NeoFinder 7.5 released

NeoFinder 7.5

NeoFinder 7.5 available today!

We are happy to present you the new NeoFinder 7.5 today!

This new version contains many fixes needed for macOS 10.15, but also a lot of very exciting new features.

Many users were looking for custom annotation fields, and we have added them to photos and videos for you! You can define them, fill their values, and even import this data from PhaseOne MediaPro and other XMP compliant applications.

The search for Faces and better navigation will help you to add metadata to photos and videos much faster, while the new AutoUpdater options help you keep your NeoFinder catalogs always updated.

New features and enhancements:
• Catalog, display, edit, create and export custom metadata or annotation fields for photos and videos
• The iView Importer can read these custom annotations as well
Find Faces will find all thumbnails in a catalog containing a face, and display a green rectangle in the Inspector as well (can be turned off in the Inspector Settings)
AutoUpdater has been massively expanded. It can run schedules on specific weekdays, or when a volume is mounted, or when NeoFinder is launched
NeoFinder 7.5 is certified to run in macOS 10.15. We still very highly recommend to wait with the update to macOS 10.15 at least until 10.15.5 is released next year
• NeoFinder is "notarized", which Apple promises is supposed increase the security. Or so
• Icon View can display up to 3 lines of metadata or annotations, and you can chose what you want to see
• Photo Contact Sheet also uses up to 3 freely selectable metadata lines
• NeoFinder can use Aliases in the Database Folder pointing to other folders (Business License only)
• Edit EXIF dates in photos, to adjust time offsets, and more
• Play a selected video in Gallery View by pressing the Space key, directly inside the NeoFinder window!
• Navigate to the next or previous item in the Inspector with a menu or keyboard command for much faster metadata editing
• Inspector: Select which sections should be displayed
• Sort the Icon View by Duration
• The Display Filter remembers your settings for the first menu. Keep that in mind if you wonder why NeoFinder may not show all expected items...
• Find Editor can search for file kind "Email"
• Find Editor can search for "codec is NOT"
• "Export Photos as..." is a separate menu command in the Item menu, with Shift-Command-E as a hotkey
• Photo Export can apply XMP Metadata Presets to the exported file
• Copy->Path will copy the full macOS style path of a file if it is online
• Catalog the text content of ".md" (markdown) files
• Visual adjustments in the main window. The slider is now at the right edge underneath the content, and the text with the number of items always in the center as well
• NeoFinder can catalog the boot volume in macOS 10.15 properly
• Photo Export handles rotated photos better
• Cataloging: Phase One EIP files is much faster, and supports all file variations
• Export Photos can export to PDF and HEIC format
• Added more items to the Info.plist to describe the use of the new Folder Cages introduced by Apple in 10.15
• Copy and Paste of a GPS Geotag will use the view direction, too
• Compiled using the "hardened runtime", which should make things safer, Apple claims
• Improved cataloging of certain Person metadata inside of NEF files
• Improved behaviour changing the ratings or labels when multiple items were selected for QuickLook
• New progress window when pasting metadata into more than 10 items
• Massive speed improvements when Updating catalogs with items whose thumbnails were generated by QuickLook
• Improved Spotlight search for Paths
• Improved behaviour when searching for video codecs in the Find Editor
• Improved handling of selecting multiple items in the Icon View
• Fixes a problem with the incorrect menu commands for Person tokens in the Inspector for offline items
• Many small fixes and improvements

Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer!