Table of Contents       22. NeoFinder and Videos

22.1 Movie Contact Sheet

Wouldn't it be amazing if NeoFinder could show you what is actually in a movie file? Yes, NeoFinder generates one thumbnail of each movie file during cataloging, if you want it, but for a long movie, just a single frame is not too much.

Introducing the new
NeoFinder Movie Contact Sheet!

Simply select a movie file, and either use the Movie Contact Sheet command in the
Special menu of NeoFinder, or the context menu for a file:

Then you can set up a couple of options, like how many rows and columns you want in your contact sheet, and what format the resulting picture file should have.

Then NeoFinder generates this beautiful contact sheet for you, along with all the interesting information you need:

Wait! That is not all!

This of course also works if you select multiple movie files in NeoFinder! So you can quickly generate a lot of contact sheets at once.

And there is even more!

The amazing Services integration of NeoFinder give you one more incredible feature. Simply select a movie file directly in the Finder, and in the Services menu, you also have the option to get a NeoFinder Movie Contact sheet for that file!

No need to catalog anything with NeoFinder first, you can have the contact sheet for any movie file!

Isn't that amazing?

There is more!

NeoFinder also reads a lot of cool metadata for you: 22.2 Movie Metadata
And it can even catalog RED videos for you:
22.3 NeoFinder and RED video files