Announcing NeoFinder 7.5

Announcing NeoFinder 7.5 for macOS 10.15

Due to the very early release of Apples macOS 10.15, and the massive amount of changes needed to support that new macOS version, we have decided to move the NeoFinder 7.5 release forward to early November 2019.

NeoFinder 7.5 is currently in beta testing, and the results look really good.

NeoFinder 7.5, among many other exciting new abilities, will be able to support
custom annotations for photos and videos!

This is a very important milestone for the huge number of iView MediaPro users, who still haven't had a way of keep working with their important custom annotations.

Apart from many other amazing things, NeoFinder 7.5 will be able to:

  • Import custom field data from MediaPro XML Export files
  • Catalog custom fields stored in regular Adobe XMP data, for example written by Media Pro in the “Write Annotations” command
  • Display all that in the Inspector
  • Edit these additional fields, if the original file is currently online (just like the regular XMP editor of NeoFinder)
  • Create NEW custom fields
  • Find the contents of custom fields in the “Any text contains” Find Parameter or QuickFind

With the arrival of Apples macOS 10.15, which no longer supports old 32-bit applications like the discontinued PhaseOne MediaPro, many people have been looking for a modern, 64-Bit alternative, and NeoFinder is here to help them.

More details about these new features:

More details about migrating data from iView to NeoFinder: