NeoFinder 7.8.1 released

NeoFinder 7.8.1

NeoFinder 7.8.1 released

NeoFinder 7.8.1 can catalog storageDNA LTO reports, catalog ARRI and FITS thumbnails, and contains numerous important improvements.

And a lot more.

We highly recommend updating to this new version!

New features and enhancements:

  • Import storageDNA CSV report files as NeoFinder catalogs
  • Catalog ARRI .ari RAW file thumbnails
  • Catalog thumbnails of .fits astronomical files
  • Web Gallery templates can contain many additional fields, like the path and custom annotations
  • Massively improved handling of iView and PhaseOne MediaPro "CatalogSets" when cataloging data
  • Improved selection menu for Keywords and Persons, accept single choices with just the Return key
  • File Sequence detection recognises ARRI .ari RAW file names
  • XMP Editor adds new places to the Places list from editing them in the Inspector
  • Label menus for custom annotation fields allow you to search for empty or non-empty field values
  • Dragging multiple large catalog files into NeoFinder to copy them to its LIBRARY shows a progress window and the copy process runs in the background
  • Improves Cataloging your Dropbox if you are using private or locked folders
  • Sorting of file names uses the exact same sort order as Apples Finder
  • Sorting the JobID considers numerical values
  • Controlled Vocabulary prevents duplicate keywords
  • Export of Found Items adds the full path of each item
  • Improved Updating speed when cataloging a lot of custom folder icons
  • Cataloging TAR file paths in the newer "LongLink" format
  • Light Table shows very small files in a much bigger default magnification
  • Massively improves geotagging of video files larger than 1.5 GB
  • Contextual menu for a Catalog in an Album contains the "Remove from Album" option
  • Inspector shows the path of a cataloged folder correctly
  • Fixes some problems when copying and pasting XMP keyword lists between files and the XMP presets
  • Fixes a problem reading the asset creation date in certain video files
  • Fixes a problem finding the content of custom annotations in the Find Engine
  • Fixes a problem reverting the sort order of custom annotation fields
  • Fixes a problem deleting GPS geotags in video files larger than 1.5 GB
  • Improved behaviour when ejecting disk images during cataloging
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.10 or newer, Intel-CPU or Apple M1 ARM. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site