NeoFinder iOS 2.2 released

NeoFinder iOS 2.2 released

We are very happy to announce that we have release a new version of NeoFinder iOS for you!

This version offers the new data fields in the Inspector that can be cataloged by NeoFinder Mac 7.8, and abeMeda 7.4 for Windows, and more.

New features in NeoFinder iOS 2.2

  • Inspector shows audio tracks of video files
  • Inspector shows subtitle info of video files
  • Inspector shows video bitrate
  • Inspector shows video aspect ratio
  • Inspector shows IPTC Transmission (or XMP JobID) field
  • Lists can now be sorted by media duration (for songs and videos)
  • Improved display for hierarchical keywords that won't fit in a single line
  • Many smaller fixes and improvements
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or newer

Find out more on the NeoFinder iOS web site:
and on Facebook:

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AutoTag Plugins updated!

new plugins

AutoTag Plugins updated

We have updated all three AutoTags plugins that you can use with NeoFinder to automatically find images based on their visual contact.

All of these now contain Apple M1 ARM code, and are "notarized" for macOS 10.15 and macOS 11.

The new version of the MobileNet plugin no longer returns the tag ID string as part of the AutoTags, making it even easier to use that for tagging.

If you have already used these plugins in NeoFinder, we very much recommend to update them to the new versions.

Download the new versions from here:

Read more about
AutoTags in NeoFinder here:

NeoFinder 7.8.1 released

NeoFinder 7.8.1

NeoFinder 7.8.1 released

NeoFinder 7.8.1 can catalog storageDNA LTO reports, catalog ARRI and FITS thumbnails, and contains numerous important improvements.

And a lot more.

We highly recommend updating to this new version!

New features and enhancements:

  • Import storageDNA CSV report files as NeoFinder catalogs
  • Catalog ARRI .ari RAW file thumbnails
  • Catalog thumbnails of .fits astronomical files
  • Web Gallery templates can contain many additional fields, like the path and custom annotations
  • Massively improved handling of iView and PhaseOne MediaPro "CatalogSets" when cataloging data
  • Improved selection menu for Keywords and Persons, accept single choices with just the Return key
  • File Sequence detection recognises ARRI .ari RAW file names
  • XMP Editor adds new places to the Places list from editing them in the Inspector
  • Label menus for custom annotation fields allow you to search for empty or non-empty field values
  • Dragging multiple large catalog files into NeoFinder to copy them to its LIBRARY shows a progress window and the copy process runs in the background
  • Improves Cataloging your Dropbox if you are using private or locked folders
  • Sorting of file names uses the exact same sort order as Apples Finder
  • Sorting the JobID considers numerical values
  • Controlled Vocabulary prevents duplicate keywords
  • Export of Found Items adds the full path of each item
  • Improved Updating speed when cataloging a lot of custom folder icons
  • Cataloging TAR file paths in the newer "LongLink" format
  • Light Table shows very small files in a much bigger default magnification
  • Massively improves geotagging of video files larger than 1.5 GB
  • Contextual menu for a Catalog in an Album contains the "Remove from Album" option
  • Inspector shows the path of a cataloged folder correctly
  • Fixes some problems when copying and pasting XMP keyword lists between files and the XMP presets
  • Fixes a problem reading the asset creation date in certain video files
  • Fixes a problem finding the content of custom annotations in the Find Engine
  • Fixes a problem reverting the sort order of custom annotation fields
  • Fixes a problem deleting GPS geotags in video files larger than 1.5 GB
  • Improved behaviour when ejecting disk images during cataloging
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.10 or newer, Intel-CPU or Apple M1 ARM. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site

NeoFinder 7.8.1 is available today. It is a free update for all NeoFinder 7.x users

NeoFinder 7.x is a paid
upgrade for NeoFinder 6.x and CDFinder customers

NeoFinder 7.8 released

NeoFinder 7.8

NeoFinder 7.8 released

After many years of hiatus, we have brought MP3-Info back! NeoFinder had always displayed and searched ID3 tags of songs, but now you can now use NeoFinder to rename songs based on these ID3 tags. And search for artists and songs on Bandcamp.

And a lot more!

New features and enhancements:

  • MP3-Info is back! You can rename audio files based on their ID3 tags. Also the Multi Renamer can use the ID3 tags in any way you may need!
  • AutoTags Inspector has an improved user interface that allows you to assign keywords with a single click
  • Support for Nikon Z7 II NEF RAW photos
  • Catalog thumbnails of Painter .RIF and .RIFF files, if the Painter software is installed
  • Add GPS GeoTags to MP4 video files
  • Inspector Label Menu command to set the file creation date from the EXIF capture date, or XMP date
  • Contextual menu to set the file creation date of multiple selected files from the EXIF capture date, or XMP date
  • Inspector Label Menu command to search for ID3 Artist, Album, Song title, or Genre on
  • Inspector Label Menu command to search for a video file name on IMDb,, or TheMovieDB
  • Inspector shows the Aspect Ratio for video files
  • Sort Menu can sort by XMP date, ID3 Title, Album, Artist, and Genre
  • Catalog thumbnails of WEBP files
  • Massively improved Album code helps with files stored on certain file servers that keep no file creation date
  • Editing XMP metadata will preserve the file creation date and Finder Tags for the file
  • Catalogs the paths of placed images and fonts (resources) in Adobe InDesign documents
  • Extensis Portfolio Importer improves imports of older versions, utf8 export formats, multiple keywords, and more languages
  • Albums update their display count when catalogs are deleted, and thus items removed from Albums
  • Cataloging of Backblaze B2 buckets works with "secondary" API keys
  • Improves cataloging of Canon CR3 files in certain older macOS versions
  • Catalogs the text content of .applescript text files
  • Broken Cross Windows XML Importer reads more catalog metadata fields and volume kinds
  • XMP code in NeoFinder supports non-standard ".XMP" uppercase name suffix files which are created by Apple
  • Exporting many files first sorts the item list by catalog, to reduce the need for disk swaps
  • Inspector shows the saved DPI value for JPG and some other image types
  • ePub cataloging is more robust and supports files generated by Adobe InDesign
  • Hidden preference to omit copying sidecar XMP files into the Finder
  • Speed improvements when building the context menu for a large number of selected items
  • Speed improvements browsing through items stored on remote volumes
  • Improves handling of very large Adobe Photoshop PSB files
  • Improves handling of cataloging XMP color labels from sidecar XMP files of certain RAW file formats
  • Improves handling of special custom annotations field names
  • Changing the Rating for more than 50 items shows a progress window
  • Improves Gallery View when using the Go To Next or Previous item
  • Find Editor shows the little extra menu for XMP keywords and persons, so you can search for empty or not-empty fields easier
  • Works around a bug of macOS 11, where very dark or very light color labels didn't properly select the proper text color for better readability
  • Improves handling of certain malformed ADC and Broken Cross Windows XML import files and shows error messages in these cases
  • Renaming items in Albums works better
  • Improved cataloging of certain ID3v2.4 tags in MP3 files
  • Improved drawing of color labels for selected Albums in macOS 11
  • Sorting List View by Duration sorts by numerical value, not the display string
  • Fixes a problem copying and pasting certain XMP keywords and person lists
  • Improves QuickUpdate for volumes that don't store file creation dates, such as some SMB servers
  • Fixes a problem in the XML export for video channel infos and video subtitle information fields
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.10 or newer, Intel or ARM. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site