CDFinder turns 15!

'twas 15 years ago today!
CDFInder 1.0 Screen Shot!

On a rather cold evening on December 5, 1995, chief developer Norbert M. Doerner wrote the first lines of code for a brand new Macintosh software called CDFinder.

Little did he know that this new pet project of his would turn out to be a highly successful product that would still be actively developed 15 years later.

For those technically interested, the first CDFinder code module was a progress window that showed the progress bar in color, which had to be manually drawn in 1995, because System 7.1 in that day only had a boring back and white progress bar. Yeah, those were the days.

The first version was released in April 1996, and only in Germany. The first english version was 1.1 released in May 1996.

We will definitely celebrate this amazing feat with a nice glass of Champagne tonight.

Thank you very much to all these 49,000 people who have purchased a CDFinder license in the past 15 years, and who helped us make CDFinder such a cool product!