NeoFinder 7.5 released

NeoFinder 7.5

NeoFinder 7.5 available today!

We are happy to present you the new NeoFinder 7.5 today!

This new version contains many fixes needed for macOS 10.15, but also a lot of very exciting new features.

Many users were looking for custom annotation fields, and we have added them to photos and videos for you! You can define them, fill their values, and even import this data from PhaseOne MediaPro and other XMP compliant applications.

The search for Faces and better navigation will help you to add metadata to photos and videos much faster, while the new AutoUpdater options help you keep your NeoFinder catalogs always updated.

New features and enhancements:
• Catalog, display, edit, create and export custom metadata or annotation fields for photos and videos
• The iView Importer can read these custom annotations as well
Find Faces will find all thumbnails in a catalog containing a face, and display a green rectangle in the Inspector as well (can be turned off in the Inspector Settings)
AutoUpdater has been massively expanded. It can run schedules on specific weekdays, or when a volume is mounted, or when NeoFinder is launched
NeoFinder 7.5 is certified to run in macOS 10.15. We still very highly recommend to wait with the update to macOS 10.15 at least until 10.15.5 is released next year
• NeoFinder is "notarized", which Apple promises is supposed increase the security. Or so
• Icon View can display up to 3 lines of metadata or annotations, and you can chose what you want to see
• Photo Contact Sheet also uses up to 3 freely selectable metadata lines
• NeoFinder can use Aliases in the Database Folder pointing to other folders (Business License only)
• Edit EXIF dates in photos, to adjust time offsets, and more
• Play a selected video in Gallery View by pressing the Space key, directly inside the NeoFinder window!
• Navigate to the next or previous item in the Inspector with a menu or keyboard command for much faster metadata editing
• Inspector: Select which sections should be displayed
• Sort the Icon View by Duration
• The Display Filter remembers your settings for the first menu. Keep that in mind if you wonder why NeoFinder may not show all expected items...
• Find Editor can search for file kind "Email"
• Find Editor can search for "codec is NOT"
• "Export Photos as..." is a separate menu command in the Item menu, with Shift-Command-E as a hotkey
• Photo Export can apply XMP Metadata Presets to the exported file
• Copy->Path will copy the full macOS style path of a file if it is online
• Catalog the text content of ".md" (markdown) files
• Visual adjustments in the main window. The slider is now at the right edge underneath the content, and the text with the number of items always in the center as well
• NeoFinder can catalog the boot volume in macOS 10.15 properly
• Photo Export handles rotated photos better
• Cataloging: Phase One EIP files is much faster, and supports all file variations
• Export Photos can export to PDF and HEIC format
• Added more items to the Info.plist to describe the use of the new Folder Cages introduced by Apple in 10.15
• Copy and Paste of a GPS Geotag will use the view direction, too
• Compiled using the "hardened runtime", which should make things safer, Apple claims
• Improved cataloging of certain Person metadata inside of NEF files
• Improved behaviour changing the ratings or labels when multiple items were selected for QuickLook
• New progress window when pasting metadata into more than 10 items
• Massive speed improvements when Updating catalogs with items whose thumbnails were generated by QuickLook
• Improved Spotlight search for Paths
• Improved behaviour when searching for video codecs in the Find Editor
• Improved handling of selecting multiple items in the Icon View
• Fixes a problem with the incorrect menu commands for Person tokens in the Inspector for offline items
• Many small fixes and improvements

Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer!

Announcing NeoFinder 7.5

Announcing NeoFinder 7.5 for macOS 10.15

Due to the very early release of Apples macOS 10.15, and the massive amount of changes needed to support that new macOS version, we have decided to move the NeoFinder 7.5 release forward to early November 2019.

NeoFinder 7.5 is currently in beta testing, and the results look really good.

NeoFinder 7.5, among many other exciting new abilities, will be able to support
custom annotations for photos and videos!

This is a very important milestone for the huge number of iView MediaPro users, who still haven't had a way of keep working with their important custom annotations.

Apart from many other amazing things, NeoFinder 7.5 will be able to:

  • Import custom field data from MediaPro XML Export files
  • Catalog custom fields stored in regular Adobe XMP data, for example written by Media Pro in the “Write Annotations” command
  • Display all that in the Inspector
  • Edit these additional fields, if the original file is currently online (just like the regular XMP editor of NeoFinder)
  • Create NEW custom fields
  • Find the contents of custom fields in the “Any text contains” Find Parameter or QuickFind

With the arrival of Apples macOS 10.15, which no longer supports old 32-bit applications like the discontinued PhaseOne MediaPro, many people have been looking for a modern, 64-Bit alternative, and NeoFinder is here to help them.

More details about these new features:

More details about migrating data from iView to NeoFinder:


NeoFinder 7.4.1 released


NeoFinder 7.4.1 released!

This version contains important bug fixes, and some exciting new features, such as the new columns and Find options, and even more new file formats supported for cataloging!

New features and enhancements:

  • NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails of Canon compressed RAW ".cr3" files
  • NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails SVG files
  • NeoFinder now has nine new columns in List View: Camera Maker, Lens Name, IPTC Persons, ISRC, XMP Caption Writer, XMP Byline, Audio Channels, Audio Sample rate, and Audio Bitrate
  • NeoFinder can now catalog Clip Studio ".clip" files
  • NeoFinder can now catalog RAW files of Sigma .X3F format
  • Preliminary support to catalog thumbnails of Phase One Capture One ".eip" RAW files
  • You can now search for EXIF camera name, lens name, and maker name in the Find Editor and of course using the Label menu in the Inspector
  • You can now also search for "has no XMP" and "has ISRC" in the Find Editor
  • The improved Multi-Editor is now also available for Finder Tags and XMP People fields
  • More Label menus in the Inspector for ISRC, FileCheck, EXIF values, XMP Keywords
  • NeoFinder now catalogs the iTunes Producer description files "metadata.xml"
  • NeoFinder now catalogs EXIF data contained in XMP records, in case the original file has none, or these cannot be processed
  • Improved Export as Text and XML by having separate Height, Width, and Duration fields for Media-Info. That is helpful for Stock Photographers
  • NeoFinder will now remember the sort order along with the sort type in the Sort menu for Icon View and others
  • You can now prevent NeoFinder from sorting keywords alphabetically when displaying and saving them
  • The contextual menu for one catalog is much better organised now
  • Catalogs now save the date and time they were last Updated (not just modified!)
  • Can now properly sort the List View by Path
  • The "NoChangePlease" hidden settings is now honoured by the Wikipedia Inspector and the Map
  • Fixes a problem with some Find Editor settings
  • Fixes a problem with incorrect badge number displays for Album Groups in macOS 10.14
  • Fixes a problem with Album and Smart Folders names containing a "." in their name
  • Fixes a problem reading certain audio files larger than 4 GB
  • Fixes a problem cataloging certain JPG files created by a scanner (containing empty ISO arrays in their EXIF section)
  • Fixes more visual problems in macOS 10.14
  • Fixes a problem writing Finder Comments when leaving the text field in the Inspector with the Tab key
  • Fixes a memory problem when cataloging very large numbers of compressed Fuji RAW files (.RAF)
  • Fixes a problem with the CDFinder 2.x Importer
  • Many small fixes and improvements
  • NeoFinder 7.4.1 requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer

NeoFinder Coffee Talks USA in June

Coffee Talks

NeoFinder Coffee Talks

Since the initial release of CDFinder 1.0 in 1996, a lot of the really cool stuff in this wonderful software only came to life because someone dared to ask "wouldn't it be nice if NeoFinder could do…"
Feedback was always incredibly important for the development of CDFinder and NeoFinder, and we want to bring that to the next level.

In the NeoFinder Coffee Talk, we will tell you what we are planning for NeoFinder in the future, and what we are working on. You can tell us how you use NeoFinder, what questions you have, and what feedback and suggestions. All while we drink a nice cup of coffee.

And what is best? The NeoFinder Coffee Talks are free. Except for the coffee :-)

But you will gain important insights in our plans and ideas for the future, and helpful tips for your daily operation with NeoFinder.

In June 2019, there are a few open NeoFinder Coffee Talk spots still available in the following cities in the USA:

June 6, 2019 Washington DC
June 7, 2019 Washington DC
June 11, 2019 Dayton, OH
June 13, 2019 Iowa City, IA
June 14, 2019 Lincoln, NE
June 15, 2019 Cheyenne, WY
June 19, 2019 Salt Lake City, UT
June 20, 2019 Salt Lake City, UT

If you work in that region, and would like to offer me a nice cup of coffee and talk about NeoFinder, please
contact us!

NeoFinder 7.4 out now!

NeoFinder 7.4 Meme

NeoFinder 7.4

We are happy to announce NeoFinder 7.4, the 90. update since CDFinder 1.0 was released in 1996!

The new version adds more than 50 new features and enhancements, many will help iView MediaPro and Aperture users to work better with NeoFinder.

After the demise of iView MediaPro, many users have started using NeoFinder, and things like the iView compatible web gallery templates, or the people metadata cataloging and editing have been added to NeoFinder due to feedback from these people.

NeoFinder can use new scene detection engines to automatically find Tags in thumbnails! That will make it a lot easier to handle large amounts of images, and discover surprising photo motives hidden deeply in the folders of the data.

Video professionals will be delighted by the codec search, additional supported formats and metadata, and the ability to "fold" single frame sequences, which massively increases cataloging speed for these cases.

New features and enhancements:

  • Catalogs “People" fields in Adobe XMP and IPTC data (and data written by Picasa and Mylio)
  • Search for People metadata, and add them to photos and movies in the XMP Editor
  • Web Gallery now uses beautiful HTML templates, and you can even design your own! Or use your existing iView Media Pro gallery templates (with some small changes)
  • AutoTags: Use ML scene detector engines to automatically detect scenes and items in thumbnails. NeoFinder currently offers two different engines, more to come. This requires macOS 10.13 or newer
  • AutoTags: Search a catalog for thumbnails with a particular automatically detected Tag
  • AutoTags Inspector shows the detected Tags, and allows you to place them in the file directly
  • NeoFinder reads iView MediaPro CatalogSets from XMP records and builds albums and album folders for these automatically during cataloging
  • Massively improved handing of XMP keywords for multiple selected files. NeoFinder now displays all keywords in these files, and allows you to add, remove, or edit them, and to place an existing keyword in all selected items
  • Refresh thumbnails from photos or videos when updating a catalog, if you need larger or smaller thumbnails
  • Delete a keyword from all items in the catalog and even from all files as well
  • Detect and "fold" image sequences during cataloging. That is great for video producers with thousands of single frame files to catalog
  • Search for video codecs in the Find Editor. That is helpful to quickly find files encoded with deprecated codecs
  • The new command "Edit keywords" in the Metadata main menu with the keyboard shortcut Cmd-T places the text cursor in the XMP keywords field of the XMP editor for the selected items
  • Rename keywords both in the Controlled Vocabulary, as well as in all items in the database
  • A new command in the Metadata menu allows you to write all XMP metadata back to a file. That is useful if you have imported metadata and want to make sure it is actually written into the file, where it belongs
  • Catalog metadata and audio thumbnails of ".CAF" Apple CoreAudio Files
  • Catalog the number of audio channels for audio files, including 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 formats
  • Catalog thumbnails and metadata of compressed Fuji RAW files (RAF file format). Even Apple still cannot do this, but NeoFinder is now able to accomplish that for you!
  • Catalogs .JPX, .J2C, and .JPF JPEG 2000 photo files
  • Catalog stereoscopic files in the JPS format with thumbnails and metadata
  • Edit->Copy now copies the names of all selected items to the clipboard
  • File->Open now works like a double click on the selected items
  • "Find all media items in a folder" options are now also available in the View menu
  • Search for empty, and non empty XMP text fields in the Inspector with a new menu when you click on the label of a field
  • The Find Editor can now also find empty and not empty XMP fields
  • NeoFinder now displays the number of items in Album Groups (the sum of all files in all contained albums)
  • The Display Filter can now filter by "Ratings larger than"
  • The QuickLook window will now be opened fullscreen if you hold the Alt key
  • Improved handling of .dv video files
  • Improved handling of cataloging BMP files
  • Improved scrolling in the Gallery View
  • NeoFinder now catalogs metadata and thumbnails for Phantom Cine video files
  • NeoFinder now catalogs the Creation Date of video content (not the file!), if it is embedded in the data stream
  • The Photo Contact Sheet items can now be sorted by EXIF date, too
  • NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails and metadata of Kodak .KDC RAW files
  • New AppleScript cataloging option to quit NeoFinder after the cataloging has completed
  • You can now drop a folder or whole volume on the icon of NeoFinder in the Dock to catalog it
  • The suggested keywords while typing XMP Editor and Find Editor are much better now
  • The Help buttons are located for the German translation, too
  • After deleting items from a catalog, NeoFinder no longer displays the first item in the current folder
  • The Find Editor can now search for Disk Images
  • Smart Folders and Groups can now have "/" in their names
  • Find all media items in a folder is much faster now
  • More improvements in dark mode of macOS 10.14
  • Improved handling of cataloging BMP files
  • Improved cataloging of BWF and WAV files in their newer extended format
  • Editing GPS Geotags in a file now properly updates the creation and modification date of that file in the NeoFinder catalog
  • Many small fixes and improvements
  • NeoFinder 7.4 now requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer!

Neofinder 7.3.3 released

733 - simply better

We are happy to announce the new NeoFinder 7.3.3!

NeoFinder 7.3.3 contains a lot of small fixes and improvements, but also some very interesting new features as well. NeoFinder now supports the Internet Access Policy of the powerful Little Snitch security tool. It also works better with song files purchased in Apples iTunes store, and works around a couple of newly discovered bugs in Apples macOS 10.14.

New features and enhancements:

  • NeoFinder now supports Little Snitch network security, so that every outgoing network connection is described for its purpose
  • NeoFinder can now read the ratings written to the IPTC section of photos by Photo Mechanic and some iOS tools like ViewEXIF
  • NeoFinder can now catalog the newer ID3 tags that the Apple iTunes store uses for .m4p files
  • Fixes a problem of macOS 10.14 failing to generate thumbnails for certain PSD files. Until Apple fixes this bug, NeoFinder now uses a different way to get these thumbnails for you
  • Improved handling of certain umlauts when finding files by name
  • Adding and removing Keywords for multiple selected PDF and InDesign files now works properly
  • When you switch to Gallery View, NeoFinder will now activate the navigation bar at the bottom, so you can immediately use the arrow keys to navigate through your images
  • Fixes a problem cataloging WAV files with certain ID3 tags
  • Fixes a problem cataloging folders named "Volumes" on the top level of volumes
  • Fixed several problems in Mac OS X 10.7.x
  • Fixes a drawing problem of the Fill Bar in Mac OS X 10.7 and Mac OS X 10.8
  • Fixes a Icon View redraw problem in macOS 10.14 on certain displays
  • Fixes a translation problem in macOS 10.14
  • Writing Finder comments for files that contain a " in their path now works properly
  • Fixes a problem when certain volumes weren't properly recognized
  • Fixed a problem finding more than 40000 media files with the Find context menu
  • Fixes a problem cataloging AAC song files created by Rogue Amoeba Fission
  • Please note: This will be the last NeoFinder version to support Mac OS X 10.7. If you still use that old Mac OS X, please check this NeoFinder version very carefully, and if anything doesn't work for you, please let us know immediately!
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later