NeoFinder 6.9.1 released

NeoFinder 6.9.1 is available today

We are happy to announce the availability of NeoFinder 6.9.1, with a lot of fixes, small improvements, and tweaks.


  • You can now select multiple movies for the Video Contact Sheet, and NeoFinder will generate a cool contact sheet for each of them!
  • Detection of Alias files is much better now during cataloging. Due to an ever increasing number of bugs in Apples FSRef code in every new Mac OS X release, NeoFinder now uses more reliable standard unix calls to get information about Alias files
  • The NeoFinder menu bar Global Find helper app is now properly codesigned
  • Finding files based on their EXIF creation date now works properly
  • Massively improved behaviour for cataloging certain malformed MPEG files with ffmpeg. NeoFinder no longer hangs there, but times out after 30 seconds, and proceeds with the next file
  • Improved DiskCatalogMaker-Importer that works better with newer Export files
  • Improved the Extensis Portfolio Importer with localisations. They save their export text file with translated headers, and NeoFinder will now recognise more of those
  • Improved cataloging of certain MP3 tags edited by
  • Inserting copied Geotags into Found Items now works properly
  • Improved the Cumulus CRE Importer for certain cases
  • Improved the cataloging of certain Adobe Illustrator files that were pure EPS with no PDF data
  • Improved cataloging of TIFF and JPG files with a very very large color profile
  • Fixes a problem when finding certain umlauts, like ß
  • Fixes a problem with "Find by path", where certain folders sometimes weren't found
  • Fixes some memory leaks in the separate ThumbnailHelper process when cataloging files with certain Adobe XMP data
  • Fixes a possible hang when trying to Update the catalog of a network volume in Mac OS X 10.10 and Mac OS X 10.11
  • Fixes a problem when reading file comments during cataloging

NeoFinder requires 64 bit Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer! If you use an older Mac OS X, we still have older NeoFinder and CDFinder versions for you.