GeoFinder in NeoFinder

NeoFinder has the best GPS (geotagging) integration!

What are GPS or geocoding tags?

These are standard geographic locations, or GPS coordinates for photo files, and the process of adding these is called geotagging or geocoding.

Fortunately, there are some hardware attachments for certain SLR cameras (some Nikon and Canon models, and the Fujifilm S5pro) lately, from Dawntech and Solmeta, which add the GPS information directly when shooting (available from and others)

To add the geotags to your existing photos, just use NeoFinder itself, or the excellent
HoudahGeo software, which can also be used to pair GPX and NMEA track files to new photos.

NeoFinder is able to catalog that embedded GPS information and actually uses it in the innovative GeoFinder.

With NeoFinder, you can even search for other photos taken
near a location, or display the GPS location in Flickr, Panoramio, Google Maps, MapQuest, SmugMug, WikiMapia, Yahoo Maps, Geody, OpenStreetMap.

NeoFinder: The Geo Photo Manager
The GPS photo data in NeoFinder will be displayed in the Inspector, in the EXIF (Photo Info) section:

(please look at the "Location" data)

The most amazing and unique ability of NeoFinder allows you to display all photos taken in any area of the map.

To do that, simply move the map to the area you wish to search. Then hit the small "Find" button there. Done!!

And NeoFinder will immediately show all photos taken at this section of the world!

Reveal in Google Earth
Also, with NeoFinder, you can even let Google Earth 4 show you where that photo was taken.

Just select the photo in NeoFinder, and open the
contextual menu for the item:

If you select
"Show Geotag (GPS) in -> Google Earth", NeoFinder will then ask Google Earth 4 to display that location:

Google Earth result for CDFinder GPS data
This requires Google Earth 4 or newer to be installed on your computer.

Export as KMZ
Of course, you can use NeoFinder to create a universal KMZ file with the GPS tags of one or multiple selected photos, and later use that in either Google Earth or any other KMZ enabled application.

NeoFinder even stores the IPTC caption, important EXIF camera data, and a thumbnail of your photos in that KMZ file, making it perfect to send friends vacation photos, for example.

Show the location of a photo on web sites
With NeoFinder, you can even display a GPS location in
Flickr, Panoramio, Google Maps, MapQuest, SmugMug, WikiMapia, Yahoo Maps, Geody, OpenStreetMap. Just open the context menu for a photo (as shown above), and select Flickr or any of the other services.

But wait, there is more! You can even extend the menu that NeoFinder shows for yourself! The NeoFinder Users Guide will tell you how to accomplish that.

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