NeoFinder iOS 1.1 available today

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NeoFinder iOS 1.1 available today!

With all the amazing feedback we have received for the initial version, we are very happy today to give you the improved and enhanced version 1.1 of NeoFinder for iOS!

New features in NeoFinder iOS 1.1:

- NeoFinder iOS now runs in 64 bit on suitable iOS devices
- The Find Popup is now much more elegant, and can be accessed from most places in NeoFinder iOS. It allows you to tell NeoFinder which types of files you wish to Find, and opens the GeoFinder (search for photos and movies on a map) as well
- You can now Find similar files from inside the Inspector, like all songs of an Album, or files created at the same day, or files of the same size. Just select the attribute in the Inspector, and use the new Find menu!
- You can now Copy text from any field in the Inspector by tapping on the data
- Open any NeoFinder or abeMeda catalog file (suffix ".neofinder" and ".cdw") directly from, or GoodReader, or Dropbox, or other apps who offer an "Open with" command for files
- Improved the Dropbox connection! It has a nicer user interface, a better progress, and you can logout of your Dropbox account, if you wish to do so.
- The Inspector now displays the Tags, FileCheck, and the ID3 comment
- The Progress during a Find is visually improved
- The Info area now has links to the NeoFinder Facebook page, and Support page
- Further improvements:
- The ID3 Lyrics are no longer truncated at the top of the display
- The About view no longer crashes in certain localised versions
- The version of the NeoFinder iOS app is now being shown during startup
- The place search field of the GeoFinder is no longer truncated in iOS 7 and iOS 8
- Increases stability and performance

Find out more on the NeoFinder iOS web site:
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