NeoFinder Licensing Questions

How long does a license last? Do we need to purchase it every year?

A NeoFinder license stays valid for the major version of NeoFinder you have purchased.

Right now, that is version 8.x, and that license will work on all 8.x versions of NeoFinder that will be released until NeoFinder 9.0 will come out, possibly in late 2025.

All NeoFinder 7.x license keys purchased after October 1, 2020 will be able to get the upgrade to NeoFinder 8.x for free.

You can keep a version 8.x license running with any NeoFinder 8.x as long as you can (and NeoFinder 8.x still works in newer future macOS versions you may be using).

Upgrades from NeoFinder 7.x, NeoFinder 6.x and CDFinder?
Buy an upgrade here.
All upgrades require a
valid CDFinder or NeoFinder 6.x user license of the same number of users (or for a cross-grade, a valid license of the other product)
Of course, we also offer
upgrades for all other license packs in any size, please contact us for an offer!

I still haven't received my license key, what is going on?
Most likely, we cannot send you emails. Today, there are so many filters and who knows what that email is not as reliable as it once was. (A most horrible service provider is They rapidly block half of the world, but never release any blocks. So if you have a email account, please provide us with an alternative email at another provider. Lately, gmail is also really unreliable)

So if you are waiting for a reply from us, but not getting any, it is either your email provider blocking our mails, or any filter in your mail application. (There have been a few cases where the email address was simply misspelled, please check that as well)

To get around this, either send us a different email address we could use.

I have only received a temporary license key?
When you purchase a NeoFinder license using your reseller
FastSpring, you receive an email with a confirmation of your order. As a service for you, this email already contains a temporary NeoFinder license key, so you can start using NeoFinder immediately.

You will receive your own permanent license key within the next five business days following that purchase directly from us, in a second email.
Usually, that even happens on the same day your purchase was made.

Please make sure that you did not block the "" and "" domain in your mail server, see above!

I have purchased NeoFinder with PayPal, when will I get my license key?
After the successful PayPal transaction, you will see a web page telling you that we will deliver your license key by email within five business days. That page also includes a temporary license key that will get you started
If you still haven't received your permanent key after five business days, please see above...

How do I enter my License Key into NeoFinder?
Use the command "Licenses..." in the NeoFinder application menu. There, you can load and activate the ".neofinderlicense" license key file we had sent you by email after your purchase.

Or just install NeoFinder and launch it one, and then double click on the ".neofinderlicense" file we have sent you by email. NeoFinder will then load and activate that license key file for you. It is that

Will my NeoFinder 6.x or NeoFinder 7.x license key work with NeoFinder 8.0?
No, you need an upgrade. NeoFinder 8.x needs a new license key. You can purchase it in our

Can NeoFinder 7.x or NeoFinder 6.x use my new NeoFinder 8.x license key?

Yes, you can run both NeoFinder 8.x, and older NeoFinder 7.x and NeoFinder 6.x versions with the same new NeoFinder 8.x license key. The active version of a license key is always displayed in the license window.

Export Control Compliance
NeoFinder is of European Union origin and is subject to the European Union export laws and regulations.
All versions of NeoFinder (or previously CDFinder) are unclassified and qualify for export license exception according to the General Software Note (GSN) in Annex I to
Council Regulation (EC) No 428/2009. Therefore, no license for either export or selling the product is required.
Your local authorities may have other additional export control regulations. For instance, ECCN according to US BIS would be 5D992.

Our products are generally available to the public by being sold, without restriction, from stock at retail selling points (software resellers) by means of electronic transactions. All versions of NeoFinder are designed for installation by the user without further substantial support by the supplier. NeoFinder uses SSL encryption for authentication purposes only.

More information about the export of dual-use items from the EU can be found on following websites: