History of all released versions of NeoFinder

As you can see, for more than 26 years, we have been constantly updating and improving NeoFinder and its predecessor CDFinder!


NeoFinder 8.1.2 (8/1/2022)

New features and enhancements:
  • Catalog "AVM" metadata in XMP records, used by Astronomers
  • Catalog and write internal XMP data of HEIC photo files. No more sidecar XMP files needed for HEIC
  • Catalog "Google Drive" volumes in macOS 12
  • Icon View can display Finder Tags, and the Creation and Modification Date of items
  • Auto Updater can run schedules serialized, to prevent network saturation for file servers
  • Renaming a Keyword in the Controlled Vocabulary will create a new hierarchy, if the new keyword name contains the "|" divider character
  • All EXIF date search parameters in the Find Editor and Smart Folders can use date ranges before 1980
  • Improved the TOLIS BRU Importer to handle the newer and different files created by the "ArGest Backup" LTO software
  • Catalog the color model for JPG files and display CMYK format in the Inspector
  • Massively improved performance when changing the NeoFinder label for multiple selected items if the Display Filter was active for labels
  • Double clicking a catalog file in the Finder will show its contents if said catalog file is located inside the NeoFinder database folder
  • Export to XML and text-with-tab contains the video bitrate and audio bitrate
  • Updated the XMP toolkit to use the latest version provided by Adobe
  • Updated the Dropbox.framework to the latest version provided by Dropbox
  • Using the scroll wheel or trackpad in the Light Table will scroll the image in the right direction
  • Improves behaviour for renaming Found Items and the new name is already in use. Now a proper error message is displayed
  • Improves behaviour for text-with-tab Export of Catalogs with metadata fields that may contain multi-line data, such as EXIF comments and more
  • Fixes a bug where Updating a Catalog could remove a custom icon applied to the Catalog by the user. NeoFinder will always keep a custom Catalog icon
  • Fixes a bug where the completions menu for Places in the Inspector could contain empty entries
  • Fixes a bug where renaming keywords in the Controlled Vocabulary wouldn't immediately update the Inspector of the currently shown items
  • Fixes a bug where the regex code for folder names could cause problem for catalogs with damaged archive files
  • Fixes a bug where reading video metadata with ffmpeg could fail for certain MXF files
  • Fixes a bug where renaming an item in Icon View in Dark Mode of macOS 11 and macOS 12 would create visual artefacts
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.11 or newer, Intel or ARM. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site

NeoFinder 8.1.2 is available today.

This is a
free upgrade for all NeoFinder 7.x users with licenses purchased after October 1, 2020!
To receive it, please
send us an email with your old order number.

NeoFinder 8.x is a paid
upgrade for all other NeoFinder 6.x, NeoFinder 7.x, and CDFinder customers

Previous Versions of NeoFinder and CDFinder:

NeoFinder 8.1.1 (April 13, 2022)

New features and enhancements:
  • Catalog thumbnails and metadata of the new Olympus OM-1 camera RAW files (.ORF)
  • Catalog and Edit the new IPTC standard fields for Accessibility image descriptions ("alt text") and extended descriptions
  • Find Editor "Path" parameter can use regex for more complex searches
  • Catalog "Capture Date" including seconds from video files, and some more exotic RAW files
  • EXIF Capture Date also works for dates prior to 1900, for photo archives and museums
  • "Metadata" context menu only contains the active commands
  • Improved cataloging of BlackMagic RAW videos files, uses less memory in NeoFinder
  • Find Editor "EXIF" has a new parameter to find empty EXIF Capture Date values
  • Fixes a bug where the "Back" and "Forward" buttons in the main window didn't always work
  • Fixes a bug where the number of items in Albums and Album Groups wasn't always updated immediately
  • Fixes a bug in the text-with-tab export, where empty contact fields didn't write the required tabs
  • Works around bugs in macOS, where the volume creation date of FAT16, FAT32, and ExFAT volumes was completely wrong
  • Fixes a bug in the More Finder Info Inspector, where the XMP contact data fields were always empty
  • Fixes a bug where adding a Place from XMP data of a file didn't work if the option "Always add new places to this list" was deactivated
  • Fixes a bug where the Multi Renamer always added a period character to renamed folders (that feature was actually intended for files only, but hey...)
  • Fixes a bug where the Find Engine failed to find hierarchical keywords if the "one keyword contains" option was used instead of "one keyword is"
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.11 or newer, Intel or ARM. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site

NeoFinder 8.1 Ultra (March 11, 2022)

New features and enhancements:
  • XMP Presets are now stored in the NeoFinder Database Folder, so they can be shared with abeMeda for Windows and other NeoFinder instances in a network
  • Built-in editor for the Expert Preferences
  • Built-in editor for the DatabaseSettings.xml
  • Catalog EXIF Capture Date including seconds
  • Multi Renamer can use EXIF Capture Date seconds
  • EXIF Date Editor can shift the time by minutes and seconds as well, and set a complete new date and time including seconds
  • Catalog GPS GeoTags and other EXIF data from Nikon Z50 (and other newer Nikon cameras) MOV video files
  • Catalog XMP Track Marker data added by Adobe Prelude and others
  • Display Filter has options to filter items based on Keywords and Person data
  • Find Editor has option to find Photo -> Format is Panorama
  • Add your own file name suffixes to catalog QuickLook thumbnails of files
  • Find Editor can find EXIF Capture Dates for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn (northern hemisphere)
  • Find Editor can find EXIF Capture Dates for a day and month in any year, like Fourth of July, or December 25
  • Light Table handles trackpad gestures like pinch and double tap to zoom, swipe to move, and triple swipe to navigate
  • Light Table can use Command-R to reveal the current item in the Finder
  • Light Table can use "forward delete" to remove the current file from the catalog and from disk
  • Show and Hide the entire LIBRARY section with a menu command
  • Sort LIBRARY by Label
  • Works around a bug in the Apple-NTFS driver of macOS 12, where NeoFinder could not see inside folders
  • Display better file details for astronomy FITS files
  • Hidden option to speed up cataloging of ExFAT volumes
  • Improved Google Earth connection will bring Google Earth in the foreground when using it
  • Works around bugs in other XMP editor applications, where these add duplicates of data
  • Appearances can now automatically use the macOS System Appearance with a special hidden setting
  • Updated the integrated EXIFTool to version 12.40
  • ffmpeg version 5.0 is fully supported
  • Visual touch-ups for all six appearance schemes
  • Improves the display of Audio-CD track data in the Inspector
  • Works around a new Apple bug in macOS 12 with clicking on "SegmentedCell" items
  • Works around a new Apple bug in macOS 12 when MOV files imported from iOS devices were malformed, and the XMP writer code could not write to these files
  • Fixes multiple problems with iView CatalogSets containing a"/" in their name
  • Fixes a problem cataloging iView CatalogSets from video files
  • Fixes a problem with the BlackMagic cataloging in older macOS versions
  • Fixes a problem writing file comments containing the " character
  • Fixes a problem where renaming a Found Item did not change the file name on the disk, even if that option was enabled
  • Fixes a problem with NeoFinder had asked you if you really wished to remove a catalog, but ignored the answer
  • Fixes a problem where the number of items in Albums and Album Groups were not always shown correctly
  • Fixes a problem when deleting items from a catalog, that catalog wasn't immediately saved to disk
  • Fixes a problem reading certain malformed ID3v2.4 tags of song files
  • Fixes a problem in the WhereIsIt XML Importer, where volume sizes were calculated incorrectly in some cases
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.11 or newer, Intel or ARM. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site

NeoFinder 8.0 (November 23, 2021)

New features and enhancements:
  • Fresh user interface with updated icons
  • Added interface colors Space Blue, 25% Grey, 50% Grey, and 75% Grey
  • Change color immediately
  • Code optimized for the new M1 Pro and M1 Max ARM hardware from Apple
  • Fully certified for macOS 12 "Monterey"
  • New Map with satellite images, Point of Interests, and support to display multiple GPS GeoTags
  • Hide and Show the LIBRARY and the entire left window part
  • Folders in catalogs can be shown in LIBRARY for fast navigation
  • Image Analyse of thumbnails to find text (OCR), faces, or AutoTags (requires macOS 10.15 or newer)
  • Place your full contact data in the XMP Dublin Core Contact fields. These values are now cataloged, edited, exported, and can be used in XMP Presets
  • Remembers the 30 last used values for each XMP editor field, and offers them for auto-entering
  • Show or hide separate XMP fields in the expanded Inspector Settings
  • Transfer or copy metadata between fields, in one or even multiple selected files
  • Removed the "Save" button when editing multiple files in the XMP editor. Changed values will now update immediately, no button needed
  • Show and edit all the usual metadata of any file in the Finder with the More File Info! Drag any file into the NeoFinder dock icon for that, or use the Finder context menu command, or the NeoFinder menu command to open that window as well
  • Import Hedge Canister Catalogs of LTO tapes
  • Rearrange items in Albums manually in the Icon View with the new "Unsorted" option in the Sort Menu
  • Catalog BlackMagic .BRAW video files, with thumbnail and metadata!
  • Edit the GPS GeoTag in the Map by just dragging it to a new location
  • Edit the GPS view direction and altitude of one or multiple selected files
  • ColorFinder: Find similar images by using the primary color, or similar colors
  • Find similar images by using AutoTags
  • Rename files and folders in the Finder when you rename them in any of the five view styles. Previously that was only possible in the Inspector
  • Open an audio file the MP3-Editor Mp3tag.app for you, to edit ID3 tags
  • Create a new folder inside a catalog and the volume
  • Report generator gathers all used unique comments of the files inside a folder or catalog
  • List View has a column "Suffix" for file name suffixes
  • Sort menu has a "suffix" option to sort by file name suffix
  • Catalog Sony Alpha A1 RAW files ".arw" with thumbnail and metadata
  • Inspector setting to hide the thumbnail section when in Icon or Gallery View
  • Add the results of a "Get Place name" search to all items within a certain radius around the initial item, optionally in all catalogs
  • Menu command to start editing the Person data in the XMP Editor
  • Menu commands to activate LIBRARY, the content area, and the Inspector
  • "Find place names" now uses Openstreetmap.org for place data
  • Cancel any text edit in the Inspector by using the Escape key. That will revert to the previous value of that field
  • All edit fields in the Inspector can accept text using drag&drop
  • Photo Contact Sheet can use a different background color
  • Icon View can hide the file names, also the Photo Contact Sheet
  • Find Editor offers "EXIF ISO is higher than" and "EXIF ISO is lower than" options
  • Find Editor offers FPS search for video files
  • Catalog metadata from .fits astronomical files
  • Improves cataloging of very large WAVE files, and those written in 64bit format
  • Improves handling of duplicates when copying catalog files into NeoFinder. A new dialog just like in the Finder will ask if the catalog should be replaced, or both kept
  • Paste GPS GeoTag string from Google Maps or others as the GeoTag for items in NeoFinder
  • Paste GPS GeoTag string from Google Maps or others into the Map search field to center the map at that coordinate
  • Improves cataloging Finder Comments in macOS 11 and macOS 12
  • Set the color label for a file in the Light Table using the main menu
  • Improved handling of "cloned" volumes
  • While loading large image files in the Light Table, NeoFinder will already display the thumbnail until loading is completed
  • Catalog thumbnails of Olympus ".ORF" files
  • Improves behaviour for newer ffmpeg versions cataloging certain .mts video files
  • Works around a problem of Apples Photos.app writing non-standard GPS coordinate value formats into sidecar XMP files
  • File name sequence detection while cataloging will now discover ".ari" files as well
  • Detection of duplicate Keywords when loading the Controlled Vocabulary list works better now
  • Improved performance when loading very large keyword lists (> 6,000 items) in the Controlled Vocabulary
  • Failure to eject volumes will now display an error dialog
  • Improves cataloging TIFF files created by certain scanners
  • Capture One ".EIP" files are now recognized as Photos in the Display Filter and Find Editor
  • Fixes a problem reading embedded XMP data in certain PDF files
  • Improves handling of cataloging XMP color labels from sidecar XMP files of certain RAW file formats
  • Fixes a problem in AppleScript when trying to access the "finder path" value
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.11 or newer, Intel or ARM. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site

NeoFinder 7.8.1 (July 14, 2021)

New features and enhancements:
  • Import storageDNA CSV report files as NeoFinder catalogs
  • Catalog ARRI .ari RAW file thumbnails
  • Catalog thumbnails of .fits astronomical files
  • Web Gallery templates can contain many additional fields, like the path and custom annotations
  • Massively improved handling of iView and PhaseOne MediaPro "CatalogSets" when cataloging data
  • Improved selection menu for Keywords and Persons, accept single choices with just the Return key
  • File Sequence detection recognises ARRI .ari RAW file names
  • XMP Editor adds new places to the Places list from editing them in the Inspector
  • Label menus for custom annotation fields allow you to search for empty or non-empty field values
  • Dragging multiple large catalog files into NeoFinder to copy them to its LIBRARY shows a progress window and the copy process runs in the background
  • Improves Cataloging your Dropbox if you are using private or locked folders
  • Sorting of file names uses the exact same sort order as Apples Finder
  • Sorting the JobID considers numerical values
  • Controlled Vocabulary prevents duplicate keywords
  • Export of Found Items adds the full path of each item
  • Improved Updating speed when cataloging a lot of custom folder icons
  • Cataloging TAR file paths in the newer "LongLink" format
  • Light Table shows very small files in a much bigger default magnification
  • Massively improves geotagging of video files larger than 1.5 GB
  • Contextual menu for a Catalog in an Album contains the "Remove from Album" option
  • Inspector shows the path of a cataloged folder correctly
  • Fixes some problems when copying and pasting XMP keyword lists between files and the XMP presets
  • Fixes a problem reading the asset creation date in certain video files
  • Fixes a problem finding the content of custom annotations in the Find Engine
  • Fixes a problem reverting the sort order of custom annotation fields
  • Fixes a problem deleting GPS geotags in video files larger than 1.5 GB
  • Improved behaviour when ejecting disk images during cataloging
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.10 or newer, Intel-CPU or Apple M1 ARM. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site

NeoFinder 7.8 (April 7, 2021)

New features and enhancements:
  • MP3-Info is back! You can rename audio files based on their ID3 tags. Also the Multi Renamer can use the ID3 tags in any way you may need!
  • AutoTags Inspector has an improved user interface that allows you to assign keywords with a single click
  • Support for Nikon Z7 II NEF RAW photos
  • Catalog thumbnails of Painter .RIF and .RIFF files, if the Painter software is installed
  • Add GPS GeoTags to MP4 video files
  • Inspector Label Menu command to set the file creation date from the EXIF capture date, or XMP date
  • Contextual menu to set the file creation date of multiple selected files from the EXIF capture date, or XMP date
  • Inspector Label Menu command to search for ID3 Artist, Album, Song title, or Genre on Bandcamp.com
  • Inspector Label Menu command to search for a video file name on IMDb, Wikipedia.org, or TheMovieDB
  • Inspector shows the Aspect Ratio for video files
  • Sort Menu can sort by XMP date, ID3 Title, Album, Artist, and Genre
  • Catalog thumbnails of WEBP files
  • Massively improved Album code helps with files stored on certain file servers that keep no file creation date
  • Editing XMP metadata will preserve the file creation date and Finder Tags for the file
  • Catalogs the paths of placed images and fonts (resources) in Adobe InDesign documents
  • Extensis Portfolio Importer improves imports of older versions, utf8 export formats, multiple keywords, and more languages
  • Albums update their display count when catalogs are deleted, and thus items removed from Albums
  • Cataloging of Backblaze B2 buckets works with "secondary" API keys
  • Improves cataloging of Canon CR3 files in certain older macOS versions
  • Catalogs the text content of .applescript text files
  • Broken Cross Windows XML Importer reads more catalog metadata fields and volume kinds
  • XMP code in NeoFinder supports non-standard ".XMP" uppercase name suffix files which are created by Apple Photos.app
  • Exporting many files first sorts the item list by catalog, to reduce the need for disk swaps
  • Inspector shows the saved DPI value for JPG and some other image types
  • ePub cataloging is more robust and supports files generated by Adobe InDesign
  • Hidden preference to omit copying sidecar XMP files into the Finder
  • Speed improvements when building the context menu for a large number of selected items
  • Speed improvements browsing through items stored on remote volumes
  • Improves handling of very large Adobe Photoshop PSB files
  • Improves handling of cataloging XMP color labels from sidecar XMP files of certain RAW file formats
  • Improves handling of special custom annotations field names
  • Changing the Rating for more than 50 items shows a progress window
  • Improves Gallery View when using the Go To Next or Previous item
  • Find Editor shows the little extra menu for XMP keywords and persons, so you can search for empty or not-empty fields easier
  • Works around a bug of macOS 11, where very dark or very light color labels didn't properly select the proper text color for better readability
  • Improves handling of certain malformed ADC and Broken Cross Windows XML import files and shows error messages in these cases
  • Renaming items in Albums works better
  • Improved cataloging of certain ID3v2.4 tags in MP3 files
  • Improved drawing of color labels for selected Albums in macOS 11
  • Sorting List View by Duration sorts by numerical value, not the display string
  • Fixes a problem copying and pasting certain XMP keywords and person lists
  • Improves QuickUpdate for volumes that don't store file creation dates, such as some SMB servers
  • Fixes a problem in the XML export for video channel infos and video subtitle information fields
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.10 or newer, Intel or ARM. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site

NeoFinder 7.7 (December 2, 2020)

New features and enhancements:
  • Native ARM M1 code for the "Apple Silicon" Macs
  • NeoFinder is now certified to run in macOS 11.0.1, but as always, we recommend to wait with updating production machines to macOS 11 at least until macOS 11.3 has been released
  • XMP Places List for working with locations, cities, states and countries faster and more efficient
  • Catalog Audio Infos for Video Files including Find Editor options for these
  • Catalog Subtitle Infos for Video Files including Find Editor options for these
  • Catalog Video Bitrate Infos for Video Files
  • NeoFinder has his own Console in the Special menu, for logging, debugging and support issues
  • Catalog Pixelmator for Mac ".pxd" files with thumbnails
  • Catalog ePub electronic book files with thumbnails and metadata
  • Catalog text content of rtfd bundle documents
  • Color Labels for Albums and Album Groups
  • Color Labels for Smart Folders and Smart Folder Groups
  • Menu bar QuickFind has a new user interface
  • Catalog XMP Asset Relations from Adobe Premiere files
  • Specify user name and password for AutoUpdater tasks to catalog server volumes
  • XMP field contents for multiple selected items can be deleted with a Label menu command in the Inspector
  • NeoFinder Renamer now allows you to omit the [index] variable, but warns of name duplicates with a warning icon
  • Context menu for one catalog has the option to add all keywords from that catalog to the Controlled Vocabulary
  • Context menu for one catalog has the option to add all person names from that catalog to the list of Persons
  • Context menu for one catalog has the option to add all place names from that catalog to the list of Places
  • Context menu for multiple selected catalogs has the option to find for files, photos, movies, and media files in these catalogs
  • Label menu for the GPS GeoTag has many more GPS related commands, such as the KMZ export, and more
  • Hidden option to delete files immediately, instead of trying to place them in a Trash, which had caused error messages from some NAS devices for each deleted file
  • Improved cataloging of embedded PNG format cover art in MP3 files
  • Improved handling of EXIF data from the new Canon EOS R5 camera
  • Improved handling of empty and invalid GPS data from some Nikon Coolpix cameras
  • Improved display of metadata of .webm video files
  • Works around a bug in macOS 11 where buttons were not drawn properly on non-retina displays
  • Works around a bug in macOS 11 where sliders are using a much larger height than in all prevous macOS versions, and were drawn cut-off
  • Improved NeoFinder Preferences window in macOS 11: Instead of the weird mixed toolbar and window title, NeoFinder displays the better, separated sections, as in the previous 15 macOS versions
  • This version runs again in Mac OS X 10.9
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.9 or newer, Intel or ARM. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site

NeoFinder 7.6.1 (October 7, 2020)

New features and enhancements:
  • Importer for Yoyotta CSV report files (LTO library software)
  • Read and write XMP color label values
  • Catalog, display, edit, and export the "Job ID" XMP field ("TransmissionReference")
  • Catalog Canon EOS R5 (.cr3) photo RAW files
  • Catalog Samsung SWR photo RAW files
  • Catalog Olympus ORF photo RAW files
  • Catalog and edit XMP data embedded in WAV and BWF audio files
  • The index value in Multi-File Renamer can have multiple leading 0 digits
  • The list of Persons will be saved in the database folder, so it can be used by all users of a shared database folder. This also allows multiple Person lists in multiple database folders
  • The list of Keywords will be saved automatically after a certain number of edits
  • XMP Date in the Inspector can be edited for hour and minute values as well
  • Turn the Display Filter on and off with a menu command
  • When the Display Filter is enabled, the text " (filtered)" is appended to the name of the currently displayed folder
  • Massively limited the maximum amount of memory that the Light Table can use for a very large number of photos
  • Added a hidden setting to force NeoFinder to always use "sidecar XMP files" when writing edited XMP fields
  • Inspector always shows the current item of the Light Table, to make tagging easier
  • Added a hidden setting to optionally hide the red GeoTag icons
  • Dragging files out of NeoFinder into the Finder also copies XMP sidecar files belonging to these items
  • Separate context menu command to remove items from an Album
  • Separate context menu command to remove items from the Found Items
  • Delete multiple items from catalog AND volume with the context menu
  • Added three commands to the XMP date label menu, to set the XMP date from the file creation date, the file modification date, or the EXIF date
  • Use the hotkey H to show or hide the Histogram in the Light Table
  • Fixes a problem when showing all media files in multiple catalogs at once
  • Fixes a problem when cataloging very large thumbnails and metadata of certain file types
  • Fixes a problem in the XML export for items from multiple catalogs
  • Fixes a problem with the Light Table histogram either not showing up, or having "ragged" outlines for certain color profiles
  • Fixes a problem with text color when renaming items in LIBRARY in macOS 10.13 and earlier
  • Fixes a problem with sort indicators in List View showing in the wrong direction
  • Fixes a problem with XMP Presets. The field labels could be white even when not in Dark Mode
  • Improves scanning ZIP archives with very long archive comments
  • Fixes a problem when the QuickLook window was visible and the user had switched between views in NeoFinder
  • Improves visuals in Mac OS X 10.10
  • Uses the latest EXIFTool version
  • Uses the latest XMP toolkit from Adobe
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder now requires Mac OS X 10.9 or newer. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site

NeoFinder 7.6 (7/6/2020)

New features and enhancements:
  • Hierarchical Keywords allow you to group and structure very large keyword lists
  • Light Table to preview original image files in multiple zoom levels and full resolution, and a color histogram. Rate, label, rotate, or delete files quickly from within NeoFinder
  • Rename multiple files in sequence both in the NeoFinder catalog and on disk, with multiple options
  • Edit Custom Annotations for multiple items at once
  • Sort by all Custom Annotation fields, and by all XMP fields in Icon View and others
  • Search Custom Annotation fields in the Find Editor with many options. Save them as Smart Folders
  • Search Custom Annotations with the Label menu to find empty items, and more
  • Import PreRoll Post CSV Export files as catalogs
  • Geotag .MOV video files, using the built-in map of NeoFinder
  • Massively improved performance when cataloging network volumes with a very large number of folders
  • AutoUpdater has the option to Eject volumes after the Update has been completed
  • Catalogs PhaseOne Capture One ".cot" thumbnail files
  • Catalog Escape Motion Rebelle files (.reb), and allow to add and edit XMP sidecar metadata to these files
  • Catalog Escape Motion Amberlight files (.amb), and allow to add and edit XMP sidecar metadata to these files
  • Catalog Escape Motion Flame Painter files (.fpa), and allow to add and edit XMP sidecar metadata to these files
  • Pasting a list of semicolon separated words in the Tags or XMP Keywords field will add them as separate keywords
  • Icon View can display additional fields in the three extra lines, such as EXIF date, Comment, ID3 Album, Title, and Artists
  • Catalog Insta360 ".insv" video files if ffmpeg is installed
  • Catalog Insta360 ".insp" photo files
  • Catalog and display the hardware serial number of USB devices
  • Dropbox cataloger considers the "cdfIgnoreFolders" section of the DatabaseSettings.xml file, so you can ignore folders on your Dropbox
  • Improved cataloging of PhaseOne EIP files that contain other RAW file formats, such as CR2, NRC, DNG, and RAF
  • Deleting a file from within NeoFinder on the disk will now also delete a possible associated sidecar XMP file
  • The Controlled Vocabulary and List of Persons windows are shown in Dark Mode as well, if that setting is active in NeoFinder
  • A double click on one or many selected keywords in the Controlled Vocabulary window will assign these Keywords to all selected photo and video files
  • A double click on one or many selected Persons in the List of Persons window will assign these Persons to all selected photo and video files
  • The proper Path of a selected item in an Album is now displayed in the Path section underneath the content area
  • Canto Cumulus CRE Importer reads Categories
  • Lossless rotation of photos works much better for certain files from some cameras
  • Better cataloging of metadata from certain files that cannot generate thumbnails
  • DiskTracker 2.x Importer has been improved for very large catalog files with thousands of cataloged volumes
  • Canto Cumulus CRE Importer improved for certain data sets
  • Improves behaviour when finding a specific XMP Keyword
  • Improved performance when finding a large number of files in List View
  • Prevents the text field of the Display Filter from being entirely selected directly after an edit
  • Find Editor shows keyword completions when editing the XMP Keyword field
  • Faster scrolling through many items if the Inspector is visible and items have XMP data
  • Improved visibility of the labels in the Inspector
  • Improved DiskCatalogMaker importer
  • Improves error handling when deleting or renaming files on a volume
  • Fixes a problem when not automatically adding keywords, but only persons after cataloging
  • Fixes a problem that prevented you from dragging Keywords or People from the lists onto Found Items directly
  • Tooltips in Icon View now also appear when the cursor hovers above an icon, not just the file name
  • PhaseOne MediaPro and iView XML Importer display an error message if the XML export file has an invalid format
  • Uses the latest EXIFTool version
  • Fixes many minor issues
  • NeoFinder now requires Mac OS X 10.9 or newer. Older versions of NeoFinder for previous system versions are still available on our web site

NeoFinder 7.5.2 (May 4, 2020)

New features and enhancements:
  • New Feature: Truncate JPG files to reclaim unneeded space wasted by incorrect macOS JPG conversion
  • Better cataloging of PhaseOne IIQ RAW files
  • Improved handling of newer Sigma X3F RAW files

NeoFinder 7.5.1 (February 26, 2020)

New features and enhancements:
  • The List View has six additional XMP columns, for Headline, Instructions, Byline Writer, Credit, Source, and Date
  • Copy and Paste all Annotations from one file to other files, using the Metadata menu
  • Catalog iView Event metadata into a new custom "Event" annotation field
  • Catalog metadata and audio previews of ".aac" audio files
  • Catalog metadata of ".GIF" image files
  • The Icon View can show file size, image dimensions, and color profile as custom fields
  • "Find in these items" is available as a command in the main menu
  • The four "All photos in this item" and similar commands in the View menu now have keyboard shortcuts to quickly use them
  • Massively improved speed when cataloging email files (.emlx) in HTML format
  • Use the "Play / Pause" menu command to play and pause audio previews in the Inspector
  • "Find Faces" is now available as a command in the main menu
  • The Display Filter now has the option to show only items with no Rating
  • It is now possible to catalog much larger files with metadata from very slow volumes (CrashGuard Timeout can be increased)
  • Improves behaviour of getting thumbnails and metadata of .DNG and .RW2 files that don't work with Apples ImageKit
  • Improved context menu for the Column View if no item is selected
  • Fixes a problem in the People and Keywords editor if the option "Only items from the list" was active
  • Fixes a memory problem reading PowerCADD files
  • Fixes a problem in the DiskTracker 2 Importer in macOS 10.14 and macOS 10.15
  • Fixes a problem importing EXIF Camera and Camera Maker fields from iView XML files
  • Get thumbnails of PDF documents that are print protected
  • Improves behaviour when receiving MusicBrainz data for Audio-CDs, such as "Best of James Bond"
  • Improves behaviour when cataloging iView CatalogSets from TIFF files
  • Improves behaviour when updating catalog with PDF files that have text content
  • The title region of the main window is now in Dark mode, if that interface style is selected
  • Fixes problems with cataloging very old Finder comments on certain server volumes. And yes, there is still no official API from Apple for that
  • Fixes a problem in the text export for metadata fields containing CR or LF characters
  • Fixes a problem deleting items from Albums if the Display Filter was active
  • Fixes a possible problem in the Canto Cumulus CRE importer with very large data
  • Fixes a problem with the Filecheck value during catalog updating after NeoFinder has changed XMP data or GPS geotags for a file
  • Fixes a problem revealing items in compressed archives. NeoFinder will now reveal the archive file in Apples Finder
  • Fixes a possible crash of macOS 10.15 when deleting a lot of items at once
  • Fixes a possible crash of macOS 10.15 when selecting certain custom colors for color labels
  • Fixes a possible crash of macOS 10.15 when searching for GPS place names in very remote areas
  • Many small fixes and improvements

NeoFinder 7.5 (November 6, 2019)

New features and enhancements:
• Catalog, display, edit, create and export custom metadata or annotation fields for photos and videos
• The iView Importer can read these custom annotations as well
Find Faces will find all thumbnails in a catalog containing a face, and display a green rectangle in the Inspector as well (can be turned off in the Inspector Settings)
AutoUpdater has been massively expanded. It can run schedules on specific weekdays, or when a volume is mounted, or when NeoFinder is launched
NeoFinder 7.5 is certified to run in macOS 10.15. We still very highly recommend to wait with the update to macOS 10.15 at least until 10.15.5 is released next year
• NeoFinder is "notarized", which Apple promises is supposed increase the security. Or so
• Icon View can display up to 3 lines of metadata or annotations, and you can chose what you want to see
• Photo Contact Sheet also uses up to 3 freely selectable metadata lines
• NeoFinder can use Aliases in the Database Folder pointing to other folders (Business License only)
• Edit EXIF dates in photos, to adjust time offsets, and more
• Play a selected video in Gallery View by pressing the Space key, directly inside the NeoFinder window!
• Navigate to the next or previous item in the Inspector with a menu or keyboard command for much faster metadata editing
• Inspector: Select which sections should be displayed
• Sort the Icon View by Duration
• The Display Filter remembers your settings for the first menu. Keep that in mind if you wonder why NeoFinder may not show all expected items...
• Find Editor can search for file kind "Email"
• Find Editor can search for "codec is NOT"
• "Export Photos as..." is a separate menu command in the Item menu, with Shift-Command-E as a hotkey
• Photo Export can apply XMP Metadata Presets to the exported file
• Copy->Path will copy the full macOS style path of a file if it is online
• Catalog the text content of ".md" (markdown) files
• Visual improvements in the main window. The slider is now placed at the right edge underneath the content, and the text with the number of items always in the center as well
• NeoFinder can catalog the boot volume in macOS 10.15 properly
• Photo Export handles rotated photos better
• Cataloging: Phase One EIP files is much faster, and supports all file variations
• Export Photos can export to PDF and HEIC format
• Added more items to the Info.plist to describe the use of the new Folder Cages introduced by Apple in 10.15
• Copy and Paste of a GPS Geotag will use the view direction, too
• Compiled using the "hardened runtime", which should make things safer, Apple claims
• Improved cataloging of certain Person metadata inside of NEF files
• Improved behaviour changing the ratings or labels when multiple items were selected for QuickLook
• New progress window when pasting metadata into more than 10 items
• Massive speed improvements when Updating catalogs with items whose thumbnails were generated by QuickLook
• Improved Spotlight search for Paths
• Improved behaviour when searching for video codecs in the Find Editor
• Improved handling of selecting multiple items in the Icon View
• Fixes a problem with the incorrect menu commands for Person tokens in the Inspector for offline items
• Many small fixes and improvements

Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer

NeoFinder 7.4.1 (July 22, 2019)

New features and enhancements:
  • NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails of Canon compressed RAW ".cr3" files
  • NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails SVG files
  • NeoFinder now has nine new columns in List View: Camera Maker, Lens Name, IPTC Persons, ISRC, XMP Caption Writer, XMP Byline, Audio Channels, Audio Sample rate, and Audio Bitrate
  • NeoFinder can now catalog Clip Studio ".clip" files
  • NeoFinder can now catalog RAW files of Sigma .X3F format
  • Preliminary support to catalog thumbnails of Phase One Capture One ".eip" RAW files
  • You can now search for EXIF camera name, lens name, and maker name in the Find Editor and of course using the Label menu in the Inspector
  • You can now also search for "has no XMP" and "has ISRC" in the Find Editor
  • The improved Multi-Editor is now also available for Finder Tags and XMP People fields
  • More Label menus in the Inspector for ISRC, FileCheck, EXIF values, XMP Keywords
  • NeoFinder now catalogs the iTunes Producer description files "metadata.xml"
  • NeoFinder now catalogs EXIF data contained in XMP records, in case the original file has none, or these cannot be processed
  • Improved Export as Text and XML by having separate Height, Width, and Duration fields for Media-Info. That is helpful for Stock Photographers
  • NeoFinder will now remember the sort order along with the sort type in the Sort menu for Icon View and others
  • You can now prevent NeoFinder from sorting keywords alphabetically when displaying and saving them
  • The contextual menu for one catalog is much better organised now
  • Catalogs now save the date and time they were last Updated (not just modified!)
  • Can now properly sort the List View by Path
  • The "NoChangePlease" hidden settings is now honoured by the Wikipedia Inspector and the Map
  • Fixes a problem with some Find Editor settings
  • Fixes a problem with incorrect badge number displays for Album Groups in macOS 10.14
  • Fixes a problem with Album and Smart Folders names containing a "." in their name
  • Fixes a problem reading certain audio files larger than 4 GB
  • Fixes a problem cataloging certain JPG files created by a scanner (containing empty ISO arrays in their EXIF section)
  • Fixes more visual problems in macOS 10.14
  • Fixes a problem writing Finder Comments when leaving the text field in the Inspector with the Tab key
  • Fixes a memory problem when cataloging very large numbers of compressed Fuji RAW files (.RAF)
  • Fixes a problem with the CDFinder 2.x Importer
  • Many small fixes and improvements
  • NeoFinder 7.4.1 requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer

NeoFinder 7.4 (May 6, 2019)

New features and enhancements:
  • Catalogs “People" fields in Adobe XMP and IPTC data (and data written by Picasa and Mylio)
  • Search for People metadata, and add them to photos and movies in the XMP Editor
  • Web Gallery now uses beautiful HTML templates, and you can even design your own! Or use your existing iView Media Pro gallery templates (with some small changes)
  • AutoTags: Use ML scene detector engines to automatically detect scenes and items in thumbnails. NeoFinder currently offers two different engines, more to come. This requires macOS 10.13 or newer
  • AutoTags: Search a catalog for thumbnails with a particular automatically detected Tag
  • AutoTags Inspector shows the detected Tags, and allows you to place them in the file directly
  • NeoFinder reads iView MediaPro CatalogSets from XMP records and builds albums and album folders for these automatically during cataloging
  • Massively improved handing of XMP keywords for multiple selected files. NeoFinder now displays all keywords in these files, and allows you to add, remove, or edit them, and to place an existing keyword in all selected items
  • Refresh thumbnails from photos or videos when updating a catalog, if you need larger or smaller thumbnails
  • Delete a keyword from all items in the catalog and even from all files as well
  • Detect and "fold" image sequences during cataloging. That is great for video producers with thousands of single frame files to catalog
  • Search for video codecs in the Find Editor. That is helpful to quickly find files encoded with deprecated codecs
  • The new command "Edit keywords" in the Metadata main menu with the keyboard shortcut Cmd-T places the text cursor in the XMP keywords field of the XMP editor for the selected items
  • Rename keywords both in the Controlled Vocabulary, as well as in all items in the database
  • A new command in the Metadata menu allows you to write all XMP metadata back to a file. That is useful if you have imported metadata and want to make sure it is actually written into the file, where it belongs
  • Catalog metadata and audio thumbnails of ".CAF" Apple CoreAudio Files
  • Catalog the number of audio channels for audio files, including 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 formats
  • Catalog thumbnails and metadata of compressed Fuji RAW files (RAF file format). Even Apple still cannot do this, but NeoFinder is now able to accomplish that for you!
  • Catalogs .JPX, .J2C, and .JPF JPEG 2000 photo files
  • Catalog stereoscopic files in the JPS format with thumbnails and metadata
  • Edit->Copy now copies the names of all selected items to the clipboard
  • File->Open now works like a double click on the selected items
  • "Find all media items in a folder" options are now also available in the View menu
  • Search for empty, and non empty XMP text fields in the Inspector with a new menu when you click on the label of a field
  • The Find Editor can now also find empty and not empty XMP fields
  • NeoFinder now displays the number of items in Album Groups (the sum of all files in all contained albums)
  • The Display Filter can now filter by "Ratings larger than"
  • The QuickLook window will now be opened fullscreen if you hold the Alt key
  • Improved handling of .dv video files
  • Improved handling of cataloging BMP files
  • Improved scrolling in the Gallery View
  • NeoFinder now catalogs metadata and thumbnails for Phantom Cine video files
  • NeoFinder now catalogs the Creation Date of video content (not the file!), if it is embedded in the data stream
  • The Photo Contact Sheet items can now be sorted by EXIF date, too
  • NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails and metadata of Kodak .KDC RAW files
  • New AppleScript cataloging option to quit NeoFinder after the cataloging has completed
  • You can now drop a folder or whole volume on the icon of NeoFinder in the Dock to catalog it
  • The suggested keywords while typing XMP Editor and Find Editor are much better now
  • The Help buttons are located for the German translation, too
  • After deleting items from a catalog, NeoFinder no longer displays the first item in the current folder
  • The Find Editor can now search for Disk Images
  • Smart Folders and Groups can now have "/" in their names
  • Find all media items in a folder is much faster now
  • More improvements in dark mode of macOS 10.14
  • Improved handling of cataloging BMP files
  • Improved cataloging of BWF and WAV files in their newer extended format
  • Editing GPS Geotags in a file now properly updates the creation and modification date of that file in the NeoFinder catalog
  • Many small fixes and improvements
  • NeoFinder 7.4 now requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer

NeoFinder 7.3.3 (March 19, 2019)

New features and enhancements:
  • NeoFinder now supports Little Snitch network security, so that every outgoing network connection is described for its purpose
  • NeoFinder can now read the ratings written to the IPTC section of photos by Photo Mechanic and some iOS tools like ViewEXIF
  • NeoFinder can now catalog the newer ID3 tags that the Apple iTunes store uses for .m4p files
  • Fixes a problem of macOS 10.14 failing to generate thumbnails for certain PSD files. Until Apple fixes this bug, NeoFinder now uses a different way to get these thumbnails for you
  • Improved handling of certain umlauts when finding files by name
  • Adding and removing Keywords for multiple selected PDF and InDesign files now works properly
  • When you switch to Gallery View, NeoFinder will now activate the navigation bar at the bottom, so you can immediately use the arrow keys to navigate through your images
  • Fixes a problem cataloging WAV files with certain ID3 tags
  • Fixes a problem cataloging folders named "Volumes" on the top level of volumes
  • Fixed several problems in Mac OS X 10.7.x
  • Fixes a drawing problem of the Fill Bar in Mac OS X 10.7 and Mac OS X 10.8
  • Fixes a Icon View redraw problem in macOS 10.14 on certain displays
  • Fixes a translation problem in macOS 10.14
  • Writing Finder comments for files that contain a " in their path now works properly
  • Fixes a problem when certain volumes weren't properly recognized
  • Fixed a problem finding more than 40000 media files with the Find context menu
  • Fixes a problem cataloging AAC song files created by Rogue Amoeba Fission
  • Please note: This will be the last NeoFinder version to support Mac OS X 10.7. If you still use that old Mac OS X, please check this NeoFinder version very carefully, and if anything doesn't work for you, please let us know immediately!
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later

NeoFinder 7.3.2 (December 5, 2018)

New features and enhancements:
  • NeoFinder can now flip photos vertically and horizontally!
  • NeoFinder can now Import "Media Catalog" csv export files
  • Color labels in all five view styles look much better now
  • Now catalogs the EXIF creation date of video files in many formats
  • Improved behaviour when deleting many items from multiple different catalogs
  • XML Export now contains the text file content excerpts, too
  • Fixes a problem of macOS 10.14 when renaming a Smart Folder, catalog, or Album in LIBRARY
  • Fixes a problem of macOS 10.14 when trying to select the Photos library for cataloging
  • Fixes a problem when trying to "Open with..." multiple files with unknown file types
  • Fixes a problem in text export for mp3 comments with multiple text lines
  • Fixes a problem when switching between different view styles if the navigation bar was deactivated
  • Fixes a problem exporting path values of offline volumes into XML format
  • Fixes a possible problem with the Video Contact Sheet in case the font "Arial" was not active in the system
  • Fixes a problem detecting the exact format of certain Blu-ray and DVD disks
  • Fixes a problem cataloging certain WAV files created by ProTools
  • Video file fps generated by ffmpeg (for mkv, mxf, avi, and other formats) are now properly stored as float values, too
  • Many smaller visual improvements and fixes
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later

  • NeoFinder 7.3.1 (October 15, 2018)

New features and enhancements:
  • NeoFinder is now certified to run in macOS 10.14. We still don't recommend to use that new macOS, until Apple has fixed more of the bugs, but NeoFinder will run in it
  • Better workflow integration: "Open with" now works for multiple selected items! It will also only display applications from your startup volume
  • Faster! Displaying and scrolling photos in the Icon View is now much faster, especially in macOS 10.14
  • Improved iView Media Pro importer now reads labels, ratings, lens name, and is much faster and stable
  • Expanded Display Filter with the additional "No Thumbnail" option and other improvements
  • NeoFinder now ignores password protected disk images during cataloging
  • The Cataloging progress when cataloging entire disks and during a catalog Update now shows the approximate number of items
  • You can now select more than one item in the new Gallery View. NeoFinder will display the large thumbnail of the first item. This will make tagging and rating much easier
  • The Gallery View can now display Ratings in the icon list
  • The separate "Update in NeoFinder & Eject" tool is now 64-bit and codesigned
  • Find in Instagram now is also available in the keyword list of the Controlled Vocabulary
  • The Metadata Presets Editor now also has a Help button
  • The Metadata Presets Editor now has new "all" and "none" buttons which will select all or no fields in the current preset being edited
  • Better workflow: NeoFinder can now import external catalog or export files with a shell script
  • The Auto Updater now has a "clear" button that will erase the log
  • Improved behaviour when a new catalog folder is found during the sync
  • Improved behaviour when cataloging certain Adobe InDesign files
  • Finding Any EXIF in the Find Editor contains will now properly find lens names
  • Fixes a problem with the icons in the LIBRARY being too large in Mac OS X 10.9 and earlier
  • Fixes a problem when trying to drag out files or folders into the Finder that had been renamed, moved, or deleted
  • Fixes a problem of the date editor in Mac OS X 10.9 and earlier
  • Fixes a problem where the number of catalogs in the LIBRARY section wasn't always updated properly
  • Fixes a problem with ejecting disks after cataloging by AppleScript
  • Fixes a problem when NeoFinder sometimes couldn't find your database folder after an update
  • Fixes a problem in the Photo Contact Sheet: The header is now really only drawn when actually selected
  • Find in Instagram now works with tags that contain umlauts and other special characters
  • Many smaller visual improvements and fixes
  • Many other fixes
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later

NeoFinder 7.3 (September 10, 2018)

New features and enhancements:
  • NeoFinder now has a Display Filter that you can use to filter items based on their kind, name, rating, label, or other attributes! That is highly useful when working with large amounts of data, and works in all five view types!
  • NeoFinder now has a cool Gallery View! Not just in macOS 10.14, like Apples Finder, but in all Mac OS X and macOS versions since 10.7!
  • You can now update one or multiple media files in an existing catalog!
  • NeoFinder can now catalog the text from email messages! Currently, .emlx (Apple Mail) and .eml (MS Outlook) formats are supported
  • Many windows have a Help button that will open the suitable page in the NeoFinder Users Guide for you
  • Find Duplicates can now find Duplicate Folders!
  • In the Inspector, you can now Find Tags in Instagram by clicking on them
  • The Find Editor now autocompletes keywords for you, using the keyword list in the Controlled Vocabulary
  • You can copy and paste entire sets of XMP metadata from one file to another
  • NeoFinder catalogs Affinity Publisher documents, and of course allows you to edit the whole set of XMP metadata for these, too!
  • The XMP Editor in the Inspector now has a new Date editor, so you can change the XMP date for one or multiple items at once
  • The XMP Presets Editor now has a date field as well
  • NeoFinder can now of course catalog that XMP date field from existing files
  • A new Filefinder Text Importer allows you to import the text files from that abandoned old disk cataloger
  • You can now copy and paste GPS coordinates, and the XMP locations fields, separately
  • You can now sort the catalog LIBRARY by Volume Modification Date as well
  • The Movie Contact Sheet now has an option to turn off the time display in the thumbnails
  • Also, the Movie Contact Sheet can now automatically be saved next to the original file, even when multiple video files are selected. That is a great way of creating a lot of these at once
  • You can now duplicate Albums and Smart Folders, using the context menu
  • The file information that the Movie Contact Sheet displays is much more detailed and precise now
  • The Movie Contact Sheet now uses the modern AVFoundation in macOS for better results
  • The main window has a new button that will open the free NeoFinder Video Tutorials for you
  • NeoFinder can now catalog Aurora 2018 documents
  • NeoFinder can now catalog the BWF, or BEXT records from ProTools, with date and unique ID values for audio files
  • NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails for Cinema 4D (".c4d") files, if that app is installed
  • NeoFinder can now catalog ICNS thumbnails
  • NeoFinder now catalogs thumbnails for stereoscopic MPO files
  • NeoFinder can now catalog the lens name of the EXIF record, and display it in the Inspector, and search it in the "any text" parameter or QuickFind
  • NeoFinder now catalogs the fps value of movies as floating point, allowing for values like 29.97
  • Find Duplicates can now search for duplicate audio files by the BEXT record
  • A new button can now display and reverse the sort order in the navigation bar of NeoFinder
  • The Photo Contact sheet can now include a second line with details from each photo
  • You can now download an entire folder with all files and subfolders from the Backblaze B2 and a Dropbox catalog!
  • The LIBRARY sidebar now uses a more modern "view based" control from Apple. It will look better, and interactions are better with this
  • You can now open an Album in a separate window, too
  • Ejecting volumes now runs in the background, and won't block NeoFinder anymore
  • You can now double click one or multiple keywords in the Controlled Vocabulary list to add these to the one selected file
  • You can now remove files and folders from the Found Items list, to generate better reports
  • The number of items of albums is now displayed in green
  • Exporting a file using the Item menu will now also copy a possible sidecar XMP file to the target location
  • The Web Gallery now adds the media info to its Details page
  • The Web Gallery uses a lot less memory while generating the HTML pages for you
  • The folder list in the Batch Cataloging window is now always hierarchically sorted by name, even if your NeoFinder database is placed on a APFS volume
  • Date changes in the Auto Updater will now be used for all selected catalogs, not just one of them
  • Updated the code to read the Audio CD cover art from Coverartarchive.org
  • Cataloging certain malformed Sound Designer 2 audio files cannot crash NeoFinder anymore
  • Fixes a problem of reading CD-TEXT from certain Audio-CDs in macOS Sierra and newer
  • Fixes a problem cataloging EXIF date values in certain time zones
  • Fixes a problem with losing folder comments and color labels during updating of a catalog
  • Fixes a problem when exporting to XML with no thumbnails
  • Fixes a problem with the precision when cataloging and pasting GPS Geotags
  • Fixes a problem changing the XMP byline value in certain files
  • Fixes a problem cataloging certain malformed AIFF audio files
  • Fixes some problems in macOS 10.14, but isn't yet completely certified due to the lack of the final macOS 10.14 version from Apple
  • Improved reading of audio tags in certain Apple AAC files
  • Improved reading of certain ID3 tags in MP3 and WAV files
  • Improved code for searching Ratings
  • Improved code for the internal debug log feature
  • Works around a weird bug in macOS removing the contextual menus in NeoFinder immediately after opening them (only macOS High Sierra and macOS 10.14)
  • Many little improvements and fixes
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later

NeoFinder 7.2.1 (February 22, 2018)

New features and enhancements:
  • NeoFinder can now generate thumbnails and metadata from Luminar 2018 files (".lmnr" file suffix)
  • Massively improved speed during updating a large catalog
  • Deleting folders or multiple files from a catalog now shows a progress that also can be stopped
  • The names of files in a catalog can no longer disappear during the update of that catalog
  • The Spotlight search for fonts, RAW files, media files, and songs works better now
  • Improved handling of Spotlight Found Items
  • "Open with..." now also works for Spotlight results
  • If a Dropbox server returns errors during cataloging, NeoFinder can now keep a partial catalog of your Dropbox
  • Prevented problems cataloging RAR archive files that contain file names in strange character encodings
  • Improved handling of possibly corrupted QuickLaunch Cache files
  • Improved Find for "no keyword is", if a file has both Finder Tags and XMP Keywords
  • Fixes a problem cataloging certain malformed GPS values in Adobe XMP files written by Adobe Lightroom
  • Many places where code was modernized to use newer APIs
  • EXIFTool updated to the most recent version
  • Fixes a possible problem reading movie metadata
  • Many little improvements and fixes
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later

NeoFinder 7.2 (December 19, 2017)

New features and enhancements:
  • Metadata Presets Editor: Create multiple XMP metadata presets, assign them to one or multiple items with just a mouse click, export and import them, or create them from existing files
  • Find Duplicates is massively faster now! Really massively. Really!
  • New option to find Unique Files in the Find Duplicates window, and yes, it is also incredibly fast
  • Fill Bar in Details View for catalog folders, to quickly see what is on your disks. You can even click on parts to quickly display all items of the kind in that catalog
  • New option to display file names without their name suffixes
  • New option to keep folders sorted together in all four view styles
  • Extended AppleScript commands to find in just some catalogs, or to run complex find queries
  • You can now store your Albums and Smart Folders inside the NeoFinder database folder, so they can be shared with multiple users of NeoFinder on a file server
  • In macOS High Sierra, NeoFinder can now generate audio previews for FLAC files, too
  • You can now export the content of Albums into text files
  • New option to display Ratings in the Icon View
  • The Sort menu for Icon View, Column View, and Details View now also has an option to sort by EXIF date
  • All export column titles no longer use ":" in their names, making the import in other tools easier
  • "Open with..." now also works with files that are actually "bundles" or "packages", like Final Cut Pro X projects
  • You can now search for XMP Location and Usage Terms fields in the Find Editor and Smart Folders
  • Updating large catalogs is now massively faster and uses a lot less memory
  • You can now generate Download URLs for your files in your Dropbox, to share that file with other people
  • Improved the display of data in the Inspector
  • A new "What's New" window shows a short overview of the new features in new versions
  • Improved error handling of Dropbox cataloging, and the option to keep a partial catalog when the cataloging is cancelled
  • A new "plus" button in the Inspector allows you to quickly open the keywords window with just one click, to edit your keywords
  • The ThumbnailHelper tool that NeoFinder uses to safely generate thumbnails is now also 64bit
  • Cataloging now recognises ".inx" Adobe InDesign files
  • Fixes a problem when sorting List View by Rating
  • Fixes a problem when cataloging certain AIFF files with an ID3 tag segment
  • Fixes a problem when reverting the sort order with the sort menu
  • Fixes a problem finding items with no keywords
  • Minor visual improvements for macOS High Sierra
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later

NeoFinder 7.1.3 (October 10, 2017)

New features and enhancements:
  • NeoFinder 7.1.3 is certified to run in the new macOS High Sierra (10.13)!
  • Print barcode labels for your catalogs directly from inside NeoFinder! Scan these with NeoFinder iOS and quickly view the content of the catalog
  • Improved the DiskCatalogMaker Importer
  • Massively improved the Canto Cumulus CRE Importer
  • Catalogs EazyDraw file thumbnails (".ezdraw" and ".ezddata"). Requires EazyDraw software to be installed on your Mac
  • Writing of XMP for Adobe Illustrator files now stores them inside the .ai file, not in a sidecar anymore
  • Improves cataloging of MP4 videos created by Samsung Galaxy phones
  • Improves cataloging of RAW photos from certain LEICA models and lenses
  • Improves display of very large pixel sizes in Icon View
  • Improves cataloging of ExFAT formatted volumes
  • Improves the alternating list background color in the "dark" appearance
  • Export improved for sizes
  • Will always bring NeoFinder to front when a Find is run from the global NeoFinder menu item
  • Fixes a possible problem when printing photo contact sheets
  • Fixes a memory leak when using regular expressions for a Find
  • Fixes a problem finding in certain catalogs
  • Fixes a bug from Apple in macOS Sierra and High Sierra when selecting LIBRARY
  • Fixes a problem cataloging and identifying volumes with a "/" in their name
  • Fixes a problem sorting the ratings in the List View
  • Improves exporting files form a Backblaze B2
  • Minor visual improvements for macOS High Sierra
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later

NeoFinder 7.1.2 (July 28, 2017)

New features and enhancements:
  • Much improved cataloging of metadata of RED ".r3d" video files. NeoFinder now reads the frame rate, and a lot of textual stuff, like the location, director name, lens name, and more
  • NeoFinder can now catalog HDR and EXR photos
  • NeoFinder can now catalog ".cof" files written by Capture One. These unusual files contain the edited thumbnail, which is quite useful
  • The Inspector now shows the path of a cataloged folder for each item, in the Catalog section
  • The ratings are now displayed in a nice blue hue
  • The Map now also has Plus and Minus buttons to change the magnification
  • NeoFinder can now remove Geotags from photos (in the GPS context menu)
  • Fixes a problem cataloging PDF files modified by MediaBeacon 3, which writes some non-standard XMP data. NeoFinder can now read all metadata from such files
  • Fixes a problem with connecting to Dropbox for some users
  • Fixes a problem when copying to your Applications folder in macOS Sierra and High Sierra
  • The Find Editor has much nicer Plus and Minus buttons
  • Many other improvements and minor corrections

NeoFinder 7.1 (June 27, 2017)

(NeoFinder 7.1.1 fixes a small problem of NeoFinder 7.1 in Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9)

New features and enhancements:
  • NeoFinder can now read and write metadata for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Including ratings, keywords, and the other Adobe XMP fields. So the long wait for the promised Affinity DAM has ended ...
  • NeoFinder now catalogs previews from Affinity Photo files if this software is installed
  • NeoFinder can now open any files with any programs, if they understand the file format. As in the Finder, there is an "Open With ..." menu that displays all available programs for a file
  • NeoFinder can rotate images lossless in 90° increments, and also refresh the preview in the catalog for these
  • Significantly improved cataloging of video files. NeoFinder now uses the new AVFoundation framework from Apple. This will support newer codecs, and read metadata and thumbnails better and faster
  • Full support for the movie metadata written by AppleTV and programs such as Subler.app, including cover art, descriptions, actors, directors, producers, etc.
  • NeoFinder can now catalog the complete contents of a Dropbox, download files, rename and delete files and folders on that Dropbox for you
  • In macOS High Sierra, NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails and metadata from HEIC files
  • The catalog LIBRARY can now be sorted by name, free memory, modification date and size of the volume using the context menu
  • The cataloging of Time Machine Backups now finally recognizes the very unusual aliases used by Apple, and can filter them out on request
  • NeoFinder 7.1 supports the new APFS file system from Apple (for the upcoming macOS High Sierra) during cataloging and other actions
  • If desired, NeoFinder now automatically adds all new keywords to the global keyword list, and allows you to enter only keywords from that controlled vocabulary when you type it
  • The search for media files in folders and all subfolders (in the context menu) can now be applied to multiple folders simultaneously
  • NeoFinder can now catalog larger TAR archive files containing data in the "ustar" format
  • Fixed bug when reading Finder labels
  • Reading the file kind as text in the display and finding has now become much faster
  • NeoFinder now catalogs existing XMP sidecar files for RED movie files
  • When reading the metadata from ffmpeg, NeoFinder now reads the fps
  • The Apple ProRes codecs "Apple ProRes 422 High Quality", etc. are now displayed correctly in the Inspector
  • In general, reading files has become much faster
  • Improves the progress of cataloging when reading content from archives and disk images
  • In the display and the export, paths are no longer displayed with the old ":" separator, but with the newer "/"
  • With a new "hidden" setting, you can have NeoFinder use a different temporary folder during cataloging. This is useful when the Mac has been booted from a small SSD on which there is not much free space
  • The ID3 comment can now also be displayed in the List View in a new column
  • The Web Gallery Export now works in a demo variant without a business license, so you can better try out this useful feature
  • In Detail View, you can now open an object with the Command-Down arrow key combination
  • NeoFinder now detects external changes in separate "XMP Sidecar" files when updating a catalog
  • Bug fixed when reading the version information from certain program packages
  • Significant improvements when updating the database folder or the catalog file is write-protected. Then there are better error messages
  • Many other improvements and minor corrections

NeoFinder 7.0.1 (January 24, 2017)

New features and enhancements:
  • You can now open or close a section in the Inspector by clicking into the section header
  • NeoFinder will now write all file or folder comments back into the real items on disk, so the Apples Spotlight and Finder can use them, too.That only works for items that are online while the comment it changed in NeoFinder
  • Color labels are now drawn without the gradient. That will make the display clearer
  • NeoFinder now writes Adobe XMP data directly into PDF files, and no longer generates .xmp sidecar files for PDF files
  • The Details View now shows interesting metadata for audio tracks, like the album title, genre, year, and such
  • NeoFinder now uses the new EXIFTool 10.40
  • Cataloging of Bundles or Packages is now much faster
  • VOB files (".vob" suffix) are now considered movie files in the Find
  • Fixes a problem in Mac OS X 10.10.x and newer when cataloging EyeTV recordings. These all work now, with metadata included
  • Fixes a problem during cataloging, when NeoFinder encountered a read protected, private folder. These are now silently skipped
  • Fixes a problem cataloging Finder label colors in Mac OS X 10.11 and 10.12. This will work properly now, and record the correct color
  • Fixes a problem with Web Galleries for found items
  • Fixes a problem with certain damaged ".textClipping" files during cataloging
  • Fixes a problem cataloging certain Blu-ray movie disks
  • Fixes a problem writing Adobe XMP data (ratings, keywords, and other fields), into certain file formats
  • Fixes a problem in Mac OS X 10.7.x after finishing cataloging
  • Fixes a possible problem when finding keywords
  • Fixes possible problems with catalog folders and catalogs that contained "/" in their name
  • Fixes a problem in Mac OS X 10.8.x when encountering certain malformed media files during cataloging
  • Fixes a problem when reading AAC audio files created by "Nero for Windows". These contain some invalid data that could cause NeoFinder to fail
  • Improved Swedish translation
  • Many further improvements and little fixes

NeoFinder 7 (December 7, 2016)

New features and enhancements:
  • New clean and dark or white user interface
  • NeoFinder can now directly edit Adobe XMP (IPTC) metadata, both internal (for supported file formats) and external sidecar XMP
  • NeoFinder now supports Ratings for photo, video, and prepress files. Both in cataloging, and in editing and searching
  • NeoFinder now fully supports editing XMP Keywords, including a controlled vocabulary list of all your keywords
  • Previews of audio files (NeoFinder is again the first tool to even offer this). Generate 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 second sound snippets, and play them in the Inspector
  • New Details View is a mix of List View and Icon view with more details
  • New Cataloging engine that is 20% faster, and can handle more modern file systems better
  • New Database engine with improved performance
  • Catalog Backblaze B2 storage buckets directly from within NeoFinder (requires Mac OS X 10.9 or newer)
  • Put your catalogs in the web with the new Web Gallery for a nice HTML web export (Business License) with details page and thumbnails, both in Icon and List style
  • Groups for Smart Folders and Albums: Organise your Albums and Smart Folders in groups, and even put groups into groups
  • You can even edit keywords, ratings, and XMP fields for multiple selected items at once
  • Compare pictures, and find similar motives, or different versions of the same image
  • Get place name information for items with a Geotag, and optionally write this into the image
  • New extended database file format that can handle much more than 4 GB of data per cataloged volume
  • New Item menu in the main menu bar puts Ratings, Labels, and other item related options in one central place
  • NeoFinder now remembers your Cataloging Preferences inside of each catalog, and uses them for an Update. You can edit them in the Inspector
  • AutoUpdater also uses the saved Cataloging Preferences, and allows you to change them
  • New View Settings window with optional 13pt font size, and all options for the four different View styles
  • List View now has all the IPTC/XMP columns, too
  • Thumbnails of photos and movies and now be 1024, 2048, and even 4096 px in size! This requires the new, extended catalog format to be activated
  • New XML export with optional thumbnails (Business License)
  • The Icon View now has a second line of text with helpful details for every file and folder
  • Improved Inspector with Find context menu for many data fields, to find similar items quickly
  • Much improved handling when the NeoFinder database folder is write protected. NeoFinder now first checks that when trying to catalog a disk, and will immediately show an error message. In that case, the selected NeoFinder database folder is also automatically revealed in the Finder, so you can check and adjust the access privileges
  • Easier installation: NeoFinder now automatically moves itself to /Applications, if you want this
  • Find items by Month or Date in any year
  • You can now open multiple selected items at once with a double click
  • Finding all photos, movies, or songs in a folder and all sub folders now also works for entire catalogs (in the context menu)
  • It is now possible to sort the Column View with the little menu underneath it, just like the Icon View and the new Details View
  • Sorting with the Sort Menu is now also possible by Kind, Rating, Comment, Path, and Label
  • The Wikipedia Inspector can now copy the description text directly into the XMP caption of the selected file
  • If you rename a file in the Finder from within NeoFinder, it will automatically rename a suitable sidecar file automatically
  • New command in the context menu to Select All Duplicates in the results window of a Find Duplicates command
  • NeoFinder now uses the new EXIFTool version 10.12 for geotagging
  • After using the Tab key to get to the next edit field, Inspector always makes sure that this new edited field is actually visible
  • NeoFinder now catalogs the video codec of video files, and displays it in the Inspector
  • NeoFinder now catalogs thumbnails and metadata of ".webm" video files, if ffmpeg is installed
  • When using ffmpeg to catalog video thumbnails, NeoFinder now also tries to find a sidecar XMP file with metadata
  • Improved handling of "find date is after" or "before" for all date related searches
  • The Spotlight search now also deals with Keyword or Tag parameters, and finds the suitable items from your disks
  • Improved handling of ID3 tags in MP3 files created by certain Windows and Mac software
  • You can now minimize all progress windows into the dock
  • Improved accessibility
  • Many many further improvements and little fixes

NeoFinder 7 is a paid upgrade for NeoFinder 6.x and CDFinder customers More...
NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.7 or newer. If you use an older Mac OS X, we still have older NeoFinder and CDFinder versions for you.

NeoFinder 6.9.3 (September 26, 2016)

  • NeoFinder has been certified to run in macOS Sierra! NeoFinder now runs in seven major Mac OS X releases!
  • NeoFinder now catalogs Serif Affinity Designer files (file name suffix ".afdesign"), if the Designer software is installed on your Mac
  • The default font size in all lists is now 12 pt. You can change this at any time in the View Settings
  • When finding text files, NeoFinder will now detect ".doc", ".docx", and ".nfo" files, too
  • When finding movies, folder with the name suffix ".dvdmedia" are now found, too
  • Double clicking an item in Column View will now open it in the default app, just as a double click in the Finder would
  • Dragging files directly from NeoFinder into newer versions of Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop will now work properly

NeoFinder 6.9.2 (July 19, 2016)

  • Fixes a possible crash when running in Mac OS X 10.6.8
  • Fixes a possible problem when cataloging certain malformed MP3 files

NeoFinder 6.9.1 (July 19, 2016)

  • You can now select multiple movies for the Video Contact Sheet, and NeoFinder will generate a cool contact sheet for each of them!
  • Detection of Alias files is much better now during cataloging. Due to an ever increasing number of bugs in Apples FSRef code in every new Mac OS X release, NeoFinder now uses more reliable standard unix calls to get information about Alias files
  • The NeoFinder menu bar Global Find helper app is now properly codesigned
  • Finding files based on their EXIF creation date now works properly
  • Massively improved behaviour for cataloging certain malformed MPEG files with ffmpeg. NeoFinder no longer hangs there, but times out after 30 seconds, and proceeds with the next file
  • Improved DiskCatalogMaker-Importer that works better with newer Export files
  • Improved the Extensis Portfolio Importer with localisations. They save their export text file with translated headers, and NeoFinder will now recognise more of those
  • Improved cataloging of certain MP3 tags edited by Metadatics.app
  • Inserting copied Geotags into Found Items now works properly
  • Improved the Cumulus CRE Importer for certain cases
  • Improved the cataloging of certain Adobe Illustrator files that were pure EPS with no PDF data
  • Improved cataloging of TIFF and JPG files with a very very large color profile
  • Fixes a problem when finding certain umlauts, like ß
  • Fixes a problem with "Find by path", where certain folders sometimes weren't found
  • Fixes some memory leaks in the separate ThumbnailHelper process when cataloging files with certain Adobe XMP data
  • Fixes a possible hang when trying to Update the catalog of a network volume in Mac OS X 10.10 and Mac OS X 10.11
  • Fixes a problem when reading file comments during cataloging

NeoFinder 6.9 (February 15, 2016)

Features and Improvements:
  • Brand new Importer for Extensis Portfolio Export files allows you to rescue your valuable keywords from the discontinued Portfolio products
  • Massively improved Find performance, especially on Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11. In these two Mac OS X versions, Apple has introduced extremely slow string comparison code, which NeoFinder now replaces with its own, much better, super fast, hand optimized, code
  • This version fixes the Sparkle-Updater security problem by using the safe SSL protocol
  • Access to the maps of OpenStreetMap now uses the safe, encrypted SSL protocol
  • Access to the MusicBrainz database for Audio-CDs now uses the safe, encrypted SSL protocol
  • Improved cataloging of certain NEF RAW files that could fail to produce thumbnails and metadata
  • Improved handling of new Tags when entering and editing these in the Inspector
  • NeoFinder now prevents duplicate Tags from being added to files or folders
  • Improved handling of protected catalog files. NeoFinder will now suppress any editing options for items in such catalogs
  • Improved DiskLibrary Importer that handle large amounts of disks better
  • Improved performance of the Inspector when browsing cataloged server volumes
  • Cataloging of Adobe XMP data now also reads the "AuthorsPosition"
  • Fixes a problem with "Find kind is NOT..."
  • Fixes a possibly severe memory problem when updating a very large catalog
  • Fixes a problem in Find Duplicates, where items with different modification dates could be considered identical
  • Fixes a problem in Apples Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, where Apple tells NeoFinder a totally wrong number of files on SMB server volumes
  • Improves compatibility with keywords added to XMP by Adobe Lightroom
  • Fixes a problem with certain malformed disk image files during cataloging
  • Fixes a possible problem in the movie contact sheet if certain system fonts are not available
  • Many smaller enhancements and fixes

NeoFinder 6.8 (September 29, 2015)

Features and Improvements:
  • NeoFinder 6.8 is certified to run in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan!
  • You can now add or change keywords (Finder Tags) to all files and folders! NeoFinder will not only store these keywords/tags in its catalog, but also attaches them to your original files and folders, just like Apples Finder does
  • Find performance is now faster in Yosemite and El Capitan (that is a serious bug from Apple, and we worked around it)
  • New Find Editor parameter: “Has no Tag”
  • Cataloging Adobe XMP data will now give precedence to XMP over possible IPTC tags in a file
  • NeoFinder now recognizes ExFAT volume types
  • Fixes several memory problems during cataloging
  • Fixes a problem in the “Any Text doesn’t contain” Find Editor parameter
  • Fixes a problem with the ‘regex’ Find parameter
  • Fixes a possible problem when cataloging certain malformed MOV video files. NeoFinder will no longer seem to “hang” in that case
  • Fixes a problem in the “Find All Files in this Folder” context menu command
  • Fixes a problem when cataloging the textual content of certain PDF files
  • Fixes a problem when finding in a very large, very busy database folder in a network setup

NeoFinder 6.7.1 (May 20, 2015)

Features and Improvements:
  • Catalogs previews of ".psb" (Photoshop, Large Document Format) files
  • Fixes a memory leak when cataloging large amounts of DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) video still images

NeoFinder 6.7 (May 13, 2015)

Features and Improvements:
  • Can now catalog the contents Open Office text files ('.odt' and '.ott')
  • NeoFinder can now catalog DPX images and read their SMTPE timecode
  • Added support to catalog PhaseOne RAW images ('.iiq')
  • Added support to catalog Leica RAW images ('.rwl')
  • NeoFinder can now catalog the structure of CBR and CBZ (Comic Book Archives) files
  • You can now edit the comment for multiple items in catalogs at once in the Inspector
  • Several additional columns can now be edited directly in the List View
  • You can now catalog the Adobe XMP data in PNG images
  • Several Importers can ignore invisible files during the Import
  • You can now sort the Icon View by Modification Date and by Path
  • The DatabaseSettings.xml now has a new section to completely ignore certain files during cataloging, for example XMP sidecar files
  • IPTC keywords and Tags are now displayed sorted in the Inspector
  • You can now edit the item names in Column View
  • Pasting catalog icons now works in Mac OS X Yosemite on Retina Macs
  • You can now double click Spotlight results to open them in the Finder
  • Reading Microsoft Word '.doc' and '.docx' file contents can no longer crash during cataloging
  • TIFF images in CMYK are now handled better
  • Very large ZIP archives created by Apples Finder are handled much better now
  • The Map can now zoom in more steps, showing more details
  • BRU Importer can now handle newer Import files
  • The WhereIsIt Importer now reads the disk CATEGORY
  • The column with the EXIF date is now sorted correctly
  • Fixes some problems in processing the MusicBrainz data for Audio-CDs
  • Fixes a problem cataloging the contents of ".sparseimage" disk image DMG files
  • Fixes a problem with password protected DMG files
  • Fixes a problem reading Finder Tags for files and folders
  • Fixes a problem where only the top level items of ZIP archives were cataloged in some cases
  • Fixes a problem where icons of folders were cataloged in the wrong size

NeoFinder 6.6 (October 28, 2014)

Features and Improvements:
  • NeoFinder 6.6 is certified to run in Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite!
  • Cataloging of modern RAW photos is now up to three times faster
  • NeoFinder now catalogs a text preview of the content of PDF files
  • A new Photo Contact Sheet generates beautiful PDF files from your photos
  • New Importer for Delicious Library XML Export files
  • New Importer for SuperCat (Windows) ".idx" catalog files
  • Cataloging of MKV, WMV, AVI, and FLV video files now works better and faster if you have ffmpeg installed (especially in Mavericks and Yosemite)
  • NeoFinder 6.6 can catalog the iCloud Drive in Yosemite
  • NeoFinder 6.6 can use the iCould Drive in Yosemite to store its database folder
  • Several Importers (ADC, BRU, Cache-A, DiskCatalogMaker) and Archive readers (zip, rar, tar) now have a massively improved performance, especially for very large files
  • NeoFinder now generates thumbnails for PowerCADD CAD files (.pc9 format)
  • NeoFinder now catalogs the ISRC data in WAV files
  • After cataloging or updating, a User Notification is displayed in the Notification Center (Mac OS X 10.8 and above)
  • The maximum pixel size for thumbnails is now 640
  • Printing the Icon View now adds a nice header on each page
  • The Find Editor has two new File Kinds you can search for: 'RAW' and 'Media File'
  • It is now possible to delete multiple schedules in the AutoUpdater at once
  • Deployment of NeoFinder in Multi-User environments is now much easier, as the NeoFinder data folder can now be located in /Library/Application Support/
  • New List View columns for height, width and duration of media items
  • Dragging the dividers in the main window is now easier with additional drag areas
  • Export now has a new option for the FileCheck value
  • Searching for ‘Kind is Application’ will now find all modern “.app" bundles properly
  • The ‘Please Insert’ window now displays the catalog comment and the start path, if it was a cataloged folder
  • You can now sort the schedules in the AutoUpdater by name and time
  • Fixes a problem with XMP sidecar files for file types such as mov, dng, and others
  • Fixes a problem with certain huge ZIP files (larger than 4 GB)
  • Fixes a problem with certain MP3 files and their cover art
  • Fixes a problem with certain malformed photos, when creating their thumbnails failed
  • Fixes a very rare crash when saving freshly created catalogs
  • Fixes a possible crash when displaying a huge folder with very many files in the Inspector
  • ISRC data for all known formats (FLAC, MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV) is now always preserved during Updating
  • The “Find in NeoFinder” services menu command for any selected text works fine now
  • NeoFinder now tries to use ffmpeg for MP4 files, if QuickTime was unable to generate a thumbnail. That can happen with movies from some new cameras
  • Fixes a problem during cataloging when files or folders have both OpenMeta and Finder Tags

NeoFinder 6.5 (March 31, 2014)

New Features:
  • NeoFinder now supports native App Nap in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks for better performance
  • NeoFinder can catalog RED movie files (.r3d, if the REDCINE-X PRO software is installed)
  • The new WhereIsIt XML Importer is now much faster, and able to handle very large files, larger than 600 MB in size
  • The AutoUpdater now allows each catalog to be added more than once, so you can now update a catalog multiple times a day, if you want to!
  • The Inspector now shows the number of files and folders of a folder and all its subfolders. As that can take quite a while for a large number of items, it may take a moment for the actual values to appear, but NeoFinder does that in the background and never blocks the interface
  • The Tags are now displayed in the Inspector in a special new field, which allow you to select one and search for it!
  • The Inspector now shows a larger preview of an item in a separate window if you click in its icon
  • You can now catalog ID3 audio tags in WAV files
  • NeoFinder now catalogs BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) audio files
  • NeoFinder now generates preview for ".ts" video files, if ffmpeg is available
  • You can switch the menu bar QuickFind icon to grey
  • The QuickFind search field in your menu bar now has a Recent Items menu
  • You can now display all media files in a folder and all its subfolders, using the Find context menu on a folder
  • Two new AppleScript attributes make it easier to integrate NeoFinder in workflows: "searching" and "finder path" for Found iItems
  • You can catalog the contents of .srt (Movie Subtitle) files
  • The Find URLs now also offer a search for folders

  • Improved Export speed
  • Improved Import speed for several text based formats
  • Sorting the lists by the Media-Info column is a lot better now
  • Fixes a problem in which certain catalog database files could grow in size during usage
  • It is now possible to rename a catalog or a catalog folder by only changing the case of one or multiple characters in its name
  • Improves cataloging stability with certain malformed WAV files
  • Export now also contains the volume name of a catalog
  • Improved cataloging for certain PostScript fonts
  • Improves the generation of a thumbnail for MPEG movies shorter than 20 seconds (using ffmpeg)
  • Fixes a problem with certain Find URLs that search for a geolocation
  • Fixes a problem where the AutoUpdater list could get deleted under certain circumstances
  • Improves the error messages of the AutoUpdater, if something goes wrong
  • Fixes a bug of Mac OS X 10.8 and newer, where Apple would silently change the format of number input fields in the Find Editor, and then return wrong values, depending on the active language settings
  • Fixes a problem cataloging the wrong duration of AAC audio files
  • Improves memory handling during cataloging of FileCheck values and text clipping files
  • Fixes a problem when searching for multiple Tags in the Find Editor
  • Removed Woophy as a GPS service, as that provider no longer exists
  • Fixes a problem when Find Duplicates was comparing the sizes incorrectly, when the date values were compared, too
  • Fixes a problem when changing the next serial number in the Cataloging Settings during Batch Cataloging

NeoFinder 6.4 (November 19, 2013)

New Features:
  • NeoFinder is now a 64bit application. This allows for a lot of more memory to be used to deal with large catalog databases!
  • NeoFinder 6.4 has been certified to run in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Cataloging now reads the new Finder Tags of Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks (this even works all the way back to Mac OS X 10.6!)
  • NeoFinder can now Find Duplicates in your database! More...
  • The cool new Movie Contact Sheet generates a customisable preview of one or multiple selected movie files as graphic. More...
  • The Movie Contact Sheet also works for any arbitrary movie file you have selected in the Finder, using the NeoFinder Services menu!
  • NeoFinder now catalogs Adobe XMP metadata, like keywords and descriptions, for movie files!
  • The new NeoFinder Global QuickFind gives NeoFinder a place right in your menu bar, near the Spotlight search field! More...
  • NeoFinder can now import Cache-A catalog XML files! More...
  • A much improved memory engine increases overall application speed
  • Apples new Map application in Mavericks is connected to the Map in NeoFinder now
  • Massively improved MusicBrainz connection for cataloging Audio-CDs with better results for many disks. More...
  • That new MusicBrainz code can also read Cover Art of Audio-CDs, if it is available at coverartarchive.org
  • NeoFinder can now catalog multiple Audio-CDs parallel, if you have multiple drives connected to your Mac
  • ZIP archive files larger than 4 GB can now be cataloged as well. More...
  • The Inspector now shows cumulated sizes, and file and folder numbers if multiple catalogs are selected. More...
  • The Inspector displays a Lock icon for locked or write protected catalog files in your NeoFinder database
  • You can now verify the FileCheck status for multiple selected files and folders at once. More...
  • NeoFinder can now also catalog “.mts” movie files, this requires ffmpeg to be installed
  • A new FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) file parser that is faster and more stable
  • A new deviceID file created during cataloging will make it easier for NeoFinder and abeMeda for Windows to properly detect the correct volumes and devices
  • A new optional column displays the FileCheck value in List View. More...
  • Improved detection of volume kinds during cataloging
  • NeoFinder is properly codesigned with a digital signature for improved security. More...
  • The column for the Total Items of catalogs now also displayed the sum of all items of all catalogs inside a catalog folder

  • Improved the regex search feature for names (only Mac OS X 10.7 and newer)
  • The StuffIt Deluxe archive cataloger is now more stable and works better
  • Fixed a problem with the Roxio Toast integration if NeoFinder had to be launched with a large database
  • Several catalog related features now handle the “catalog file is locked or write protected” situation better
  • Using the latest Adobe XMP toolkit from CS6 for better compatibility with newer Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Movie files
  • Fixed a problem with catalog folders containing a “/“ in their name
  • Fixed a problem with type select in List View
  • Fixed a problem in the DiskCatalogMaker Importer, if the imported text file had a non utf8 encoding
  • Fixed several possible crashes when cataloging FileCheck values on certain damaged disks
  • Fixes a bug in Google Earth 7.x, where the AppleScript connection is really broken

NeoFinder 6.2.1 (March 26, 2013)

New Features:
  • You can now open Found folders in a separate window, using the new context menu command. That is super useful to view what is in a found folder
  • New menu command: QuickFind (with the menu hotkey Shift-Command-F), which will place the text cursor in the QuickFind field in the main window for you
  • NeoFinder now recognizes .epub files, and gets a thumbnail (requires a Epub QuickLook generator to be installed)

  • Find in 6.2 did sometimes skip certain catalogs, now they are all properly searched
  • The WhereIsIt Importer deals better with certain XML data of newer versions
  • Navigation "back" and "forward" now works better after using the Find context menu
  • The catalog selection for the Query Editor works better now, and remembers the open catalog folders for the next use
  • Several menu commands now works better, if certain windows are active
  • Page Setup for Content windows works now
  • The Inspector now shows the correct catalog folder number for LIBRARY
  • Fixes a potential crash when deleting a catalog
  • For AIFF and WAV files, NeoFinder had incorrectly shown the bitrate as kHz, even though the value displayed was actually Hz

NeoFinder 6.2 (February 20, 2013)

New Features:
  • Color labels! Mark any file, folder, or catalog with a color icon! You can turn that option on in the Labels preferences
  • Cataloging now supports fonts! Several formats are supported
  • You can now change the font size of all views in NeoFinder (in the View Settings)
  • NeoFinder now remembers the view settings for each catalog!
  • The FileMaker integration is back with a new sample database! This also means that certain Find parameters are now accessible by AppleScript again
  • New menu commands "Go Back" and "Go Forward" to ease navigation inside NeoFinder
  • Added a context menu for "Search These Items", for selected catalog or catalog folders!
  • The icon in the metadata of Blu-ray movie disks is now used for the catalog icon, if it exists
  • Folders inside archive files now have a different icon
  • New command Reconnect Catalog to reconnect a catalog to a modified (renamed or otherwise modified) original volume
  • One KB now equals 1000 bytes in NeoFinder, not 1024, as before. A hidden setting can be used to change that
  • Import for catalog now has the option to Select All files, in case the old catalogs have the wrong filetype/creator codes. Please use with care...
  • The Update in NeoFinder & Eject.app is back! Cataloging can now be triggered by AppleScript again
  • Added a menu command to show or hide LIBRARY
  • The Find Editor has new commands to search for items with or without a comment
  • The NeoFinder Map now has the option to show the current location in Bing maps

  • Changing the comment of a Found item works all the time now
  • The QuickFind field is a little wider now
  • Opening and closing a large number of items in the list view is massively faster now
  • NeoFinder can now read the Geotags in movie files of Casio video cameras
  • If MusicBrainz returns an error message when cataloging an Audio-CD, NeoFinder will now display that
  • All changes to a catalog are now saved immediately, which is important for networking use
  • Sorting of certain columns works correctly now
  • The folder list in the Batch Catalog window and the New Catalog selector now sorts and indents the existing folders in the same way as in LIBRARY
  • The cataloging progress window is now visible in all screen setups (and multi screen setups, too)
  • Memory usage during cataloging of Open Meta tags has been drastically reduced
  • The Find Editor now correctly stores the searched label for Smart Folders
  • The maximum cataloging depth preference is now honored while cataloging Disk Images as well
  • Fixes the error -43 when revealing certain files on SMB file servers
  • Cataloging now deals better with huge files, or very slow disks
  • Cataloging file and bundle versions is now faster and more reliable
  • Fixes a problem in the Find engine that could cause problems for non-roman font systems
  • Handling and speed of large database folders (more than 2000 catalogs) had been improved
  • KMZ Export now works better with Google Earth 6.2 and newer
  • Handling of certain MP3 music cover art in PNG format has been improved
  • Selection on catalogs in the Find Editor and the AutoUpdater window works much better now for larger database folders
  • Fixes a problem in which NeoFinder would not always automatically mount the server volume that contained the database folder
  • Fixes a large number of other small problems and bugs

NeoFinder 6.0.1 (May 14, 2012)

New Features:
  • Two new columns for catalogs in list view: Number of items inside the catalog, and free space on disk
  • The "Copy, Paste, Clear" commands for catalog icons are back in the Inspector!
  • The Inspector now shows all catalog related data
  • New command-L hot key to open or close the LIBRARY section
  • The Icon of a catalog now appears next to the name in the Inspector, looks better
  • Searching for duration now has a unit menu for seconds and minutes
  • Searching for fonts now uses file name suffixes, not the old FileType codes anymore
  • NeoFinder now displays the path of Spotlight results in the navigation bar
  • You can now import NeoFinder and CDFinder catalog files by just dropping them into LIBRARY
  • The Cataloging Settings window now also has an "Eject afterwards" option

  • Fixed several possible crashes during cataloging of certain kinds of files
  • Updating an offline catalog now asks you to mount the volume
  • Fixed an error -47 when deleting catalog folders on certain kinds of file servers
  • Fixed several problems in the DiskCatalogMaker Importer
  • Cataloging contents of HTML files is now much faster than before
  • Searching for duration is now more reliable
  • The "Play Sound" and "Use PathFinder" options now work properly
  • Date conversion in the WhereIsIt XML importer works better now
  • Inspector now immediately updates the label menu when you change the name of labels
  • Improved cataloging of ZIP archives with Unicode file names inside
  • The Canto Cumulus Importer now warns you that it needs the UTF8 CRE file format
  • AutoUpdater displayed wrong error message. It requires a Business License
  • Fixed several minor bugs, and improved visual design in some places

NeoFinder 6.0 (December 12, 2011)
  • CDFinder is now called NeoFinder! It still catalogs CDs, of course, but after 16 years, we needed a new name
  • New, clean user interface, completely rewritten in Cocoa
  • New Icon
  • Everything in one window, but you can of course view catalogs, folders, or albums in separate windows for much better workflow as well
  • New Column mode, to complete Icon and List mode
  • AutoUpdater: Update your catalogs with a time schedule (requires business License)
  • Fully integrated Inspector
  • Previous Get Info windows integrated into Inspector, you can edit everything right there now!
  • Inspector text fields are now selectable, so you can copy out information from there
  • Inspector can now rename the original file on the disk as well as the catalog item
  • You can now delete items from a catalog, and also from the disk as well, if you wish
  • Fully integrated map with GeoFinder
  • New unique Wikipedia Inspector for items with GPS geotags
  • Super-fast multi-core Find engine
  • Smart Folders
  • New powerful Find Editor has more options, and better "Search these catalogs" features
  • Albums, to keep interesting items together
  • Better Browser-like navigation
  • Massively improved Audio-CD cataloging: Reads ISRC, MCN, and CD-TEXT from the disk, uses MusicBrainz for track titles
  • New Importers for Canto Cumulus and MediaDex CRE files, for WhereIsIt for Windows XML files, DiskCatalogMaker Export files, and Tolis BRU Tape Backup report files
  • Importer for iView MediaPro and Expression Media XML files now integrated (was separate CDFinder Transporter (iView) product)
  • NeoFinder now catalogs, displays, and searches OpenMeta keywords! Again, NeoFinder is the very first cataloger to support this.
  • Faster cataloging of photos
  • Many new columns in List mode, for photos and music
  • Catalogs SoundDesigner 2 audio files
  • Catalogs icons of folders
  • Better QuickFind with simple Google style parser
  • QuickFind has a recent items menu
  • Regex search options for power users
  • New Find option for text contents
  • Better Finder integration with new Services menu commands
  • Can now update an entire folder of catalogs at once
  • Export now also works with entire folders of catalogs
  • Copy and Paste geotags from one photo to another
  • When cataloging a disk is canceled, you can now keep the partial catalog, if you wish
  • The Map now shows the view direction of photos, if their Geotag contains that information
  • The Map now shows all results of a place search in a list, so you can select which one you need
  • Generates MPEG movie thumbnails (MPG, MXF, M2V, M2TS, MPV, VOB), if ffmpeg is installed at /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg
  • Catalogs Panasonic ".rw2" RAW photos
  • Batch Cataloging window stays open after re-launch
  • Batch Catalog now has "Eject Disk" option to prevent automatic ejection, if needed
  • New in-place app updates using the Sparkle-Framework
  • Many many more little improvements and enhancements!
  • Fixes many little bugs and issues in the Find and Cataloging engines NeoFinder has taken from CDFinder

NeoFinder 6 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or newer! If you still run Mac OS X 10.4, keep using CDFinder 5.7.3.
This is a paid upgrade for all CDFinder customers. More...

CDFinder 5.7.3 (July 20, 2011)
CDFinder 5.7.2 (May 17, 2011)

CDFinder 5.7.1 (July 26, 2010)
CDFinder 5.7 (February 1, 2010)
CDFinder 5.6.1 (July 22, 2009)
CDFinder 5.6 (May 5, 2009)
CDFinder 5.5 (January 5, 2009)
CDFinder 5.1.1 (April 16, 2008)
CDFinder 5.1 (February 25, 2008)
CDFinder 5.0.2 (October 1, 2007)
CDFinder 5.0.1 (July 6, 2007)
CDFinder 5.0 (May 22, 2007)

4.7 (November 23, 2006)
4.6.3 (November 23, 2006)
4.6.2 (September 13, 2006)
4.6.1 (July 10, 2006)
4.6 (May 16, 2006)
4.5.1 (November 30, 2005)
4.5 (September 1, 2005)
4.3.2 (March 23, 2005)
4.3.1 (January 18, 2005)
4.3 (November 30, 2004)
4.2.2 (January 26, 2004)
4.2.1 (October 20, 2003)
4.2 (September 22, 2003)
4.1.2 (May 30, 2003)
4.1.1 (May 14, 2003)
4.1 (April 28, 2003)
4.0.3 (March 5, 2003)
4.0.2 (January 25, 2003)
4.0.1 (January 20, 2003)

3.6.4 (September 19, 2002)
3.6.3 (August 23, 2002)
3.6.2 (July 3, 2002)
3.6.1 (May 21, 2002)
3.6 (31. March 2002
3.5.1 (December 21, 2001)
3.5 (November 24, 2001)
3.1.2 (July 15, 2001)
3.1.1 (May 6, 2001)
3.1 (March 24, 2001)

CDFinderX Public Beta (February 11, 2001)

This was the first version running native in Mac OS X Public Beta. Regarding functionality, this was similar to 3.0.2

3.0.2 (January 19, 2001)
3.0.1 (January 5, 2001)
3.0 (December 18, 2000)

2.8.1 (July 7, 2000)
2.8 (May 21, 2000)
2.7.1 (February 13, 2000)
2.7 (October 31, 1999)
2.6.1 (May 31, 1999)
2.6 (December 22, 1998)
2.5 (November 18, 1998)
2.1.1 (July 24, 1998)
2.1 (March 12, 1998)
2.0a (December 30, 1997)
2.0 (December 16, 1997)

1.5.1 (September 27, 1997)
1.5 (August 30, 1997)
1.3 (May 7, 97)
1.2.2 (February 28, 1997)
1.2 (December 20, 1996)
1.1.1 (November 1, 1996)
1.1 (May 12, 1996)
First english version released.