NeoFinder iOS 2.1 released

NeoFinder iOS View Settings

NeoFinder iOS 2.1 released

This time, it took Apple only 20 days to approve the new version in their iOS App Store.

We are very happy that you can now finally get a whole bunch of cool new features. You finally get Display Settings, where you can change the sort order, and control what NeoFinder iOS display.

New features in NeoFinder iOS 2.1

  • Display hierarchical keywords embedded in NeoFinder catalogs
  • Search for specific hierarchical keywords
  • New toolbar icons
  • Display Settings to sort catalog contents by date, size, or name
  • Display Setting to show or hide file name suffixes in catalog contents
  • Display Setting to only show items with thumbnails in the catalog contents
  • Display setting to select which data NeoFinder iOS shows in the second line of the lists
  • Dropbox window looks better in Dark Mode
  • Better display of the Rating in the Inspector
  • Inspector shows ID3 composer
  • Reduced memory needed by NeoFinder iOS
  • Many smaller fixes and improvements
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or newer

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