NeoFinder iOS 1.3 available now

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NeoFinder iOS 1.3 is available today!

Apple has finally approved the new version 1.3 of NeoFinder for iOS, so you can update now, or get a license for your iPhone or iPad.

New features in NeoFinder iOS 1.3:
- NeoFinder iOS can now look inside folders and sub-folders of your Dropbox
- Massively expanded and improved Find Editor with many new options. You can now select which fields you wish to search, and what type of files or folder you need to find. Also, you can limit the results to items with a thumbnail
- Delete your catalogs using a simple "swipe left" gesture, just like you delete items in Mail and other apps
- Navigate in the Inspector for the previous or next element in the list by swiping left or right
- The Inspector now shows the EXIF and especially IPTC (Adobe XMP) data for any item that actually contains them, not just for photos
- Improved visual display on iPads with iOS 9
- The links in the About text can now actually be clicked, and will open in Safari, as expected
- Many minor improvements and fixes

Find out more on the NeoFinder iOS web site:
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NeoFinder iOS is available today in the Apple App Store!