CDFinder Video Tutorial: New Features of CDFinder 5.6.1

The new CDFinder 5.6.1 now catalogs EyeTV recordings, and has a beautiful street level map for the GPS search! But watch for yourself, what we have to offer here!

Welcome to the New Features of CDFinder 5.6.1

This new version of CDFinder has some very exciting new abilities.

First of all, you can now catalog Elgato EyeTV Recordings. You will get a thumbnail of every recorded TV show or movie, and also the entire set of metadata, such as the EPG description, actors, year, episode, and so on.

Some of my own recordings here don’t have a thumbnail yet, they were recorded with the older EyeTV 2 software, and I haven’t watched them yet. Wow. Still a lot of watching to do! You still get the metadata for these anyway. It is all here for you to Find it!

Just make sure that you have enabled the cataloging of previews and media info of video files in the CDFinder Preferences.

The second very cool new feature in CDFinder 5.6.1 is that the GeoFinder uses OpenStreetMap now. The older world image is still available, if you have no internet connection, but the street level map is just so much better.

Type in a name, here “San Francisco”, and you will see a map of the city.

Zoom into the map, or drag it around.

Click in the map to place the center for a new search.

Select a proper distance for the search, and remember that CDFinder can even search your iPhoto collection as well. Hit GeoFind, and you will see all your photos taken near that place immediately.

The iPhoto results have a small iPhoto icon attached to them, while to regular CDFinder items use the red GeoTag Icon.

To dramatically improve the integration with iPhoto, you can now double click any iPhoto result in CDFinder, and CDFinder will open iPhoto, and display the selected photo for you! Isn’t that amazing? That also works with the context menu in CDFinder, just use the new “Show in iPhoto” command here.

The last new feature I want to show you, are two additional templates for Cover Print.

One of them will fit the Avery sticker templates for the US Letter page format, and the second one allows you to print directly to the HP PhotoSmart Direct Print. All from within CDFinder!

So these are the new features of CDFinder 5.6.1, a free update to all CDFinder 5 users!