NeoFinder 8.1.2

NeoFinder 8.1.2

Today, we give you another update for the NeoFinder 8.x family, named NeoFinder 8.1.2!

NeoFinder 8.1.2 catalogs Astronomy AVM Metadata – "Google Drive" support – More bug fixes

Some of the new and amazing features include:

  • Catalog "AVM" metadata in XMP records, used by Astronomers
  • Catalog and write internal XMP data of HEIC photo files. No more sidecar XMP files needed for HEIC
  • Catalog "Google Drive" volumes in macOS 12
  • Icon View can display Finder Tags, and the Creation and Modification Date of items
  • Auto Updater can run schedules serialized, to prevent network saturation for file servers
  • Renaming a Keyword in the Controlled Vocabulary will create a new hierarchy, if the new keyword name contains the "|" divider character
  • All EXIF date search parameters in the Find Editor and Smart Folders can use date ranges before 1980
  • Improved the TOLIS BRU Importer to handle the newer and different files created by the "ArGest Backup" LTO software
  • Catalog the color model for JPG files and display CMYK format in the Inspector
  • Massively improved performance when changing the NeoFinder label for multiple selected items if the Display Filter was active for labels
  • Double clicking a catalog file in the Finder will show its contents if said catalog file is located inside the NeoFinder database folder
  • Export to XML and text-with-tab contains the video bitrate and audio bitrate
  • Updated the XMP toolkit to use the latest version provided by Adobe
  • Updated the Dropbox.framework to the latest version provided by Dropbox
  • Using the scroll wheel or trackpad in the Light Table will scroll the image in the right direction
  • Improves behaviour for renaming Found Items and the new name is already in use. Now a proper error message is displayed
  • Improves behaviour for text-with-tab Export of Catalogs with metadata fields that may contain multi-line data, such as EXIF comments and more
  • Fixes a bug where Updating a Catalog could remove a custom icon applied to the Catalog by the user. NeoFinder will always keep a custom Catalog icon
  • Fixes a bug where the completions menu for Places in the Inspector could contain empty entries
  • Fixes a bug where renaming keywords in the Controlled Vocabulary wouldn't immediately update the Inspector of the currently shown items
  • Fixes a bug where the regex code for folder names could cause problem for catalogs with damaged archive files
  • Fixes a bug where reading video metadata with ffmpeg could fail for certain MXF files
  • Fixes a bug where renaming an item in Icon View in Dark Mode of macOS 11 and macOS 12 would create visual artefacts
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.11 or newer, Intel or ARM. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site

NeoFinder 8.1.2 is available today.

It is a
free upgrade for all NeoFinder 7.x users with licenses purchased after October 1, 2020!
To receive it, please
send us an email with your old order number.

NeoFinder 8.x is a paid
upgrade for all other NeoFinder 6.x, NeoFinder 7.x, and CDFinder customers