NeoFinder iOS 1.3 available now

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NeoFinder iOS 1.3 is available today!

Apple has finally approved the new version 1.3 of NeoFinder for iOS, so you can update now, or get a license for your iPhone or iPad.

New features in NeoFinder iOS 1.3:
- NeoFinder iOS can now look inside folders and sub-folders of your Dropbox
- Massively expanded and improved Find Editor with many new options. You can now select which fields you wish to search, and what type of files or folder you need to find. Also, you can limit the results to items with a thumbnail
- Delete your catalogs using a simple "swipe left" gesture, just like you delete items in Mail and other apps
- Navigate in the Inspector for the previous or next element in the list by swiping left or right
- The Inspector now shows the EXIF and especially IPTC (Adobe XMP) data for any item that actually contains them, not just for photos
- Improved visual display on iPads with iOS 9
- The links in the About text can now actually be clicked, and will open in Safari, as expected
- Many minor improvements and fixes

Find out more on the NeoFinder iOS web site:
and on Facebook:

NeoFinder iOS is available today in the Apple App Store!

NeoFinder is an amazing cataloger tool, not just for photography

“NeoFinder is an amazing cataloger tool, not just for photography”
A brand new episode of the popular photo blog Q and A Photo by Paul Atkins talks about DAM (Digital Asset Management), and how the amazing NeoFinder can help you with this.

“...Incredibly powerful...”

If you are a photographer, and you are interested in how to safely store and organize your precious digital photos, this show will give you some really great ideas!

The part about DAM starts around 20 minutes into the show, and they talk about NeoFinder starting at around 34 minutes.

Check out the entire fascinating audio show

NeoFinder 6.8 released

NeoFinder 6.8 for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan available today!

Just in time for the release of Apples new operating system El Capitan (Mac OS X 10.11), we can offer you a new version of NeoFinder that will work fine in that new system, and contains a lot of cool new features, too!

Features and Improvements of NeoFinder 6.8:

  • NeoFinder 6.8 is certified to run in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan!
  • Add or change keywords (Finder Tags) for all files and folders! NeoFinder will not only store these keywords/tags in its catalog, but also attaches them to your original files and folders, just like Apples Finder does
  • Find performance is now faster in Yosemite and El Capitan (that is a serious bug from Apple, and we worked around it)
  • New Find Editor parameter: “Has no Tag”
  • Cataloging XMP data will now give precedence to XMP over possible IPTC tags in a file
  • NeoFinder now recognizes ExFAT volume types
  • Fixes several memory problems during cataloging
  • Fixes a problem in the “Any Text doesn’t contain” Find Editor parameter
  • Fixes a problem with the regex Find parameter
  • Fixes a possible problem when cataloging certain malformed MOV video files. NeoFinder will no longer seem to “hang” in that case
  • Fixes a problem in the “Find All Files in this Folder” context menu command
  • Fixes a problem when cataloging the textual content of certain PDF files
  • Fixes a problem when finding in a very large, very busy database folder in a network setup

NeoFinder requires 64 bit Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer! If you use an older Mac OS X, we still have older NeoFinder and CDFinder versions for you.

NeoFinder iOS 1.2 available today

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NeoFinder iOS 1.2 available today!

And it is getting better again! We have added a number of highly useful abilities to the brand new NeoFinder iOS 1.2 today.

Apple has already approved the new version, so you can update now, or use this to get a license for your iPhone as well.

New features in NeoFinder iOS 1.2:

- NeoFinder iOS can now update catalogs from the Dropbox
- This version has new icons
- Delete any catalog by swiping it to the left in the catalogs list
- The Inspector now has an Up and Down arrow, allowing you to navigate through your items, just like Apples Mail app
- The search for photos and movies on a map is now called GeoFinder again, and also available from the map in the Inspector
- Several minor improvements and fixes

Find out more on the NeoFinder iOS web site:
and on Facebook:

NeoFinder iOS available today in the Apple App Store!

NeoFinder: The Holy Grail of media asset management

“[NeoFinder is] the Holy Grail of media asset management”
Yes, that is the amazing praise that David Gerwitz finds for NeoFinder!

And there is more!

“..I needed something that actually worked, and NeoFinder knocks it out of the park for under fifty bucks."

“...I set about importing my files into NeoFinder. Some time later (without crashing) it had them all imported into its databases. A search (NeoFinder is also integrated with the Mac's Spotlight) takes seconds...
Oh, as for file limits: 4,000,000,000 catalogs. That's not files. That's the number of catalogs of files NeoFinder can handle. I think we're good for a while, don't you?”

“...Although now it's called NeoFinder [it] handles all sorts of media. When I say "all sorts of media," I mean it. I can't go into all the formats this thing handles, but it goes way beyond my needs to a wide variety of music formats, video formats, movie formats, document formats, and more.”

Read the entire article:

NeoFinder iOS 1.1 available today

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NeoFinder iOS 1.1 available today!

With all the amazing feedback we have received for the initial version, we are very happy today to give you the improved and enhanced version 1.1 of NeoFinder for iOS!

New features in NeoFinder iOS 1.1:

- NeoFinder iOS now runs in 64 bit on suitable iOS devices
- The Find Popup is now much more elegant, and can be accessed from most places in NeoFinder iOS. It allows you to tell NeoFinder which types of files you wish to Find, and opens the GeoFinder (search for photos and movies on a map) as well
- You can now Find similar files from inside the Inspector, like all songs of an Album, or files created at the same day, or files of the same size. Just select the attribute in the Inspector, and use the new Find menu!
- You can now Copy text from any field in the Inspector by tapping on the data
- Open any NeoFinder or abeMeda catalog file (suffix ".neofinder" and ".cdw") directly from, or GoodReader, or Dropbox, or other apps who offer an "Open with" command for files
- Improved the Dropbox connection! It has a nicer user interface, a better progress, and you can logout of your Dropbox account, if you wish to do so.
- The Inspector now displays the Tags, FileCheck, and the ID3 comment
- The Progress during a Find is visually improved
- The Info area now has links to the NeoFinder Facebook page, and Support page
- Further improvements:
- The ID3 Lyrics are no longer truncated at the top of the display
- The About view no longer crashes in certain localised versions
- The version of the NeoFinder iOS app is now being shown during startup
- The place search field of the GeoFinder is no longer truncated in iOS 7 and iOS 8
- Increases stability and performance

Find out more on the NeoFinder iOS web site:
and on Facebook:

NeoFinder iOS in the Apple App Store

NeoFinder 6.7.1 released

NeoFinder 6.7.1 for Mac released!

This is a fix for a memory leak that we have found in the DPX code after the release of NeoFinder 6.7. It also contains one new feature as well.

What is new in NeoFinder 6.7.1:

  • Catalogs previews of ".psb" (Photoshop, Large Document Format) files
  • Fixes a memory leak when cataloging large amounts of DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) video still images

NeoFinder 6.7 released

NeoFinder 6.7 for Mac released!

We are proud to present you a brand new version of NeoFinder for Mac! We have improved cataloging, and handling of your catalogs quite a bit.

Here is a short list of what is new in NeoFinder 6.7:

  • Can now catalog the contents Open Office text files ('.odt' and '.ott')
  • NeoFinder can now catalog DPX images and read their SMTPE timecode
  • Added support to catalog PhaseOne RAW images ('.iiq')
  • Added support to catalog Leica RAW images ('.rwl')
  • NeoFinder can now catalog the structure of CBR and CBZ (Comic Book Archives) files
  • You can now edit the comment for multiple items in catalogs at once in the Inspector
  • Several additional columns can now be edited directly in the List View
  • You can now catalog the Adobe XMP data in PNG images
  • Several Importers can ignore invisible files during the Import
  • You can now sort the Icon View by Modification Date and by Path
  • The DatabaseSettings.xml now has a new section to completely ignore certain files during cataloging, for example XMP sidecar files
  • IPTC keywords and Tags are now displayed sorted in the Inspector
  • You can now edit the item names in Column View
  • Pasting catalog icons now works in Mac OS X Yosemite on Retina iMacs
  • You can now double click Spotlight results to open them in the Finder
  • Reading Microsoft Word '.doc' and '.docx' file contents can no longer crash during cataloging

And a lot more!