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17.1 Photo Contact Sheet

It is now possible with NeoFinder to create beautiful contact sheets of your photos as PDF files, so you can give these away for a nice representation of your work, or photos, or to simply have an overview.

Open the folder you wish to use, or an Album, or the current Found Results, then select the
Photo Contact Sheet... command from the Special menu.

NeoFinder will ask you for some options:

Photo Contact Sheet in NeoFinder

The first choice is the number of items you wish you have in each row of the Contact Sheet.

You can limit the Contact Sheet to just items that actually have a thumbnail in NeoFinder, to prevent the display or boring, generic icons.

It is possible to sort the item list by several possible choices, such as the name, date, or size.

NeoFinder is also able to add a nice looking Header to each page of the generated PDF, with the title of the folder or album you are displaying, and the number of pages.

Last, you can add a custom Footer text that will appear on each page.
A cool tip here is that you can set up this text in any font and size. Just use the context menu in this text field, and select "Show Fonts". Then you can set the entire text, or any part of it to all and any font and size you want.

Then simply set up the proper
Page Size you want for the resulting PDF, and hit the Start button.

NeoFinder will quickly generate a beautiful PDF for you which you can store or give away to clients.


17.2 Adobe XMP, EXIF and IPTC meta data

17.3 Lossless picture rotation

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