NeoFinder iOS 1.6 is here

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NeoFinder iOS 1.6 is finally here!

This time, it took a long odyssey through Apples intransparent and unpredictable approval process to give you the new and enhanced NeoFinder iOS 1.6.

But the epic fight was worth it, there are some really exciting new things in this new version!

New features in NeoFinder iOS 1.6:
- The file Tags and XMP Keywords in the Inspector are now displayed in a cool token style, and you can now tap on any one of those to Find all items containing that one Tag
- The Dropbox
“Get All” button now only downloads catalogs that are either new, or have been changed since the last download. If a catalog already exists unmodified on your device, if won’t get automatically downloaded again
- The Dropbox code now looks for a NeoFinder folder inside of /Apps first. It uses a separate NeoFinder folder only if that already exists. But you can now safely move the NeoFinder folder into /Apps in your Dropbox
- You can now cancel a lengthy Find operation by tapping into the progress
- Your device won’t go to sleep now during a lengthy Dropbox download
- The keyboard is now always properly hidden when you tap in the background behind the Find Editor on the iPhone 6 and later
- Fixes a bug in the Find Editor on iPhones, where the lower two items in the Kind menu could not be selected
- Fixes a problem where the Found Items list was not displayed properly after a second search
- Fixes a bug with certain umlauts in catalog names in the Dropbox integration
- Fixes a couple of small bugs and problems

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