These free video tutorials will help you use NeoFinder, and find all the exciting features in this powerful digital asset management software.

If you have a specific idea or need, just let us know, we appreciate feedback very much!

NeoFinder 7 Tutorials

NeoFinder 7 Introduction (4:29)

This gives you a quick introduction into NeoFinder, and what NeoFinder is all about.

NeoFinder 7 Intro Video

Catalog your Data with NeoFinder (4:48)

Learn how to catalog your data, and what all these Cataloging Preferences actually mean!

Find your files with NeoFinder (6:42)

There are so many ways to locate your precious files with NeoFinder, we almost lost count. Almost.
We are certain that this tutorial will give you ideas about your perfect way to find...
NeoFinder - One tool to find them all!

Geotag photos with NeoFinder (4:21)

Add valuable GPS geotags to your photos with NeoFinder.
There are multiple ways to do that, using the built-in map, Google earth, or other tools.
NeoFinder - The Search is Over!

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Older Tutorials

NeoFinder 6.x Introduction (15:24)

This nice "Mac OS X Screencasts" tutorial from 2012 shows you what NeoFinder 6.x can do for you.