NeoFinder 7.4.1 released


NeoFinder 7.4.1 released!

This version contains important bug fixes, and some exciting new features, such as the new columns and Find options, and even more new file formats supported for cataloging!

New features and enhancements:

  • NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails of Canon compressed RAW ".cr3" files
  • NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails SVG files
  • NeoFinder now has nine new columns in List View: Camera Maker, Lens Name, IPTC Persons, ISRC, XMP Caption Writer, XMP Byline, Audio Channels, Audio Sample rate, and Audio Bitrate
  • NeoFinder can now catalog Clip Studio ".clip" files
  • NeoFinder can now catalog RAW files of Sigma .X3F format
  • Preliminary support to catalog thumbnails of Phase One Capture One ".eip" RAW files
  • You can now search for EXIF camera name, lens name, and maker name in the Find Editor and of course using the Label menu in the Inspector
  • You can now also search for "has no XMP" and "has ISRC" in the Find Editor
  • The improved Multi-Editor is now also available for Finder Tags and XMP People fields
  • More Label menus in the Inspector for ISRC, FileCheck, EXIF values, XMP Keywords
  • NeoFinder now catalogs the iTunes Producer description files "metadata.xml"
  • NeoFinder now catalogs EXIF data contained in XMP records, in case the original file has none, or these cannot be processed
  • Improved Export as Text and XML by having separate Height, Width, and Duration fields for Media-Info. That is helpful for Stock Photographers
  • NeoFinder will now remember the sort order along with the sort type in the Sort menu for Icon View and others
  • You can now prevent NeoFinder from sorting keywords alphabetically when displaying and saving them
  • The contextual menu for one catalog is much better organised now
  • Catalogs now save the date and time they were last Updated (not just modified!)
  • Can now properly sort the List View by Path
  • The "NoChangePlease" hidden settings is now honoured by the Wikipedia Inspector and the Map
  • Fixes a problem with some Find Editor settings
  • Fixes a problem with incorrect badge number displays for Album Groups in macOS 10.14
  • Fixes a problem with Album and Smart Folders names containing a "." in their name
  • Fixes a problem reading certain audio files larger than 4 GB
  • Fixes a problem cataloging certain JPG files created by a scanner (containing empty ISO arrays in their EXIF section)
  • Fixes more visual problems in macOS 10.14
  • Fixes a problem writing Finder Comments when leaving the text field in the Inspector with the Tab key
  • Fixes a memory problem when cataloging very large numbers of compressed Fuji RAW files (.RAF)
  • Fixes a problem with the CDFinder 2.x Importer
  • Many small fixes and improvements
  • NeoFinder 7.4.1 requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer