iView Media Pro: Rest in peace!


iView Media Pro: Rest in peace!

The latest owners of the venerable iView Media Pro, PhaseOne, just announced that the digital asset management tool Media Pro is finally officially dead.


With the advent of 64bit only macOS versions, the very old code base of Media Pro could no longer be maintained nor updated. This is in stark contrast to NeoFinder, for example, whose code base has been continuously updated, rewritten, and modernized in the last 22 years, to always be on level with all new macOS updates and feature improvements.

iView Media Pro has a long and colorful history, but the core code base was never rewritten or properly updated, and was ageing rapidly. Previous owners like Microsoft simply added some visual changes to the software, and charged for feature-free updates.

Now that iView is finally really officially dead, it is the perfect time to migrate over to NeoFinder!

If you have a Media Pro license, you can get a
cross-grade to the NeoFinder Private License for only 24 USD!

And yes, NeoFinder can import the iView XML export files.