CDFinder and Green IT

Green IT and the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

Next week, politicians from all over the world
meet together to talk. And talk. And talk. And talk even more.

CDFinder team is sick of talking, and started taking action.

Here is what we did so far:

- We changed our electric utility from a huge, coal burning supplier to a small and completely green one, only using solar, wind, and other efficient, and renewable energies.

- After work, the entire hardware in our office is taken offline and turned off, really turned off with real power switches, no power consumed at all

- The only active electronic device during off hours is the energy efficient phone and communications device, the FritzBox, which handles phone, Fax, Internet, and even has a WiFi port - replacing seven separate power hungry devices with just one efficient device

- Our office has a large solar heater on the roof, providing warm water during eight months of the year, supporting the heating

- We are using a large rainwater tank to flush the toilets, instead of wasting precious drinking water

- The office windows are so large that we only need artificial lights during some hours in winter time, but usually not much

- All paper used for printing or envelopes is recycled paper, of course, though it is surprisingly difficult to find high quality recycled paper here in Germany

- Most of our staff lives near the office, so we can all actually walk to get to work

- The CDFinder web site you are reading right now is hosted by, and they run their entire hardware on green power already, too

While we are already quite proud of our achievements, there are still open issues.

- The heating of the office building still uses a gas burner, which emits carbon dioxide, event though it is already a very efficient device

- Our fluorescent tube lights are emitting a noise that is very unpopular with the staff, but the warmer and quiet other lights we have all use far too much power. We really wish that LED lights would finally be a useful alternative

So, this is our approach to
Green IT. What can you do?