NeoFinder and Spotlight: Information at your fingertips, really!

Spotlight is a powerful desktop search technology for all files and folders on your hard drive, introduced by Apple way back in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

NeoFinder: Your data archive is just a click away

NeoFinder is the
only disk catalog tool available that actively supports Apples Spotlight technology, which is surprising, as merging the two solutions together gives you the best search results ever!

The Spotlight integration into NeoFinder is seamless: Just a small button in the Find Editor of NeoFinder unleashes the power of both worlds.

And while NeoFinder searches your entire database of archived and cataloged disks, Spotlight will also search all your local files and folders for possible matches.

The results of both searches are together placed in the well-known Found Items list in NeoFinder, here show in the beautiful new Details View:

With NeoFinder and Spotlight you get the best search results ever!