Announcing NeoFinder 7.5

Announcing NeoFinder 7.5 for macOS 10.15

Due to the very early release of Apples macOS 10.15, and the massive amount of changes needed to support that new macOS version, we have decided to move the NeoFinder 7.5 release forward to early November 2019.

NeoFinder 7.5 is currently in beta testing, and the results look really good.

NeoFinder 7.5, among many other exciting new abilities, will be able to support
custom annotations for photos and videos!

This is a very important milestone for the huge number of iView MediaPro users, who still haven't had a way of keep working with their important custom annotations.

Apart from many other amazing things, NeoFinder 7.5 will be able to:

  • Import custom field data from MediaPro XML Export files
  • Catalog custom fields stored in regular Adobe XMP data, for example written by Media Pro in the “Write Annotations” command
  • Display all that in the Inspector
  • Edit these additional fields, if the original file is currently online (just like the regular XMP editor of NeoFinder)
  • Create NEW custom fields
  • Find the contents of custom fields in the “Any text contains” Find Parameter or QuickFind

With the arrival of Apples macOS 10.15, which no longer supports old 32-bit applications like the discontinued PhaseOne MediaPro, many people have been looking for a modern, 64-Bit alternative, and NeoFinder is here to help them.

More details about these new features:

More details about migrating data from iView to NeoFinder:


iView Media Pro: Rest in peace!


iView Media Pro: Rest in peace!

The latest owners of the venerable iView Media Pro, PhaseOne, just announced that the digital asset management tool Media Pro is finally officially dead.

With the advent of 64bit only macOS versions, the very old code base of Media Pro could no longer be maintained nor updated. This is in stark contrast to NeoFinder, for example, whose code base has been continuously updated, rewritten, and modernized in the last 22 years, to always be on level with all new macOS updates and feature improvements.

iView Media Pro has a long and colorful history, but the core code base was never rewritten or properly updated, and was ageing rapidly. Previous owners like Microsoft simply added some visual changes to the software, and charged for feature-free updates.

Now that iView is finally really officially dead, it is the perfect time to migrate over to NeoFinder!

If you have a Media Pro license, you can get a
cross-grade to the NeoFinder Private License for only 24 USD!

And yes, NeoFinder can import the iView XML export files.

NeoFinder and Datainer - Store your media!

NeoFinder and Datainer
Securely store your media

We are absolutely thrilled to announce a new partnership between NeoFinder and Datainer!

NeoFinder was always about making your data storage life easier.

Now we went just another step, and we can help you with storing your actual physical media, too.

Datainer represents the practical “hardware environment”: this modular, expandable storage system provides safe, secure and easy-access storage for virtually all media formats – and it’s barcode compatible: the barcode labels can be scanned through the translucent front flaps.

NeoFinder can not only catalog the contents of your disks, the new NeoFinder 7.1.3 also prints barcodes to stickers that you can attach to your disks.

The icing on the cake for users of the latest version (iOS 1.9) of NeoFinder for iPhone and iPad is the ability to scan barcodes and instantly display the contents of catalogued media: this saves time locating films, images, documents and other data.

Isn’t this simply amazing?

Find out more about these really cool storage containers today:

Announcing Backblaze B2 cloud cataloging support in NeoFinder

Announcing Backblaze B2 cloud cataloging support in NeoFinder for Mac!

We have been working together with the nice people from Backblaze, to add this unique ability to catalog Backblaze B2 buckets in NeoFinder without the need of any other software.

“I was pleased by how elegant and simple, yet powerful the Backblaze B2 developers interface (API) is.…The biggest open issue remaining – and a quite happy problem indeed – is to figure out new and exciting ways to leverage that power for cool new features in the future for NeoFinder on both Mac and iOS platforms.” Norbert M. Doerner, developer of NeoFinder

Directly log into your B2 with NeoFinder, and catalog any of your buckets there.

This is part of the upcoming NeoFinder 7.0, but we can provide you a developer Preview with this feature already enabled. If you are interested in this, please contact us, as we are still looking for beta testers for this!

More about this incredible new feature in the
NeoFinder Users Guide.

Announcing NeoFinder for iOS

NeoFinder for iPhone or iPad!!

Announcing NeoFinder for iOS!

After more than two years of development effort, we are incredibly proud to announce NeoFinder for iOS!

NeoFinder is the very
first tool of this kind to offer your digital media catalogs "to go" on your iPhone or iPad!

NeoFinder for iPhone or iPad!!

We are about to launch the Beta Test, so if you are a licensed NeoFinder or abeMeda for Windows user, and you wish to take your catalogs with you on your iPhone or iPad, please contact us, we still have a couple of spots open for the Beta Test.

NeoFinder for iOS will:
- Display the catalogs you have loaded into your iPhone or iPad
- Download catalogs from a Dropbox account
- Search catalogs
- Display all Inspector details for a selected item, including embedded GPS, EXIF, IPTC, ID3 data, thumbnails, text previews, music lyrics, cover art, and all the stuff you are used to see in NeoFinder Mac and abeMeda for Windows
- Geosearch for photos and movies on a map

Only NeoFinder for iOS will allow you to search your NeoFinder catalogs on the iPhone or iPad, wherever you are!

NeoFinder for iOS will be officially released after the successful Beta Test and after Apple has approved it for its store. Stay tuned!

NeoFinder certified for Mountain Lion

NeoFinder 6.0.1 runs in Mountain Lion 10.8!

Today, we are proud to report that our certification has shown that NeoFinder 6.0.1 works fine in Apples new operating system, Mac OS X 10.8, nicknamed “Mountain Lion”. Roar!

There is one tiny visual glitch regarding the “Plus” button in the lower left corner of the main window, but that isn’t really a show stopper now, is it?

Everything else works as fine as it did in Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7.

So NeoFinder runs in four major OS releases from Apple!

New NeoFinder Online Users Guide!

A complete rewrite is in the works!

The old CDFinder PDF Users Guide is currently being rewritten for NeoFinder.

In the process, we are switching from the static PDF to a more flexible online, web based form.

New chapters are added every day, and you can even follow this process here:

Enjoy, and send us feedback!

Your NeoFinder Team.

NeoFinder 6.0 is finally here!

32 Months of hard work

179 Exciting New Features

1 New Name

Introducing NeoFinder

After 16 years, we really had to drop the "CD" in the name of CDFinder, even though we really grew fond of it.

But since everything is new in that cool version 6.0, we went for the new name

NeoFinder is fully rewritten in Cocoa, has a beautiful new interface, and a LOT to offer.

Some of the new and amazing features include:

  • New Icon
  • Everything in one window, but you can of course view catalogs, folders, or albums in separate windows for much better workflow as well
  • New Column mode, to complete Icon and List mode
  • Fully integrated Inspector
  • Fully integrated map with GeoFinder
  • New Wikipedia Inspector for items with GPS geotags
  • Super-fast multi-core Find engine
  • Smart Folders
  • New powerful Find Editor has more options
  • Albums, to keep interesting items together
  • Better Browser-like navigation
  • Massively improved Audio-CD cataloging: Reads ISRC, MCN, and CD-TEXT from the disk, uses MusicBrainz for track titles
  • New Importers for Canto Cumulus and MediaDex CRE files, for WhereIsIt for Windows XML files, DiskCatalogMaker Export files, and Tolis BRU Tape Backup report files
  • Importer for iView MediaPro and Expression Media XML files now integrated
  • NeoFinder now catalogs, displays, and searches OpenMeta keywords!
  • AutoUpdater: Update your catalogs with a time schedule (requires business License)
  • Faster cataloging of photos

a LOT more!

We can offer you this amazing
new update for a very low price

NeoFinder is available today! Download the demo or
buy a license or an update now.

CDFinder on Facebook

See Development Happen!
cdfinder logo

Now you can follow the CDFinder development team on
Facebook and Twitter!

Twitter, you will find fresh and up-to-date comments about Apple development and related stuff, even some personal remarks of the chief CDFinder developer, Norbert M. Doerner.

Facebook, find longer, and more in-depth stuff regarding CDFinder and related topics.

Of course, we appreciate your
feedback in both social networks!

CDFinder on Twitter:

CDFinder on Facebook:

CDFinder demo at Macintosh Asheville Computer Society Meeting

Macintosh Asheville Computer Society
We are very pleased to announce that CDFinder will be demoed during the upcoming June meeting of the Macintosh Asheville Computer Society M.A.C.S. So if you are nearby, make sure to attend this meeting!!

Additionally, the wonderful people at M.A.C.S. have updated their previous review of CDFinder to cover the latest version 5.6. Read the entire review. CDFinder gets the full 5-Clicks rating: "CDFinder is a well-written, self-contained program which does its job very well." The entire CDFinder team is really proud to hear that, and we appreciate this very much!!!

MacTech Geotagging article

MacTech Magazine January 2009 Title image
The current issue January 2009 of the popular MacTech magazine contains a large article about GPS, geotagging, and the Macintosh.

Written by CDFinder developer Norbert M. Doerner, the article covers the addition of GPS data to digital photos, all the software and hardware needed, and how that additional information can be used by CDFinder to finally organize your ever increasing photo collection.

If you are further interested in this topic, the CDFinder web site already contains additional useful information (

CDFinder in Arizona

Norbert M. Doerner showed CDFinder features to Mac User Groups in Arizona

TMUG logo
On Wednesday, November 19, 2008, CDFinder chief developer Norbert M. Doerner has presented the current version of CDFinder, as well as an exclusive preview of CDFinder 5.5 to the members and visitors of the Tucson Macintosh User Group (TMUG) in Tucson, Arizona.

The next day, November 20, 2008, Doerner also gave a speech to the Arizona Macintosh User Group (AMUG) in Phoenix, Arizona.

It has been a great pleasure to hold these presentations! Both sessions were received very warmly by the audience, and a lot of interesting questions came up and were answered swiftly.

(If you are also running a Macintosh User Group, we can arrange a presentation at your group as well, or provide licenses for your raffles. Please contact us.)

Inside Mac Radio Interview!

The highly regarded popular internet radio station Inside Mac Radio has just released an interview with CDFinder chief developer Norbert M. Doerner.

Inside Mac Radio host Scott Sheppard talks with Doerner about the cool GeoFinder feature in CDFinder, which allows photographers to use GPS coordinates embedded in photos to quickly search for images taken at a specific point. The interview goes on about how CDFinder can help anyone to keep their precious data structured and organized, and how the popular cataloger tool can quickly find any data on any disk you have.

Here is the full interview as free podcast in the iTunes store.

The entire CDFinder team is very proud about this exciting interview!