP file, called the “xmp sidecar file”. It will have the same name as the original data file, but the “.xmp” file name suffix instead of the original file name suffix.

Online only
As NeoFinder will write all changes you make to the XMP data directly to disk, this will only work for files that are currently online. NeoFinder will not just keep your previous data in its catalog, but write it to disk, so that other applications in your workflow can access this data immediately, too. No need to additionally use some kind of “write to disk” command or such.
But this will also mean that the XMP editor is only displayed for cataloged items that are actually currently online on your computer.

Prevent all editing
In case you certainly do not wish to make any changes at all, there is a special hidden preference to NeoFinder 7 that will turn off all XMP editing.

In Apples, paste the line below and run it:

defaults write de.wfs-apps.neofinder NoChangePlease YES

To enable the XMP editor later, past this command to, and run it:

defaults write de.wfs-apps.neofinder NoChangePlease NO