CDFinder and Green IT

Green IT and the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

Next week, politicians from all over the world meet together to talk. And talk. And talk. And talk even more.

CDFinder team is sick of talking, and started taking action.

Here is what we did so far:

- We switched our electric utility from a huge, coal burning supplier to a small and completely green one, only using solar, wind, and other efficient, and renewable energies.

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CDFinder demo at Macintosh Asheville Computer Society Meeting

Macintosh Asheville Computer Society
We are very pleased to announce that CDFinder will be demoed during the upcoming June meeting of the Macintosh Asheville Computer Society M.A.C.S. So if you are nearby, make sure to attend this meeting!!

Additionally, the wonderful people at M.A.C.S. have updated their previous review of CDFinder to cover the latest version 5.6. Read the entire review. CDFinder gets the full 5-Clicks rating: "CDFinder is a well-written, self-contained program which does its job very well." The entire CDFinder team is really proud to hear that, and we appreciate this very much!!!

CDFinder and Video Archiving

The popular video production blog has just published a long article about archiving large amounts of video data created in any video production.
(NAB Preivew: Cache-A LTO-4 Archive Drive for Video Pros)

They are suggesting to use CDFinder:
"As each tape is filled, we mount it on the desktop of the computer and use a program called CDFinder to create a catalog file of all contents of the tape. This usually only takes a few minutes per tape. Once complete, the tape is in the CDFinder database and can be searched from any computer in the office without the tape being loaded. Once we find what we’re looking for, we load the appropriate tape and retrieve the files. It has turned out to be a great system."

We are very happy about this interesting article that shows how CDFinder can be used in video production, and we are even more thrilled, because generating video thumbnails for CDFinder catalogs is a very cool new upcoming feature, and it seems we have hit a nerve with hat already...